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Xandros Open Circulation Edition Released 18

An anonymous reader writes "Looks like those ex-Corel Linux folks over at Xandros have finally got around to making Version 3 of their free (as in beer) distro available for download. All updated stuff under the hood, including a sync with the latest Debian Sarge. Free downloads through Xandros Networks and a good selection of default applications makes this a very desirable alternative to Linspire. It's no-cost to download using BitTorrent, but if you want the instant gratification route of http download, you can pay for that."
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Xandros Open Circulation Edition Released

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  • by Goyuix ( 698012 ) on Monday February 14, 2005 @03:08PM (#11670305) Homepage
    I believe it was Xandros waaaaaaay back when it was first released that included solitaire as part of the install, instead of watching the packages decompress and install themselves. You could still monitor the progress, but it gave you a chance to do something while it installed instead of twiddling away....

    Do they still have solitaire or something else equally interesting and unique in their installer? I must say, that has forever engrained itself on my memory, and is always compared when checking out another distro.
    • That solitare game started with either Corel or Caldera, can't remember which...
      • Caldera had Tetris available for play during the install... Gotta say that was sweet! Nowadays it's so quick to install Linux, especially if you use someting like Mepis or Knoppix to install, like 3 to 5 minutes tops on a good system... no need for mid-flight entertainment.

        I'd actually get rather pissed to have a perfectly valid tetris game interrupted by some mundane "Installation Finished" message.
        • That's was the cool part with the Xandros installer. IIRC, the top 80% of the screen was Solitaire, while the bottom 20% was installation status. You never received a pop-up saying the install was finished. Just a message at the bottom. It didn't interrupt the game at all. Heck, you could play another 50 rounds after the install finished if you wanted to.
      • it was caldera. I remember installing it on an old 133Mhz Micron in my grandfather's basement several years ago. It came with my "Idiot's guide to Linux" book. I failed to successfully install it then, but since I've done many a successful install.
    • I believe it was Xandros waaaaaaay back when it was first released that included solitaire as part of the install

      You are talking about Lycoris.
    • And if memory serves Corel included Tetris while the install was doing its thing. Games during installs are nothing new, but if you have to sit and wait, it's a nice distraction (if you want to be distracted).
    • Mepis Linux runs the installer from a X running off a livecd, so you can USE THE WEB during the install process.
  • Pretty Slick (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    On the whole im pretty impressed with the Open Circulation edition of Xandros. Everything just works (tm) For a linux business desktop it shines through very well indeed. Most things like browsing samba shares and setting up personal shares work how you would expect to. USB drives are just plug and play - very good really. Installing new applications is a breeze using Xandros networks although seasoned linux users might feel a bit locked down , finding installing addition packages without going via Xandros
  • by KingBahamut ( 615285 ) on Monday February 14, 2005 @03:26PM (#11670530)
    This distribution is a decent one. Most of my convertees ( windows users that I convinced to ditch windows ) I started them with Xandy. Its a good all around release. Unlike Linspire, its maintains a decent repository for no extra charges. Most 3rd party stuff compiles on it ok.

    Of all the Debian carryovers, its number 2 on my list, 2nd only to Zen Linux, my current Debian clone favorite.
  • http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?re lease=137&slide=1 [osdir.com]

    Xandros Desktop OS OCE 3.0 screenshots are coming soon...

  • Nice (Score:3, Informative)

    by pshuke ( 845050 ) on Monday February 14, 2005 @04:28PM (#11671247)
    One of the best features of v3 over v2 is IMHO the supportage of vanilla Debian packages. I totally *wrecked* my friend's fresh install of v2 by enabling sarge repositories in sources.list; however, on my mother's laptop (Yes, my mother runs linux.), with v3, everything works as it should. If I recall correctly, it even prompted me to enable vanilla repositories the first time I started ``Xandros Networks" (Outpimped version of Synaptic, I belive). Oh, yes, and did I mention that it actually recognized and configured all the software on the laptop(a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo 7600K) automagically? Only knoppix/knoppix forks were able to do that before it. I would definitly recommend Xandros 3 to anyone who wants something that ``Just works, dammit!"©, but still like to have something Debianish - Be it if for their notebooks or Desktops.
  • Sure the /. effect makes BitTorrent the instant gratification option? Or, judging from the low number of comments, nobody really cares so HTTP will be quicker.

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