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Fedora-based Linux Distro Korora (Version 25) Now Available For Download (betanews.com) 31

BrianFagioli writes: If you want to use Fedora but do not want to spend time manually installing packages and repos, there is a solid alternative -- Korora. Despite the funny-sounding name, it is a great way to experience Fedora in a more user-friendly way. Wednesday, version 25, code-named 'Gurgle', became available for release.
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Fedora-based Linux Distro Korora (Version 25) Now Available For Download

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  • by mea2214 ( 935585 ) on Saturday December 10, 2016 @06:35PM (#53460707)
    How does Korora know what packages I need installed?
  • Many earlier distributions, I'm thinking of Mandrake and SUSE mainly, used to install the kitchen sink. It meant the default install had a larger attack surface and was therefore more vulnerable to attack. Aside from that, your dist wastes a lot more diskspace and you have all these packages that you're not entirely sure if you need or not.

    I think dists like Fedora almost have it right, offering a functioning desktop out of the box but not going crazy installing crap someone may not want. Even so, I think

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