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Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 Will Be Rolling-Release 48

jones_supa writes: Following the trend of rolling-release Linux distributions, Linux Mint brings you some news and information about Linux Mint Debian Edition 2, aka. "Betsy." As you might know, the Linux Mint team maintains two distributions: Linux Mint and LMDE. LMDE was a rolling distro for a while and eventually turned into a semi-rolling one. This was good at the time but it also presented challenges: the biggest issue in LMDE was the fact that it required a lot more maintenance than Linux Mint but that it had far less users. This hurt the frequency of updates it received but also the quality of the distribution. Now, LMDE 2 is going back to be continuously upgraded and to occasionally just receive media refresh ISO images. You can check the Roadmap to see the remaining issues. As the quality of Betsy is getting higher and higher, the project is getting closer to QA stage to iron out the bugs and perform proper testing.
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Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 Will Be Rolling-Release

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  • If it includes SystemD, LMDE isn't different enough from regular Mint to be worth maintaining. But if it's more different -- if regular Mint uses SystemD and LMDE doesn't -- then it justifies its existence.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      I don't agree. I use LMDE precisely because it's semi-rolling and compatible with Debian repos. I avoid the regular Linux Mint because it's tied to fixed Ubuntu repos and releases. This is certainly enough of a differentiating feature - pretty much the only difference I care about.

      • Semi-rolling? I used LMDE on one of my servers for a few months and packages updates were pretty much non-existent. Semi-frozen would be more accurate. I gave up on LMDE because of Shellshock that was left unpatched for several days.


      • by Anonymous Coward
        And vice versa: I use Mint 17 because it's not full of breakage and promises to remain stable for at least another year - plus it's free of systemd blight, probably another major contribution to stability. And I love the PPA option for the many things that Debian simply doesn't offer, or doesn't offer in a recent vintage.
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by rubycodez ( 864176 )

      Clem already said Linux Mint Debian will NOT have systemD for now, will watch stability of that project for a while

      So, it's Debian without the SystemD stink. That's a good thing

      • by Billly Gates ( 198444 ) on Friday February 06, 2015 @09:09PM (#49003079) Journal

        Yeah like using 200 line minI programs with logic and data mixed in your init scripts when a few in SystemD can be done because it is event based all because it's hip to hate started by those who fear change.

        Their is a reason Ubuntu, Sun, and Apple left init behind years ago.

        • by Anonymous Coward

          That's it, the final proof that /. is mostly run and read by a bunch of idiots... I don't belong here anymore so bye bye /.

          How can a post containing nothing but facts be labeled as troll???
          There's a real problem with all these systemd haters, because they are 100% emotional and 0% logic, so much as they ignore facts and even lie about systemd if it doesn't fit their hatred. /. community, GFY

          My last comment on /. *EVER*

      • The question is not whether a Linux distribution uses systemd or not -- the question is what it uses instead to achieve the goals of systemd (suspend, user switching, daemon monitoring, ...).

        • Funny, my linux box already does suspend and user switching. Daemon monitoring is hardly a one-solution-fits-all situation, if a daemon crashes that's because something is wrong, blindly and constantly restarting the thing is not the long term solution. In fact, that's what people who use garbage like mysql do.

      • It's good for Linux Mint (any edition) to wait on systemD for now. Waiting for stability is always a good thing.

        But... Linux Mint is the type of system where systemD would be best suited for. Desktop/laptop computers with a focus on the end user rather than server maintainers.

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by hairyfeet ( 841228 )

      I have a better in the hell are the devs gonna do QA, QC, and regression testing when on any given day one or more vital subsystems can change?

      This is what I've never been able to get anybody to explain without it becoming politics, how you are gonna take a bunch of teeny tiny fiefdoms, most of whom don't even talk to each other and NEVER check with one another before they start doing major changes, and then allow any part on any given day to change based on these little groups release schedu

      • I have a better in the hell are the devs gonna do QA, QC, and regression testing when on any given day one or more vital subsystems can change?

        By not changing the vital subsystems. Mint 17 to 17.1 brings a new font, a slightly newer version of the file manager and window manager and such other little fixes and things. Such updates will be more mandatory looking with LMDE because they're what is in rolling release mostly.

      • You mean you have to make a choice between a cell phone interface or an outdated half decade old no longer updated OS in the windows world? Or go mac and experience the dull, flat, and buggy Yosemite, broken Lion releases, or go back to the good old 2009 days of snow leopard?
        Change for the sake of change iskilling the desktop. 2009 was when software was good for non linux. Some would argue 2003 and still use XP 64 bit and Office 2003 because it's menu driven

        • haven't actually TRIED Windows 10 yet, have ya Billy? Its Windows 7 with the increased speed of Windows 8. You want a standard desktop? That is what you get OOTB, hell I can't even bitch about the little live tiles on the start menu as a LOT of people are into the whole FB/Twitter/social shits and it takes less than 60 seconds to turn it off if you aren't.

          Hell Billy you want it in the dull grey classic that has been around since Win 95 you can add it in like 3 minutes with a couple of reg tweaks

    • I installed Jesse on an old computer just to see what the fuss was about. I'm still looking. All the commands I was used to using are still there. Service, shutdown, poweroff... they all work. /etc/init.d contains scripts. I don't know, maybe they are just wrappers, I didn't read them. Calling the scripts in /etc/init.d directly or using the service command gets me more information than I am used to seeing. That's kind of neat. I'm coming from Gentoo though, not Debian, maybe Debian's init scripts were

  • Update carousel? Or a Russian roulette?

    Can't decide what describes the "rolling releases" best.

    But I gather it would work for the people locked into the web browser. Though question arises why they need an OS at all. Web 2.0, HTML5 - aren't they effectively an OS replacement?

    • by Anonymous Coward

      "emacs is a nice operating system but I prefer unix"

    • Update carousel? Or a Russian roulette?

      Can't decide what describes the "rolling releases" best.

      In the case of the current iteration of LMDE, the best American comparison would be to an Amtrak train, or a Greyhound bus - because it is soooo sloooooow to get any updates at all. When newly updated packages are released, you might get there, eventually, someday... - just like on Amtrak. I liked LMDE at first, but I recently switched back to Mint's main edition for this reason. (Of course I'm being unfair - LMDE does not smell as bad as a Greyhound, and does not have a sticky floor.)

      I suppose I'll try

  • Please don't roll us LMDE folk into the festering shithole of Systemd.
    • by SeaFox ( 739806 )

      LMDE, as the name implies, is based off Debian.
      Sounds like you have a complaint that needs to be directed upstream.

    • by aliquis ( 678370 )

      Please don't roll us LMDE folk into the festering shithole of Systemd.

      Calm down, relax, breath and just give a little resistance which you then give up over and over and it's soon over and systemd will be installed.

      There's no reason to fight it because it will happen.

      • Nope, no SystemD. It's Debian without the SystemD suck.

        "LMDE 2 'Betsy' received a lot of updates this week and its 'Mint' packages are now almost on par with Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. The next step is to adapt the Debian Jessie base and port all the changes and fixes already applied for Linux Mint 17.x on top of Trusty. This should take a week or two and we might be in a position to open up a BETA some time in February and to start welcoming feedback from people interested in helping us test this new distri

  • I saw Linux Debian, but all my mind read was Lesbian...
  • by Anonymous Coward

    The article actually says the opposite of what the title and summary say. Clem is confirming in his post that LMDE will be based on Debian Stable (which was originally announced a month or two ago). This is just confirming LMDE will be based on Debian's Jessie branch once Jessie becomes stable. This is the opposite of a rolling release.

  • Per the post from Clem:

    "As I said in the previous chapter, we're "considering" doing that... it's not set in stone yet."

    So to be clear, what they are proposing is, LMDE lke Linux Mint would keep the Jesse code base for the next 2+ years, enabling the Mint team to put more effort into improving the desktop experience and user applications. But LMDE would get these improvements on a rolling basis, so LMDE would actually get new software before the Ubuntu based Linux Mint, which would continue to get those upd

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