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SolusOS Forks Gnome 3 Fallback Mode 162

An anonymous reader writes "Linux distribution SolusOS has forked the GNOME 3 'fallback mode' that the GNOME Project decided to scrap with the upcoming 3.8 GNOME release. According to SolusOS, the fork, named Consort, can 'maintain an experience virtually identical to GNOME 2, but vastly improve it with no need for hardware acceleration such as with GNOME Shell or Cinnamon.' It 'will bring back all the old features, such as right click-interaction on the panel, GNOME 2 applet support, creating desktop launchers, etc' and 'allow Python GNOME 2 applets to run natively on consort-panel.'"
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SolusOS Forks Gnome 3 Fallback Mode

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  • by oakgrove ( 845019 ) on Friday January 18, 2013 @06:37PM (#42630025)

    Not sure what your definition of "real work" is but I somehow manage to get a few things done here and there with pretty much equal ease switching between Gnome 2.3 on my Debian box, Unity on my Ubuntu clad laptop, and Openbox pretty much everywhere else. What is it specifically that is giving you so much trouble if I may ask?

  • Re:vs MATE? (Score:5, Informative)

    by UltraZelda64 ( 2309504 ) on Friday January 18, 2013 @06:41PM (#42630063)

    Sounds like the same concept of MATE and Cinnamon, with the main differences being:

    --GNOME Shell is the atrocity most people think of when they think GNOME 3. For the most part, it *is* the official GNOME 3.
    --MATE really is just GNOME 2--GTK+2 and all. Creaky and old, not exactly modern, but with a few programs renamed to avoid conflicts with the official GNOME versions and to allow it to exist on a machine with GNOME 3.
    --Cinnamon is a GNOME 2 clone written in GTK+3 on top of GNOME 3, requiring all the extra crap GNOME 3-proper does; for example, 3D hardware acceleration.
    --Consort sounds like yet another environment based on GNOME 3/GTK+3, but being based on the deprecated "fallback mode" it will bring a GNOME 2-like experience without the need for 3D hardware acceleration.

    Beyond that, I honestly have no clue which one is better, they're all relatively new and probably under heavy development. I'm not sure if MATE or Cinnamon have made it to the point where they are free of annoying bugs (in other words, usable), but last time I tried them they definitely had some problems. But they're all probably much better than the crap that the GNOME Project officially provides.

    Once they've all stabilized and have become good to use, I would assume that your hardware (3D acceleration or not) and your desire for nice integration of the latest GTK+3 programs will become some of the most obvious differences. I'm not sure if MATE will eventually port the desktop to GTK+3 or not... if they do, assuming all of them survive, that will likely make the choice even more difficult.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 18, 2013 @06:44PM (#42630103)

    i for one found gnome2 great. with some caveats.

    1. i already had removed the bottom bar, using virtual desktops + alt-tab for my window switching. (closer to gnome3)
    2. the panel was full of glitches (icons jumping around, misbehaviour when switching resolutions, etc...good riddance).
    3. laggish menus everywhere.

    i find gnome3 to be a bit more usable. still the bottom bar is a bit glitchy (they dont yet know how to present programs to the user in a useful manner). (app menu is a bit disorganized, finding a program if you dont know what you are looking for might be problematic). but these issues are being addressed as far as i know.

    notification has improved greatly.
    integration with connectivity has improved too (not that i use it, but its there).

    what is the REAL problem people find with gnome3? give real life examples.

  • by unapersson ( 38207 ) on Friday January 18, 2013 @06:44PM (#42630105) Homepage

    I'm using GNOME3 right now and my applications are right here in front of me and the DE is out of my way. How does that make them impossible to get to again? I'm seeing less DE chrome than I used to with GNOME2.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 18, 2013 @07:05PM (#42630273)

    Gnome 3.12 = Gnome 4.0 = Gnome-OS. Coming to us in March 2014.
    They don't care about the Distro community, they want to go up against Android. []
    Slide 18 up .

    They have been deliberately breaking Community themes and extensions, because of their "brand" image.
    Blog with links for those who are interested. []

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