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Compaq Handheld Linux 9

bobalu writes "There's a bit in PCWEEK's Spencer Katt column about a handheld unit from Compaq that runs Linux and is designed as a platform for developing new speech and other interfaces." Yeah we've mentioned itsy before, but someone submits that darn thing about every 3 days, so it's probably worth reposting it now just because not all of the readers who have joined us in the last 6 months are gonna read the 4 thousand or so back stories *grin*.
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Compaq Handheld Linux

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  • is always good for a chuckle and his editorials and cartoons are trendy. The itsy article was interesting in that it showed that Linux warrants attention from the big OEM's.

    Check out the cartoons too. Especially the one regarding ARMONK. HEHEhehe... Is the Katt psychic?
  • 'This is a small step ...'

    Anyway, it's been months since I heard about the Itsy for the first time. The only 'new' thing about it is that it's now branded Compaq(TM) instead of D.E.C. ...

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