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Mediainlinux: Path Forward? 65

Marco Ghirlanda writes "There is an Italian Public founded Research and Technology Park -- the Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park which is hosting a Hollywood-like film studio, the Lumiq Studios The Lumiq Studios and is investing a lot of resources in creating a Debian based multimedia distribution, Mediainlinux wich is basically two lines of Linux Live CD, one based on Knoppix and one made from scratch (Mediainlinux 3) for 2D, 3D, Audio and Video pre and post production. ML needs testing outside our production environment and our school. "
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Mediainlinux: Path Forward?

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  • Blender? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by bezzer ( 916829 )
    On the software list, I could see no mention of Blender. The list did seem a little short though, but I believe that if you're going to have a specialised distribution such as this, you need to list all the relevant software packages.
  • Missing Blender? (Score:5, Informative)

    by LetterRip ( 30937 ) on Monday December 26, 2005 @09:24AM (#14339338)
    In your description you state "for 2D, 3D, Audio and Video pre and post production.", yet I don't see any 3d software listed under your software listings, in particular I don't see Blender which is by far the most robust 3D content creation application available as free software on Linux. It also has a significant role in 2D illustration work (ie creating complex textures and shading for 3d text, or creating a rough overview of shading and texturing for a scene via a 3d rendering and then filling in details in your 2d tool). Also it has video editing and compositing features.
    • One of the things I "WISH" the Linux community would do is focus on audio and video more. Currently I use Strata Pro Studio for 3D, and for audio I use a slew of tools (Resound, Rebirth, FruityLoops, Digitools) and unfortunately I have to stay stuck in a Windows world for this. There was a time when I thought QNX would do well with this considering the things they do for NASA and Motorola but I was wrong. I think one of the biggest issues with this from my perspective is, there is not enough demand for it.
    • Apparently Blender is indeed included as well as other 3D software, my confusion occured due to the layout of the website

      under the link software where the website claims to list all included software, a number of software items are missing. So either the section is incomplete or out of date, or perhaps a mistranslation or other meaning.

      My apologies for the confusion.
  • Something between 'Extreme Linux' and 'Dumb Linux'?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Linux has quietly and almost completly replaced Microsoft's OSes as The Default Choice for almost the entire range of new computing products and solutions over the past five years.

    Every new computing device I come into contact with these days is running some version of Linux that the manufacturer has included. Linux has become so ingrained as the default choice that new devices I come into contact with rarely even mention what OS is running on the thing - of course it's got Linux running on it...

    It is funny
  • What is the point? (Score:1, Informative)

    by skynare ( 777361 )
    There are many distros that already have these Audio/Video..etc packages in their repository. Unless a distro includes really difficult to find packages pre installed, the only thing good about this kind of distribution is that it works out of the box without having to go to the repository and install packages needed, which is very easy. But maybe it's not about packages..If a distribution has working out of the box 3d acceleration, optimized Jack, distributed rendering stuff..it'd be cool.
  • ccrma? (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    This Medialinux thing is better than fedora/CCRMA [stanford.edu] how?

    I don't object in the least to anyone making a new distribution of BSD or Linux, but realistically if you're going to do so... differentiate yourself somehow. At the very least, don't be a bad imitation of another setup.

    I have to wonder if these people even bothered to research existing resources.
  • To beat the Hell out of the Anti-Linux guys on User friendliness. Linux is User friendly IF you get compliant hardware, and set it up correctly.

    Its just not hardware vendor friendly. Because hardware vendors don't like to make drivers for us.. Its the hardware vendors and the Music industry trying to smash Linux.

    As for the Package Management issues. I can just click setup under Linux, its called rpmdrake or synaptic. I click the RPM under KDE, and either Synaaptic or Rpmdrake launches.

    I don't know
  • how can they be serious in the 'media' arena if they forgot that?

  • I went to their site, but there is nothing to see,
    since I do not have (or want) a Flash plugin.

    So, nothing for me to see there, I move along.

  • Some clarifications: (Score:2, Informative)

    by escherian ( 941441 )
    Blender is and always will be (as I can imagine) in Mediainlinux. Our environment breaths Blender, we know Ton and we love his work and commitment. This post on Slashdot was to just make people know about a Public institution's effort about multimedia and GNU/Linux. Many other media Distro are/were Public founded (Agnula/Demudi, Planet CCRMA and maybe also Dyne:bolic). GNU/Linux is about creativity and we all like it. Peace. MG
  • It would seem not. Oh well - I've a few hours to kill before I lose connectivity, so I'll d/l direct. But a BitTorrent would be a good idea. (And no, I don't have the facilities to do it myself ; see "lose connectivity" above.).

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