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Knoppix 3.9 Released 486

GuyRiley writes "The Debian-based live-cd Linux distribution Knoppix has been updated to version 3.9. Among the most notable changes are the update to kernel 2.6.11 and the inclusion of OpenOffice 2.0 BETA and KDE 3.4. This is likely the last single-CD version of Knoppix before the split into 'Light' and 'Maxi' versions. Torrent links here."
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Knoppix 3.9 Released

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  • Install ease? (Score:1, Flamebait)

    by spungo ( 729241 )
    Hope they've made it easier to install onto hd.
    • Re:Install ease? (Score:4, Insightful)

      by croddy ( 659025 ) on Saturday June 04, 2005 @06:57AM (#12722425)
      have you tried the debian installer [debian.org]?

      I mean, have you tried it in the past 18 months?

    • Re:Install ease? (Score:2, Informative)

      by tbuckner ( 861471 )
      Since Knoppix already auto-detects many system attributes, that shouldn't really be so hard to do. Why not copy it into a partition and then set that as the boot?
      • Re:Install ease? (Score:3, Informative)

        by croddy ( 659025 )
        since knoppix uses a very cleverly hacked filesystem layout involving ramdisks and compressed loopback images, that probably wouldn't be the brightest idea, even if you were diligent enough to get it to work.

        if you really must install knoppix, it comes with a utility to do so.

        but believe me when I say the Debian Sarge installer is going to produce a cleaner, leaner installation, with about the same amount of finger-lifting.

        • Re:Install ease? (Score:3, Informative)

          by Arkaein ( 264614 )
          I've never done it, but Knoppix offers what is called a poor man's install" which I believe is pretty much a direct copy of the ISO to a hard drive (which I believe is optional, and I may be wrong about this being part of the process), and storage of user files and prefs alone separately on the hard drive or a USB drive.

          This allows for the installation to be easily upgraded (just get the new version of Knoppix), while using your computer mostly like normal because you can save and modify files normally.

    • Re:Install ease? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by m50d ( 797211 ) on Saturday June 04, 2005 @07:33AM (#12722544) Homepage Journal
      Why? A live CD is a live cd, to be run from the cd. A normal distro is a normal distro to be installed on a hard drive, AND NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET. Why would you want to install it onto a hard disk when there are so many perfectly good distributions designed for doing just that?
      • A good reason might be an installation on a mobile hard drive to be used on different computers where the live-cd hardware autodetection might come in handy.
      • Twain meet Kanotix [kanotix.com]. Why would you want to do it? Well how about if you actually want to know if your hardware will work with a distro without having to install it!
        • Usually the install program shows you what it's detected as part of the install process. Anyway, the existence of distros like that and mepis seem to me to be more of an argument against trying to install knoppix to hd - you can use distros which were designed to do that.
        Isn't open source about choice? Who the crap are you to tell me that I can't boot a live cd, say "I love the way this looks, I want to use it as my daily desktop"? I did, in fact, install knoppix to my hard drive. I'm posting from it right now.
        • Sure, you can choose to do that, just like you can choose to open your mp3s in vi to try and see the sound instead of using a program designed to play them. You're just an idiot.
          • So basically, you're telling me that if I like the way that a particular LiveCD is set up, you'd rather install the distro upon which it was based and sit and redo all of the configuration work that the LiveCD author has already done? An interesting choice, that eliteists and the unemployed would make. Nice flamebait, though.
            • No, a choice that people who bother to think further than today would make. Having a system that's not meant to be upgraded, that's not meant to run the way it is doing, will cost you more time in the long run.
    • Re:Install ease? (Score:3, Informative)

      Helpful tip: knx2hd to install user qtparted for partitioning
    • Use Kanotix as it is designed for installing to HD. Knopix is not designed to install to HD as it pulls from Debian stable, testing, unstable and updating a a HD-installed Knoppix is a pain.

      There are issues with the installer script, see this post on the Knoppix.net forums [knoppix.net]. There is also a bug in Knoppix 3.9 that prevents that breaks the Debian package system. See Knoppix.net wiki about bugs. [knoppix.net]
    • by imperious_rex ( 845595 ) on Saturday June 04, 2005 @11:00AM (#12723373)
      (as done in Knoppix 3.7, don't know about 3.9)
      Boot from the Knoppix CD
      Open Konsole
      type su
      type knoppix-installer
      answer the prompts
  • So far, 2005 really seems to be a major year for Debian. I've been using Debian for the last four or five years and it's great to see all of these successful debian-based distros - not to mention, a new stable version of Debian (finally!).

    I've known people in the last year who have talked about switching to another distro, because they had the FreeBSD fright (it's dying!) and I'm hoping this turns their attitudes around.
  • yes but (Score:3, Funny)

    by jeanjean83 ( 624273 ) on Saturday June 04, 2005 @06:37AM (#12722356)
    Does it run linux?
  • splitting? (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 04, 2005 @06:42AM (#12722373)
    Nobody said anything of swapping CDs. The Mini version will be the usual LiveCD, while the Maxi version will be a LiveDVD, so, where the heck is the CD changing? Works like normal. And today, most of us should have a DVD drive anyway, dont we?
    • Lots of distros offer a liveDVD version. Knoppix's unique "selling point" was the single CD aspect and I very much hope they won't abandon this and move entirely over to the DVD fork in the future. It would be a great shame.
    • Re:splitting? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by agraupe ( 769778 ) on Saturday June 04, 2005 @07:15AM (#12722489) Journal
      I think the question is: do all of us have a DVD *burner*? I don't yet, despite both my computers having DVD drives.
      • At least here in Germany you can get a DVD burner for around 75 Euro. I doubt the price will drop much lower before the introduction of the next-generation media burner and that one will probably take a few years after the introduction of that media which is not even introduced yet.
      • go for it (Score:4, Insightful)

        by Heisenbug ( 122836 ) on Saturday June 04, 2005 @09:42AM (#12723011)
        Totally off-topic, but I just got my first DVD burner, and I'm loving it. You should check out how cheap they've gotten -- I was surprised.

        http://www.newegg.com/ProductSort/Category.asp?Cat egory=10 [newegg.com]

        The burn-any-format drives are less than $50, and media is $35/100. That's definitely getting down in the why-the-hell-not range, for me ...
  • Dammit... (Score:5, Funny)

    by AvantLegion ( 595806 ) on Saturday June 04, 2005 @06:43AM (#12722378) Journal
    How bloody typical. I just downloaded and burned 3.8.2 yesterday.

    Why can't they be like Debian? Those CDs, you can pass on to your children and they're still current.

    • > Why can't they be like Debian? Those CDs, you can pass on to your children and they're still current.

      This is either a joke about debian's release cycle or your reproductory cycle ... I'm trying to figure out which.

      Also I think you could say the same about Gentoo - but that's a totally different joke I suppose. ("at least your children will get a current install")
    • You kids will put you in the cheapest, crapiest retirement home they can when they find out they are only getting your Debian CDs.

    • Why can't they be like Debian? Those CDs, you can pass on to your children and they're still current.

      you mean like...CDs for Windows XP?
      • Yeah, like that, except without the "hating children" part that goes along with passing on XP.

    • Easy answer... CD-RW

      I stopped using CD-R a long time ago, CD-RW are not that expensive now and I use them to write Linux ISO's, applications I find useful etc.

      That way, I wave one CD named KNOPPIX, and I always have it with the last release, also with Mandrake (well, I had to erease that and write Mandriva now...) and FreeBSD (those are the 3 distros I use).

      And for the apps I used to burn CD's with the apps (Win) I liked but after I installed my PC those versions where outtadet and I had to search and do
    • That *is* odd, considering I downloaded the 3.9 iso on Wednesday night. Maybe your mirror hadn't updated yet. My local mirror (mirrors.tds.net) seemed stale
      KNOPPIX_V3.7-2004-12-08-EN.iso 09-Dec-2004 06:31 699M
      but ftp.knoppix.nl had the goods
      KNOPPIX_V3.9-2005-05-27-EN.iso 712592 KB 06/01/05 06:17:00
      Lucky timing, I suppose. Good one about Debian, though. :)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 04, 2005 @06:43AM (#12722379)
    Since aternatives keep up innovation, there is also a KDE 3.4 and such shiny new LiveCD http://www.t2-project.org/live/ [t2-project.org] from the T2 Project (http://www.t2-project.org/ [t2-project.org]).

    It even comes with D-BUS / HAL integration for auto mounting and equally perfect hardware detection.

    As usual with the System Development Environment (SDE) T2, you can automatically rebuild it, optimized for your CPU - or even other architectures.
  • Glad to know the new version is out I will now avoid this thread before all the tampon jokes

    "I'd rather have a nice thin and light Mini distro rather than a bloody huge Maxi"

  • Right now, my NTFS filesystem is in a state such that XP can't boot from it (chkdsk/autochk says "Unrecoverable errors and it appears to have hit the HKLM registry hive). Running knoppix from a CD-R just fine. Browsing the web is much faster even! Detecting all my hardware is a lot faster than XP's install/recovery CD manages.
    Loading programs from CD takes a while, but other than that, it's great.

    Oh, and the maxi-version will of course not be multi-CD, but single-DVD...
    • Loading programs from CD takes a while, but other than that, it's great.

      Provided that you have enough RAM, you can use the

      knoppix toram

      boot option.

      It may take a minute longer to boot, but you won't hear back from your CD drive.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 04, 2005 @06:54AM (#12722419)
    Torrent links?

    Don't you guys know Bittorrent is evil and a tool that pirates use for theft?

  • Does anyone know if they'll ever have LVM support in there?
    • I can't see a good reason not to have it, so I'd imagine it will at least be in the maxi version.
      • Most or many people use Knoppix as a means to repair systems. I can easily use Knoppix for everything except those with LVM... and that's a pretty significant number of systems lately.
  • Main reason I like Knoppix is it has all you need in one CD. Once it goes over 1 CD, I guess, Ill move to some other small distro which serves my purpose of emergency repair (like puppy http://goosee.com/puppy [goosee.com] which is what I use now-a-days)
  • by Evil W1zard ( 832703 ) on Saturday June 04, 2005 @07:17AM (#12722493) Journal
    I have actually been a lazy bum and not burned a Knoppix disc yet so I am not sure how exactly it works. When you load up Knoppix do you have the capability of pulling files you stored via NTFS? I can't see it being really useful if it didn't. I think I can use Knoppix as a possible solution for some tools that won't run on Windows until I take the time to partition my drive and install VMWare (cuz I hate having to reboot between OS's!).
    • That's why I still stick to using FAT 32 for my windows partitions. It may not have file permissions or other good features, but its hard to find an OS that doesn't read it. I don't see why you would even need to install NTFS on most home user installations of windows. Using access restrictions similar to Linux would be a lot easier to figure out. I knew a guy a screwed up his NTFS partitions, and then he couldn't even read and delete some of his own files when he was administrator.
    • yes, knoppix can read ntfs. I've used knoppix to recover from trashed WINNT directories before...works fine.
    • Not only does Knoppix support reading from NTFS partitions, you can also write to them. Think of it like this, Knoppix can do all the nifty stuff Linux can, and since Linux can read/write NTFS so can Knoppix. (It can read [and write] a whole bunch of other FSs too.. :) )

      Linux has been able to read NTFS partitions for a long time, there has been experimental NTFS writing, which has been largely considered harmfull and AFAIK a rewrite is on its way. In the mean time something very cool is included in Knoppi

      • Well captive-ntfs is a dead project and is hard to use on a Windows XP SP2 ntfs drive (I think you can download about 100M from Microsoft to get the files you need, otherwise you need access to a pre SP2 XP to get the files). The end result is that yes captive-ntfs has been removed from Knoppix.
  • Good news - now I'm waiting for Knoppix STD [knoppix-std.org] to release a new version with support for the Intel 2100 wireless stuff.
    • by bogie ( 31020 )
      Have you heard of Whoppix and the Wireless Auditor CD?
      Watch the video on the Whoppix site, 0 to cracking WEP in 10 minutes. Way cool video to watch.
  • I have been using Knoppix for several years now.

    I have nothing but good things to say about it. It was innovative from the start and remains innovative.

    It has a friendly and helpful user community.

    It delivers the goodies of Debian with ease of installation, ease of use, and no hassles. It is one hard push away from being "grandma suitable".

    If that wasn't enough, it is available free of charge.

    I have tried other live distros and imitators, none does it all as well and as consistently as knoppix.

    The o
    • While knoppix is good I find slax better. It had writing to everywhere on the filesystem before knoppix, better init detection stuff (IME of course), includes koffice which was unfotunately dropped from knoppix for space reasons, and is generally much nicer. Fits in a much smaller space, which makes caching the whole thing in RAM a real possibility (with knoppix this is impractical with less than a gigabyte), and is generally faster and lighter (it can manage with 32mb ram). It's also modular in a really ea
  • by iamdrscience ( 541136 ) on Saturday June 04, 2005 @07:45AM (#12722598) Homepage
    This is likely the last single-CD version of Knoppix before the split into 'Light' and 'Maxi' versions.
    Light for light days and Maxi for heavy flow days, right?
  • I've always been a pretty big fan of Knoppix, I like to keep the latest version on hand for helping people back up files and such when they have to re-install Windows. I also generally boot up Knoppix to check for rootkits etc everytime a new version is released.
    Before I got my laptop I used to use it quite a bit at school, where all of the lab computers run Windows XP. Never really been able to find a development environment in Windows that I like as well as vim under Linux (even as nice as XCode is on
  • a usb drive to hold that?

    Hmmm, and dual layer ???

    Actually a cd/dvd disk and usb drive is a good combination. The usb drive for your personal stuff,

    Anyone know if the reburn process has been made easier?

    say you want to install something that is not in the disk but then reburn the disk with it, perhaps removing something to make room..

    but has the process been made easy enough for us idiots?
  • Don't forget you can still download knoppix directly from any of the mirrors [knopper.net]
  • I've only just finished downloading Knoppix 3.8...

    (Not karma whoring - that's the honest truth. Might just be time for me to find another ISP... Mine's been promising upgraded accounts for almost a year now and I'm all but out of patience.)
  • by hacker ( 14635 ) <hacker@gnu-designs.com> on Saturday June 04, 2005 @09:20AM (#12722906)

    Has anyone noticed that their comments section [uni-kl.de] has already been hijacked?

    Looks like its time for sites to do some XSS auditing [ckers.org] before they put up their sites, and make sure people can't just post arbitrary garbage by stuffing the query strings.

    For those of you running active data on port 80 (or 443, or https/https on any public port), please PLEASE take the time to understand XSS [securitydocs.com] and avoid coding sites that allow it to happen. Yes, even major sites like Perl.org and Yahoo.com have some pages that are NOT xss-safe.. but they're working on it. Are you?

  • Knoppix it's a great way for troubleshooting Windows pcs that won't boot. Any PC tech guy should have the latest release handy so it can save the day for those clients who keeps getting virus and then screwing Windows.
    But there is another release that you may find interesting: Whoppix

    Whoppix is a stand alone penetration testing live cd based on Knoppix. With the latest tools and exploits, it is a must for every penetration tester and security auditor. Whoppix includes Several exploit archives, such as Secu
  • And for those who don't even want to download the torrent file to join the swarm....

    Here is the Azureus Magnet URI...

    magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F57RHAID47YKCYTWAHON3ATMRQY6 DJ WQ
  • Does anyone know if it is possible to boot knoppix via pxelinux, perhaps nfs-mounting the iso image which is then loop-back mounted instead of having the CD in the drive? That would be incredibly useful.

  • Can't they do a DVD version for the people that have DVDs? They are like $35 now.
  • Just booted it on a laptop I have here. Anyone know why in the blue hell there's an 'xpdf' under the 'Lost and Found' menu?

    It definitely has some beta feel to it. Things listed twice in the menus and so forth.

    --grendel drago

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