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Alan Cox answers even more questions 32

Mads-Martin writes "Well, it seems as though Alan Cox [?] has been kind enough to answer even more questions then the interview. Look at the September 3 entry. "
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Alan Cox answers even more questions

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Please don't consider this a troll; I consider Alan to be a demi-god. However, it is a general thing I've noticed about hard-core hackers:

    Why are so many hackers sporting disgusting, filthy, unkempt beards (hint: facial hair growing on your neck is not attractive), long unwashed hair, etc.? I mean, do you people actually think you look good? (cf. Alan Cox's mug shot [])

    Here's a hint: Women do like brainy guys. But if you're hoping to get laid between coding sessions, think about taking a shower, and trimming your beard so that it looks kempt (or consider shaving it off completely).

  • by Anonymous Coward
    He's married, he doesn't need to be pretty to get laid (grin).
  • I've not checked my linux-kernel or linux-fsdevel backlog yet, but I'm guessing that if sct announced anything, it would have been to one of those lists. Check the archives ( has the lkml FAQ and archives).
  • Is that an attempt at humour, or are do you truly not get it? :)
  • People said that it showed a great deal that we could all ask questions to the people behind the software about is future compared with company employees that may have NDAs and so on.
    I think it says even more than Alan took time out to answer other questions which he felt were worth replying to.

  • Are you the one going around feeling people's beards? Next one of us you touch is going to slap you in cuffs, and then we're going to depilate your entire body with duct tape at the next LinuxWorld.

    For those who wish to spectate, look for the BOF called "Hair or Code, which would you hack?"

  • Is the clean shaven myth the greatest piece of marketing brainwashing in western european history?

    The necktie ranks right up there, too.

    Thanks for answering more questions, by the way. Very classy.

    QDMerge [] 0.21!
  • Well, I read alan's diary entry. And then came back to see what everyone had to say. And there were no comments. So I thought, hey...what the hell.

  • I second that!

    Thanks to Alan Cox for giving us his time and effort. I know he's a busy guy and taking the time out to answer the questions of a few raving lunatics like us, and then answering even more questions...the guy just deserves our gratitude and respect.

    Thanks again, Alan...

  • actually, i believe the clean-shaven look was mandated by Alexander the Great for his armies. it gave them an advantage in one-on-one sword combat with the unshaven soldiers whom they were fighting. (imagine how compromised you are when your opponent grabs your 2 feet of facial hair and swings you around by it. *ouch*)

    i keep a beard just cuz i hate shaving so much.
  • He also looks like Rick Rubin and RMS to a point. I think anyone with long brown hair and a full beard pretty much look the same. All distinguising facial features kinda disappear. And then there's the sunglasses.
  • I would say it was an old school thing i.e. the generation of kidz above us are more 'rustic hackers' and the kidz our gen grew up in the tech/rave scene.. but then I visited MIT once and *everyone* looks like that (oldskool) .. I kept expecting Jim Jones to appear and preach to the masses :) Its strange tho., because there really are two completely different 'stereotypes' of tech kidz.. In anycase stereotypes *are* just that .. crap.

  • Some women btw like beards and anyone who thinks that something so trivial is the key to a successful relationship probably has big problems
    Indeed, I agree. Anyone who feels that physical characteristics are the basis for a functional, successful relationship most likely has problems of their own that they are unable to solve. To think that so many people in this world allow themselves to be consumed by the vanity of the outward appearance. Case in point: the apparent success of the cosmetics industry.... for pete's sake, it's been around since long before I was born, and it doesn't show many signs of dying yet. Furthermore, as Alan mentioned, the plastic surgery business... which I would discount only for those who use it for purely cosmetic purposes, not for those who need it, or who use it to remove large, "unsightly" scars.

    Either way, I think his hair is beautiful (from the gif it looks that way) and I figure it this way: it's his body, he may do as he pleases with it.

    For those [women] who may write in to discredit him for his facial hair and long mane, someone could just as easily discredit them if they shave their legs. You don't have to, and although I do and don't really wish to not do so, it's not a necessary evil, just a ritual that many partake of.

    In other words, it goes both ways, so shut up and live your own dang life, while we live ours.
  • And you know, I've never seen Alan Cox and Rob Zombie together?


  • Frankly, it looks cool! Alan, good work with the hair :-) Go with what looks good. I know I'd try for a full beard if my hair didn't grow in so patchy under my chin. I suppose a moustache or sideburns are all I'll ever do :-(

    Anyways, Alan Cox looks like a burly fellow. As long as he keeps his hair clean, it's all cool. Greasy hair is not cool. I'm sure the AC who posted this doesn't shower every day like a I do and Alan probably does.
  • first patch
  • Can you imagine Bill Gates or Steve Balmer answering extra questions like this on there own spare time.

    I am not defending Bill Gates here, but I'd imagine that even if he wanted to have an open session like this, his shareholders and corporate attorneys, PR guys and a dozen other "titles" would "need" to look it over.

    This isn't all *that* bad... it's only fair to the other people in your company. I have to wait until Tuesday to talk to my partners about an issue that came up this weekend. On Freshmeat, a package came out that has the same name as our nine month old package, and deals vaguely in the same arena. I can't just drop him a line (if it were only my project, I could), because I need to tell my partners and get their input as well.

    Bill Gates has several thousand "partners", some of whom have the sole job of making sure that what he says in public is what they all want him to say. That's one philosophy, and the other extreme is not great either -- look at Steve Jobs "Damn the torpedoes, I'm running this company the way *I* want to" philosophy.

    The difference between Richard O'Brien and God? God can't write good Rock Musicals.

  • Indeed. I've clicked on the most likely link without finding the additional answers, and now I'm here in this discussion finding nothing here. Well, I've only got two more links to click on to try to find those answers...maybe they're in his diary rather than his Everything entry...
  • He mentioned that some kind of alpha-like version was released. So IS there a link to a site with more information about ext3?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 05, 1999 @02:58AM (#1704060)
    It's on Stephen Tweedie's public FTP archive:
  • by Booker ( 6173 ) on Sunday September 05, 1999 @03:45AM (#1704061) Homepage
    Ok, I know this is kinda lame, and I apologize ahead of time, but I cringe when I see this sort of thing. It makes Slashdot look a bit unprofessional... Somebody feel free to moderate this down to a one. :-)

    But - You guys really need a grammar checker and/or a copy editor. answer even more questions then the interview.

    "than" not "then"

  • by N1KO ( 13435 ) <nico.bonada @ g m a i l . c om> on Sunday September 05, 1999 @01:59AM (#1704062)
    Am I the only one who thinks Alan looks like Rob Zombie?
  • by Alan Cox ( 27532 ) on Sunday September 05, 1999 @06:18AM (#1704063) Homepage
    Why do the same people who think plastic surgery is strange and weird go around sawing all the hair off their face. Is the clean shaven myth the greatest piece of marketing brainwashing in western european history? They had to do something when sword making went out I guess.

    Some women btw like beards and anyone who thinks that something so trivial is the key to a successful relationship probably has big problems

    PS: yes someone sent me my user name (duh 8))


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