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O'Reilly Linux Conference CFP 13

Matt Welsh (who is probably not coincidentally program chair...) wrote in with a call for papers for the upcoming O'Reilly Linux Conference. It looks like a cool conference, almost a Linux Expo of the west (in August): two days of tutorials, followed by two days of a multi-track conference. They also will have evening "breakaway sessions" for special interest groups (sorta like BOFs, it seems). I actually may submit a paper...
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O'Reilly Linux Conference CFP

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  • >yeah, okay, [RMS is] hard for these guys to push around and mold to their agenda. cry me a river.

    Um, if you're complaining that O'Reilly isn't inviting RMS everywhere, aren't you the one crying the river?
  • Tim O'Reilly pays Larry Wall's salary. If that's not a significant contribution to this movement, WHAT IS?

    Unfortunately, much of the software which Larry writes (such as the Java / Perl interface) is now hoarded by O'Reilly, instead of being free software. It is arguable that O'Reilly is hurting free software by employing Larry.

  • RMS believes that manuals for free software must themselves be free, so that those who change and improve the software can keep the manuals current. Since O'Reilly specializes in non-free books on free software, RMS considers O'Reilly an impediment to the movement.

    Since he says so in public, you can be fairly certain that Mr. O'Reilly is not going to invite RMS to his conference.

  • First, it's hypocrite. Dammit.
    Second, I would love to read *anything* on Slashdot where Tim O'Reilly gets mentioned and some knee-jerk flamer doesn't immediately start in with the "money" is evil stuff.
    After all, Stallman accepted a large award from the MacArthur foundation for the concept of the FSF. That's certainly making money off of free software.
    Additionally, Tim O'Reilly pays Larry Wall's salary. If that's not a significant contribution to this movement, WHAT IS?
  • Very cool spot. I went to a conference there last November. On Tuesday they close down the streets around there and have a big bazaar thing in the middle of town. Pretty interesting. Wish I could go...
  • If anyone is thinking about writing a linux driver, get "Linux Device Drivers". This is quite possibly the highest quality book I have ever gotten. It contains virtually everything you need. No, I don't work for Oreily but this is just a teriffic book.

    The Perl book with the camel is also excellent.

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