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Graphics Operating Systems Upgrades Linux

Linux 4.4 Kernel To Bring Raspberry Pi Graphics Driver, Open-Channel SSD Support ( 67

An anonymous reader writes: Linux 4.4-rc1 has been released. New features of Linux 4.4 include a Raspberry Pi kernel mode-setting driver, support for 3D acceleration by QEMU guest virtual machines, AMD Stoney APU support, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 support, expanded eBPF virtual machine programs, new hardware peripheral support, file-system fixes, faster SHA crypto support on Intel hardware, and LightNVM / Open-Channel SSD support.
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Linux 4.4 Kernel To Bring Raspberry Pi Graphics Driver, Open-Channel SSD Support

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 16, 2015 @02:36AM (#50937965)

    This is actually kind of cool, especially if the performance isn't terrible.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I built it just a few hours ago... and /dev/video0 (or /dev/video or /dev/video[0-9]) are all missing. And mknod will create it, but it doesn't fly if you do. And dmesg shows that its not quite there. And so you have to wait till 4.4.1-rc2 or -rc3. So run an old kernel (I keep several old ones around and the last was 4.3.0). So all is well for now, we will test 4.4 kernel in another week or two. To be fair the kernel build showed that not all kernel modules were built (and that *is* quite rare).

  • There's a website called phoronix where you can read all the daily minutiae of changes to the Linux kernel. I don't expect to see those items pop up on Slashdot unless there is something really revolutionary or innovative going on. These changes just sound like the usual minor modifications to support newer hardware.
    • Re:Yeah, so? (Score:4, Informative)

      by Kidbro ( 80868 ) on Monday November 16, 2015 @05:09AM (#50938325)

      Meanwhile, every single major revision of the kernel has been announced on Slashdot for at least as far back as I can remember (2.2 something).
      So how you can't "expect" it to happen is a mystery indeed.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      If you don't want to read about such things, you're on the wrong page, mate. Perhaps Facebook or Newgrounds would suit you better.

  • Yeah, but how well does it run FLASH!? []

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Oh man, are you behind or what? That got sorted out at least half a decade ago. (Also, XKCD is on 1604 by now.)

    • If you want smooth video playback on any platform and choose to use Flash, you're doing it wrong.
  • systemd (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Shut the fuck up about systemd. You all sound like old, grumpy men that can't adapt to any sort of change.

    Read up on systemd and learn how to use it. If you spent half the amount of time learning systemd as you do complaining on the internet, you might find it's actually really good. It's like SMF, but even more flexible.

    The Solaris people pissed and moaned about SMF, but now its considered a distinguishing feature of the OS, and I doubt any Solaris admin would trade SMF for SysV init.

    • Shut the fuck up about systemd

      Touche my man touche. You are the first person to mention systemd here after all.

      can't adapt to any sort of change

      There's a difference between "can't adapt" and "don't like the new system". "change" is not sysonymous with good, no matter what many people in the tech world desperately want to believe.

      you might find it's actually really good

      Or you might not. It has some things which are better than the old ways and some things which are worse. The people who refuse to acknowledge

  • Just for reference, KMS is something you shouldn't mention and hope that people forget how ridiculously behind Linux is in this area compared to ... Well everyone else that does anything other that 80x24 text.

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