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Video Meet the Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy (Video) 29

Twelve years ago, Slashdot interviewed Brad Kuhn in his then-role as VP of the Free Software Foundation. Kuhn is still involved with the FSF, but has gone on, after a stint as CTO for the Software Freedom Law Center, to concentrate his efforts as President, Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy. The Conservancy offers organization and support to copylefted and permissively licensed software, and Brad explains in the video below what that entails, as well as where the Conservancy fits in the expanding landscape of organizations that help protect the rights of software developers. Brad makes no bones about wishing for a world where all software is Free software, but that's a big-picture goal. In the meantime, there's a lot of work to go around, just making sure that developers' chosen licenses are intelligently selected, and properly respected.
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Meet the Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy (Video)

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    It's ironic that an interview about freedom is locked up in Flash, an insecure and unfree technology.

    • "It's ironic"

      Nothing ironic about it, the world works on inertia, energy, habit and gravity. Think of steam and all the other digital download services, steam is still the big one. So big that Brad wardell gave up his Impulse game store/service to gamestop because he knew it was pointless because people form habits and communities around software. People don't want to have to change once they find something that serves their needs/interests.

    • by Meneth ( 872868 )
      Yeah! Where's my OGV file?
      • by bkuhn ( 41121 )

        I asked the Slashdot folks to make the video available in a format viewable with Free Software. I've sent an email to ask to make sure that happens. Unlike RMS, I don't necessarily object to videos of me being available in proprietary formats, as long as they are *also* available in a format viewable with Free Software.

        I suspect this was just a communication problem between me and the interviewer. It should get resolved.

        • All I'm looking for is a transcript. Usually these videos embedded in Slashdot stories have a link below the video to expand or collapse the transcript, but not this time for some reason.
  • OK, I'll bite. What's the difference between the Free Software Foundation, the Software Freedom Law Center and the Software Freedom Conservancy?

    I'm guessing all of them offer their services for free, of course...

  • by Lord Crc ( 151920 ) on Friday September 20, 2013 @06:53AM (#44900945)

    A GPL-based project I contribute to wanted to become a member of the SFC, however it seems they have a large backlog of applications and are understaffed. It's been over 2.5 years since we've applied and we've yet to hear anything.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives?

    We're not large, but could grow if we could get some framework for donations going. As such the financial side is our primary interest. We've decided against personal paypal accounts etc as we've had bad experience with this in the past, hence wanting something tied to the project.

    • by bkuhn ( 41121 )

      Lord Crc,

      We've just about completed our backlog and have started taking new projects. You should expect an invitation by the end of the year. Conservancy has been very careful not to accept new projects until we're absolutely sure we have the resources to take care of them.

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