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LinuxTag Opens (Hackers are Homeless) 92

LinuxTag started today. Many of the usual exhibitors can be seen, and the floor is quite busy. Especially noteworth is the crowded KDE booth where they are excited about the 2.2 Betas. kazekiri sent us a report from Slashdot/Japan which you'll need to translate to read, but apparently one of the hotels was closed for hygiene reasons, and many of the developers are without a place to sleep. So now they are staying in a gymnasium! Fortunately for me, my hotel is open and I got a good nights sleep (after 36 hours without any) and am preparing for my keynote Saturday afternoon, and a Q&A session Sunday afternoon. If you're in Stuttgart, check it out, just don't try any of that Deutsch on me, I barely passed that class.
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LinuxTag Opens (Hackers are Homeless)

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Since when did Taco speak English, never mind Deutsch? ;)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I thought after 15 years of geek evolution that we'd not let ourselves be put in a gym. Sad, so sad really. I guess we can blame the Alpha-Betas for arranging this hotel incedent! We have to get back at them by winning the carnival.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    You are talking about LinuxTag as a meeting point for developpers of Libre Software, but what about the LSM, that for the second consecutive year takes place at Bordeaux and lets some of the greatest hackers exchange idea through conferences. Among the hackers present are Bradley Kuhn, Quintella, and so on .. The LSM are hosting the Debian conference one, the first python meeting in europe, ..
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Yeah, I have to admit this struck me as odd anyway. Last time I checked, being a Webmaster does not make you a programmer or an expert on linux or free software. Did I miss something here?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Just like in Drum corps. That has to be a lot more fun than staying in a hotel. They probably don't think so now, but they will remember it later. People don't appretiate those moments in the present as much as they should.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday July 05, 2001 @07:09AM (#106826)
    Smelly Hippies with Open Sores. Stay out of our Hotels!
  • > Brewster's Millions 2000:"30 million in a month,
    > eh?" *picks up phone* "BUY NORTEL! BUY LINUX!

    If memory serves, one of the provisions in the deal was that Brewster had to get value for his money. I'm not sure buying tech stocks counts.

    BTW, did you know that "Brewster's Millions" was originally a novel by George Barr McCutcheon (published 1902), and that according to IMDB it's been made into a movie at least six times? You can read the novel online [] thanks to UVa's Electronic Text Center.
  • Or are Linux Tag travel expenses part of the "cash burn"? It's like watching Brewster's Millions in real life.

    "Cash Burn" (TM)(R)(C 2001 VA Linux)(All rights reserved)(No warranty)

  • I have to confess, I am an great KDE fan (since KDE1Beta2).

    This release is sooo good, that Windows XP pales in comparison. Stable, only very occasional glitches.

    I can't wait for the final, but READ the Changelog (of 3!!!! months). It is incredible:

    BTW, this is the SHORT Changelog, for the complete thing read the link at the bottom!!!!!!

    Incremental Changelog The following are the major improvements, enhancements and fixes since the KDE 2.1 release earlier this year: KDE has added a new plugin-based printing framework, which features: support for CUPS, lpr and rlpr, though support for other printing systems can be easily added; a Control Center module for managing printers (add/remove/enable/disable/configure), print servers (currently only CUPS), and print jobs (cancel/hold/move); a configurable filter mechanism (for setting number of pages per sheet, etc.); a print job viewer for the KDE panel's system tray; and support for configurable "pseudo-printers", such as fax machines, email, etc.; Konqueror, the KDE file manager and web browser, sports a number of new features: HTML and JavaScript handling has been improved and made faster; Ability to stop animated images; New file previews, including PDF, PostScript, and sound files; New "Send File" and "Send Link" options in the Filemenu; Added a number of new plugins: A web archiver for downloading and saving an entire web page, including images, in an archive for offline viewing; Babelfish translation of web pages; A directory filter for displaying only specified mimetypes (such as images); A quick User Agent changer to get Konqueror to work with websites that discriminate based on the browser you are using; An HTML validator using W3C to validate the XML/HTML of a webpage (useful for web developers); and A DOM tree-viewer for viewing the DOM structure of a web page (useful for web developers); New configuration for user-defined CSS stylesheets; Saving toolbar layout in the profile; A new "Most Often Visited" URL in the Go menu; and Many other enhancements, usability improvements and bug fixes. KDevelop, the KDE IDE, offers a number of new features: Enhanced user interface with an MDI structure, which supports multiple views of the same file; Added new templates for implementing a KDE/Qt style library and Control Center modules; Updated the kde-common/admin copy (admin.tar.gz); and Extended the user manual to reflect the new GUI layout and added a chapter for using Qt Designer with KDevelop projects; KMail, the KDE mail client, has a number of improvements: Added support for IMAP mail servers; Added support for SSL and TSL for POP3 mail servers; Added configuration of SASL and APOP authentication; Made mail-sending non-blocking; Improved performance for very large folders; Added message scoring; Improved the filter dialog and implemented automatic filter creation; Implemented quoting only selected parts of an email on a reply; Implemented forwarding emails as attachments; and Added support for multiple PGP (encryption) identities; New Control Center modules: Listing USB information (attached devices); Configuring window manager decoration; Configuring application startup notification; Configuring user-defined CSS stylesheets; Configuring automatic audio-CD ripping (MP3, Ogg Vorbis); and Configuring key bindings; Added Kandy, a synchronization tool for mobile phones and the KDE address book, and improved KPilot address book synchronization; KOrganizer, the KDE personal organizer, has a number of improvements: Added a "What's Next" view; Added a journal feature; Switched to using the industry-standard iCalendar as the default file format; Added remote calendar support; and Added ability to send events using KMail, the KDE mail client; Noatun, the KDE multimedia player, sports a number of new features: Improved the plugin architecture and added a number of new plugins: An Alarm plugin for playing music at a specified time; A Blurscope plugin which creates an SDL-based blurred monoscope; A Luckytag plugin for guessing titles based on filenames; A Noatun Madness plugin, which moves the Noatun window in sync with the music being played; A Synaescope plugin, based on Synaesthesia, which provides an impressive SDL-based visualization; and A Tyler plugin, which is similar to XMMS's Infinity; Added support for pre-amplification; and Added support for hardware mixers; Added a Personalization wizard (KPersonalizer) to configure the desktop settings easily; Added KDict, a powerful graphical dictionary client; Added KDE-wide scanning support with the application Kooka; Replaced the default editor KWrite with the more advanced editor Kate, which provides split views and basic project management; The window manager now supports Xinerama (multi-headed displays); Improved the file dialog, including mimetype-based file previews; Improved the configurability of the KDE panel; Added IPv6 and socks support to the core libraries; Improved application startup: applications are now placed on the desktop from which they were launched; and startup notification can be configured with a new Control Center module, with options including a busy cursor next to the application's icon; Improved icons and added new 64x64 icons; New window manager decoration styles (quartz, IceWM themes, MWM, Web); Improved the help system, which is now XML-based; Added support for the Meta and AltGr keys for shortcuts; and Made many other usability improvements.
    For a much more complete list, please read the official ChangeLog here: .html []
  • This will definitely compete with Microsoft's Smart tags! Maybe we'll see this in CSS4?
  • That has to be a lot more fun than staying in a hotel.

    Yeah, it is. (posting live from the KDE booth)

    Actually, this morning we encountered a few fellow geeks sleeping on the streets. Pictures will be posted as soon as I am back home - I forget the cable to transfer the images from my camera. :-/

  • If they hadn't burned their house down, then no one would have to sleep in the gym!

    Hey, that's what you getting when the build's on fire.
  • by banky ( 9941 ) <gregg.neurobashing@com> on Thursday July 05, 2001 @07:30AM (#106833) Homepage Journal
    If they hadn't burned their house down, then no one would have to sleep in the gym!

    Say hi to Booger and Takashi for me!
  • There's a slashdot japan? I had no idea. What other slashdot <insert country name here>'s are there?

    linkfilter [] - fresh links daily.
  • Geez, Taco, couldn't you offer to share your room with those who lost theirs? Or is sharing something you only do with MP3s and source code?

  • by sharkey ( 16670 ) on Thursday July 05, 2001 @07:57AM (#106836)
    He can speak it, he just can't spell it!

  • ". This is akin to calling myself "crippled" because my BMW is in the shop,"

    No, 'crippled' is having the Jag in the shop.

  • Their too damn stupid to know how to operate a shower. I get the shower in the gymnasium hasn't seen water once since the nerds started staying there. (it's probably seen a whole lot of other things, but not showers)

  • by BilldaCat ( 19181 ) on Thursday July 05, 2001 @07:17AM (#106839) Homepage
    that's about the only way you'll get geeks in a gym anyway.

    'one pull-up pyle! can you not do 1 fucking pull-up?!?'
  • And yout try and tell that the young people of today... and they won't believe you !
  • Luxury! We used to dream of having a sewer. No, we had it hard in those days. For a bed, all dear old dad could provide was the neighbour's piranha tank. But we were happy for it, we didn't know any better. Not like kids these days, with their slashdots and their hotels.
  • What, these guys were so smelly they just decided to lock the doors to keep them out?
  • So now they are staying in a gymnasium!

    So, go ahead and put us down,
    One of these days we'll turn it around.
    It won't be long, mark my word.
  • Nonono.
    Dutch is some sort of German.
    Portuguese is some sort of Spanish.
    Whatever they speak in the usa is some sort of English.
    Oh damn. That last one is true. And now all the brits will get mad.
  • Is about the same as your English?
  • Get used to it! ESR the bell tolls for thee!
  • Ok, here's the translation from babelfish:

    The LinuxTag which is the German largest Linux event is held from today. The Oliver of the slash team leader carrying the PS2 Linux Kit and the Dreamcast, the person who knows that it participates it probably will be many. From Japan to in addition to the kernel developer - with the g new section person and type God bamboo Oka of the famous ax, the cormorant fishing person of the DebiancJp leader the ã we have gone on a journey to ã Germany, now the time where event first day is entered safely is. The position it was for the present and solved this pattern, already the happening occurred in their bodies. The accommodations which are the expectation where their everyone stays were the original vagabond housing, furthermore lodging failure in the sanitary reason was ascertained. After all they are with the hacker of the European product the sleeping bag line up, to pass one night at the gymnasium. Participation to the European Linux event seems that outdoor experience is necessary.

    Now, *that* clears things up.
  • Hey, as long as Taco doesn't start speaking in Douche or another toilet-language, I'm happy...
  • We have net connections here (well, I'm not in the gym yet, but in some weird room of the student's administration next to it). Just ssh allowed, two IPs. What a good time to play with some tunnels .... well, I'm really looking forward to sleeping in the gym ..... (hahahahahahahaha, never take me serious) ...... Ok, I guess it's the right moment to turn insane NOW
  • Why does this sound familiar? A bunch of nerds
    forced to sleep in a gymnasium. It's O.K. Don't
    wory about them. They will find a house and beat
    those aweful Alpha Beta's! Let's just hope there's
    not a sequel(or SQL...).

  • Broken glass!!!???

    You lucky, lucky bastard!

  • I live by the Messe Stuttgart (about a 1 minute walk) and I have a big house with a guest bedroom and bathroom. I am not attending Linux Tag because I have to work but if you have no place to stay I can house two in the guest bedroom. Send me an e-mail and I will reply with my handy number. First-come-first-serve.
  • I have a dedicated connection to the Internet too if you need to check your mail or whatever.
  • by jaxon6 ( 104115 )
    great, that's just what we need. next thing you know, we're reading about an international incident involving developers in a gymnasium who went on a panty raid. ".... One developer was arrested after refusing to give back the panties. He claimed that they were 'rightfully' his, as they had a picture of a penguin on them. It appears that the lack of an Internet connection in the gymnasium caused severe withdrawal symptoms among the developers. It is unkown at this point if there is a medical precedent for ....."
  • That wasn't the Alpha-Betas, that was Hemos!

    kickin' science like no one else can,
    my dick is twice as long as my attention span.
  • Since I couldn't read the articles I can't say whether or not the posters are smarter that the ones that speak english.

    Well, their average IQ just dropped a notch. I'm new user 3794.

    Japanese /. User ID >3794? Beware.

    dman123 forever!

  • Looks like they don't have the common trolls. Looking at a couple articles, I didn't see any -1 or even a 0.

    Correct, as far as I could tell too. Let's put it this way... The Apple Cube story had 36 posts and only 5 were scored as 0. All 5 of those were ACs (not modded down).

    dman123 forever!

  • Sounds good, but why is the "du" capitalized? I thought Sie was unique among personal pronouns for capitalization
    When talking directly to someone, the pronoun is capitalized. There's nothing special about 'Sie' in this regard. Same to "Du" or even "Ihr" (both in an ancient singular usage, something like "thou" - or in a plural). It's probably as logical as the English habit to capitalize "I".

    An intersting use of this on Usenet, btw, is the habit to transfer that usage into English in front of a German reading audience - like soc.culture.german - to emulate the German "Sie". Some people use that as a style mechanism (what's Stilmittel in English ?) to acchieve that devastating coldness in a flame that the German Language permits you by keeping formally polite . Some folks there have developed mastery in that :-)

  • Absolutely! Next step: find a frat house,
    Should be easy in Stuttgart...
    and join an historically black fraternal organization.
    Um... what's that ? There are actually fraternities calling themselves 'black' here, but that's just meaning they don't wear those coloured ribbons and caps most other German fraternities have.

    Oh, and then there are the 'Black Corps', too... but trust me you won't want to join them, unless you really like fencing with sharp blades while wearing somewhat ... ahem ... limited protective gear. Don't know if there's one in Stuttgart, though.

  • ROFLROFLROFLROFL Brewster's Millions 2000:
    "30 million in a month, eh?" *picks up phone* "BUY NORTEL! BUY LINUX! TECH TECH TECH!" Three days later "So much for that thirty mil..."
  • Well, he could gamble 10 percent away, but I think stocks would have counted as an 'investment.' So long as there was the possibilty of profit...
  • Yes. English. He completely failed that one.
  • You know....

    You people are downright RUDE!

    Maybe /. was in the right place at the right time but I dont see you running a webserver that can post a link and bring most servers on the net to their knees.

    The /. crew regardless has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in their adventures with /. im quite sure. To disregard this knowledge as useless is a fatal mistake.

    Maybe CmdrTaco doesnt have a Ph.D. Maybe /. is a crappy site according to all of you now. Maybe CmdrTaco sold his soul to the devil. Maybe a lot of things. But this is how it is and while /. isnt one of the top 250 or anything it /is/ one of the most popular open source lounging grounds out there. The diversity and spectrum of people here is immense.

    I think that to just discredit someone for some reason you didnt even name is purely asanine. If your gonna take a crack at someone at least back your point up. Your just being an ass. All I see are people giving CmdrTaco complete shit. What you don't have anything better to do than analyze the grammatical structure of a /. editors sentences? Back-Off. On most forums youd just be censored and forgotten about. You should feel thankful /. allows open criticism without censoring. But some of the time you guys just take it too far.


  • Yes I read /.

    All I am saying is that people need to back off. God forbid I dare to say something other than "CmdrTaco is an idiot". Even he said it but seriously if your gonna make such extreme claims people should be willing to have real proof not just "You don't read /. do you bud?"

    /. has changed some. Yes it has lost a little of its old luster but thats what happens when people and sites grow. They change.

    Again, Back-Off and dont read the site if the people who run it are such idiots. Complaning and being rude has obviously not improved the situation.


  • Slashdot japan just opened about a month ago so you haven't missed much.
  • yo, folks. This is one of those words that - while spelled the same in both languages - means something completely different.

    So, american junior geeks go to the gymnasium to get their share of Phys. Ed., i.e. to get all sweaty and shit.

    For german kids, a Gymnasium (nouns are capitalized in German) is where some of them go after elementary school. Gymnasium == Jr+Sr High School (grades 5 thru 12/13 depending on state). There are some other forms of secondary schools here in Germany.

    So, while it will still be a shared-space-sleeping-experience, at least the rooms are a lot smaller ;-)
  • Depends on the language - this is one of those strange words...

    In English, "Gymnasium" means a hall where you do gymnastics or exercise.

    In German, "Gymnasium" means an upper-tier secondary school (attended from age 11 to age 19 IIRC).

    Just one of those strange English/German glitches. Like, don't the words "mist" or "missed" around Germans, since "Mist" means "poo" in German - not "sh*t" or anything like that, just almost exactly the same resonance as "poo". Foreign golfers missing a putt and saying "Poo!" is quite amusing for the Germans (who says they lack a sense of humour? :-)

  • And if i remember correctly, didn't Einstein get kicked out of the Luiptold Gymnasium?
  • by Ron Harwood ( 136613 ) <> on Thursday July 05, 2001 @07:17AM (#106869) Homepage Journal
    Sleeping in a gymnasium? Luxury! In my day we'd have slep on a pile of broken glass in the sewer, and been happy to have the glass!

  • Oh, we would have given anything for pet rats. All the rats in our hole in the ground left after the chemical spill of '82. But did we complain? Nooo! We thanked god for the blessing that gave little brother william three arms, brief though his life was.
  • What's next?

    Slashdot Europe ??

  • Absolutely! Next step: find a frat house, and join an historically black fraternal organization.
  • In the actual movie "revenge of the nerds", after getting kicked out of the dorm, sleeping in the gymnasium, and then getting the frat house, the nerds had to find a national fraternal organization that would take them in. The only one that would was Lambda Lambda Lambda (tri-lam in fratspeak), which up till that point had no white members. In the end they are actually defended by some of thier brothers from a nearby black college from the wrath of the jocks.
  • Looks like the beginning of Revenge of the Nerds to me!

    Peace. Sway

  • I don't why hackers have to have bad hygiene. Can't understand that. That just makes the whole community so unpresentable to the "normal" population.

    Folks, we don't have to be that way. It just takes 10 minutes to take a decent shower everyday, and it makes so much more agreeable, especially in a conference or meeting where a lot of hackers/geeks/nerds are gathering.

    The whole hygiene thing just gives very bad impression about the hacker community. First, there was that RMS thing (with all respect to RMS), then the attendees at LinuxTag thrown out of the hotel. And maybe attendees at the next-month LinuxWorld Expo at SF will be thrown out too?

  • Oh god, the absolute worst are LAN parties.

    You know what I'm talking about: 70 sweaty adolescents and grown men, packed into a room full of gigantic running monitors, who have been there for the last 12 hours, just sitting in their chairs...

    Ugh, the stench was unbearable. No wonder everyone opted to go to a resturant for eating.

    < )
    ( \

  • by ongdesign ( 170749 ) on Thursday July 05, 2001 @09:02AM (#106877) Homepage
    I love when people are called "homeless" because their hotel is closed. This is akin to calling myself "crippled" because my BMW is in the shop, or "cast out of society" because my wireless provider is down.

    "I can sympathize with my brothers on the street, man... one time my hotel suite was double-booked, and I ended up without even a hot tub!"

  • Also, Taco, können Sie nicht nur ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen? Ich soll auch sagen, dass "Gymnasium" auf Deutsch "High School" heißt.

    Just in case you couldn't tell, I barely passed that class too. :)

  • Sounds good, but why is the "du" capitalized? I thought Sie was unique among personal pronouns for capitalization in the interior of a sentence.

    To be honest, I had no trouble passing the class, but that doesn't mean that I can remember any of it now.

  • Looks like they don't have the common trolls. Looking at a couple articles, I didn't see any -1 or even a 0. Since I couldn't read the articles I can't say whether or not the posters are smarter that the ones that speak english.

    I'm brilliant,
  • Get off my obstacle cource private Pyle! Goddamn it, you climb like old people fuck!
  • You had broken glass? We had to sleep on bits of splintered wood and pretend that it was broken glass. And our Mom would shout at us all night long to keep us awake so the rats wouldn't eat us alive...

  • Stilmittel = stylistic tool
  • Personally, I love browser-desktop environment integration in Windows. Things like being able to type a web address into my taskbar (yes, I know it's possible with a GNOME or KDE applet), being able to use the same window for file browsing or web browsing, treating local and remote files equally, etc. What I don't like is browser-OS integration, because it means that a user-space program is embedded into the operating system, thereby limiting choice and flexability. With Windows I just have to accept this as a downside of browser-desktop environment integration. But with Linux there is no tradeof. Relax, noone is trying to compile Konqueror into the kernel or anything.
  • Are you 12 years old? You sound like a little kid defending his mommy. I guess this post is off-topic. Yours just struck me as being really weird.
  • in spanish
  • Who remembers "Revenge of the Nerds," where the homeless nerds were forced to live in the gymnasium? :)

    Hotels in the area should be wary of panty raids and people playing with security cameras.

  • Staying in a gymnasium, eh?

    "Good night, Gilbert."
    "Good night, Louis."
    "Good night, Takashi."
    "Good night, Lamar."
    "Good night, Wormser."
    "Good night, Poindexter."
    "Good night, Booger."
  • many of the developers are without a place to sleep. So now they are staying in a gymnasium

    How many geeks do you know who could recognize and correctly identify a gymnasium?

    I won't tell them if you won't.

    "Man, the hotel was neat - it had bars ALL OVER THE WALLS!"

  • The Angles, Saxons, and Jutes started coming over to Britain in the 500's or so, after the Roman legions had retreated. William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, was the one who invaded England in 1066, bringing Norman French.

    This is why English, though it is a Germanic language and has a Germanic structure, has a lot of French in it's vocabulary.


  • I had to shingle my refrigerator box with AOL diskettes, I would have gnawed off my right arm for a sewer to sleep in.
  • Here in Germany german is called "Deutsch". A little indication of the fact that Dutch and German are very much derived from the same lingual base. So is english.
    In fact: If you can speak german and english you'll have no problems learning dutch ("Netherlandish").
  • Everyone, apparently.
  • Can you imagine what one of Taco's posts would look like with Babel Fish? And we thought it was bad now...
  • Just a hello from University of Stuttgart. Hey guys/gals we are having beer parties on regular basis(early week, pre-mid week, mid-week, post-mid-week, weekend, samstag, sonntag !) we are thinking of coverting the 7-tag week into metric system! Just an excuse to have more beer , more parties! So when you are done away with LINUXTAG join us for LINUX-ABEND! ;)

  • kazekiri sent us a report from Slashdot/Japan which you'll need to translate to read

    Slashdot Japan?! When did this happen? I did a search here & on google and saw almost nothing about a ""... To me, the idea is just amazing.. perhaps it's the idea of a whole 'nother "geek culture" out there, in a parallel universe (er, Japan), but really having nothing in common otherwise, except, now... slashdot!
  • Dutch my ass! When the hell did he learn Japanese!

    Must have been those all-night sessions with Cowboy Neal, who happens to know every language in the world but French.
  • by Faust7 ( 314817 )
    I half-cringed when I read the words "Linux" and "Hackers" in the same headline. Thank goodness that highly impressionable Joe Users don't read this site--who knows what sort of vague connection their minds might make?
  • What does this mean? KDE features Konqueror, a state-of-the-art web browser, as an integrated component of its user-friendly desktop environment... I thought integration == evil? They really need to change the wording. I thought I was reading an announcement for the next release of Windows! I don't mean this to be a troll, but isn't the point of Linux to buck trends? Isn't integration of products something Linux tries to avoid?
  • Have you ever been to a computer show? or an event like E3?

    I took a buddy to a show, and the first thing he said was "Jesus! What the hell is that smell!" Nothing makes me more sick, than to be leaning in to check out a price, then catching a wiff of some guy who smells like he hasn't showered for days.

    If you really want to see geeks/hackers making a bad impression, try going to an E3. I have never seen so many guys who had bad hygene. The "booth babes" were doing their best to aviod the worst of the bunch. One girl I spoke to said she'd been hit on tons of times that day, and not one guy had good hygene! I wrote up a paper on my experience for my Graphics programming class. I'll post it if I find it.
  • High their, deer listeners.

    First, let me say I'm delighted that I'm allowed to give teh keynote speech hear in Deutchland.

    Ever sinse we started Chips & Dips we were followin the newest informations in the geek industry. Slashdot was a big step for us, say a milestone, in taht direction.

    We hope to continue provinding the geek community with moer informations in teh future.

    etc etc ect

  • Yeah like 2 years ago, The highest skilled techies in the US where sleeping in a high school gym during the dot-com crap. I shared a space with a 36 yr old Phd from Northwestern who only made 60K and couldn't find a place to stay. Good ol days right. Damn glad they are over, Have a good time in Germany (lucky bastard)
  • I think more likely that a bunch of jocks burned down there own hotel and took the Linux Convention's hotel.. Damn those Alpha Betas
  • How about mit ein Bisschen denglish, Kartoffelchip? If Du kaum hast passed die Klasse in German, maybe you kannst the understehen? We call das "Denglish" in Germany.
  • okay, to get this all straight..: english, dutch, and deutsch (german) are all germanic languages (as opposed to french and spanish and italian which are romanic languages, based on latin). when the anglos and saxons came over to england in 1066 (willy the conqueror!) they brought their language with them, which would explain the close connction between low-german (niederdeutsch or plattdeutsch) and english (the region which used to mke up the dukedom of schleswig -now part of the state of schlesig-holstein- is also called angeln - the connection to the angos and thus to te anglo-saxons is obvious).. now the dutch were somewhere in between that whole stuff and they also traded a lot with other nations and that always influences the language of a country as well.
    ergo: all those languages have the same root, just as humans and apes have the same ancestors.
  • by Webmstr FreaK ( 455810 ) on Thursday July 05, 2001 @07:20AM (#106907)
    give a keynote? I'm in shock! Are they really that desperate for speakers? What about all of the people who have to hear him? Who will they have next? Bill Gates?

    Could you please record this and put it on /. maybe make a comic relief area for it.

  • by MICK_THE_FPM ( 462094 ) on Thursday July 05, 2001 @07:25AM (#106908)
    you know, w/ all the errors taco makes in english, i think he should start posting in german, then we all may be able to understand him.
  • okay, to get this really straight. Yes, English, Dutch and German are all Germanic languages. There are 3 branches of G. languages: 1) North-Germanic (nowadays Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish) 2) East-Germanic (now extinct, Gothic and the language of the Lombards figured here) 3) West Germanic (English, Dutch, Low German, High German) Dutch and Low German are very closely related. Actually Dutch used to be just a dialect of Old Low German (the dialect's called "Low Frankonian" to be exact). However since the Netherlands formed a distinct state with their own standard language very early, Dutch took a course apart and must today be classed as an individual language. Low German did possess a standard language in the times of the Hansa. This language was also widely spoken in Scandinavian towns like Bergen and Stockholm (which explains a lot of loans from L.G. in Scandinavian). The 17th century saw the demise of L.G. when Modern Standard German replaced it as an official language (its influence being due to a considerable part to the Bible translation by M. Luther). Today L.G. is just an inofficial language in Northern Germany which, although still widely spoke (lots of dialects !!!) 50 years ago, is now rushing towards extinction. High German, on which Modern St. German is based can be distinguished from all other Germanic languages by the "High German Sound Shift". That is, certain consonants regularly shift, e.g. (first letter is relevant). Engl. do, Dutch doen v German tun Engl. tooth, Dutch tand v German Zahn. English is a special breed of West Germanic. Note e.g. the reduction of "n" before "th",e.g. tooth v tand, zahn (v.s), Engl. mouth v Dutch mond, German mund. English also has tons of French, but also Scandinavian and Dutch loans (when the English learned how to build ships from the Dutch, a lot of Dutch came over to England). As for the denomination "Dutch" and "Deutsch" they are of course of the same origin, meaning "of the people, popular". Thusly people wd denote their own language as opposed to the clerical Latin.
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  • Which is what he said. Amd why one can read Neiderlandisch and no tbe able to speak it...cause of the vowel shift and somesuch. Whereas ein Hand and a Hand are pretty clear to the average linguist.
  • Real funny trivalize homelessness just like the census [].

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