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Cloud Computing Needs To Embrace the Linux Model, Says Rackspace CTO 42

Nerval's Lobster writes "Companies are rushing to lock customer data into their specific walled gardens, Rackspace CTO John Engates argued in an interview after a Cloud Expo keynote in Silicon Valley. That makes it more important than ever to ensure that the cloud undergirding all the various functions of daily life remains open. 'These companies have grown up in the era of enterprise software and they're addicted to enterprise software margins, magnitudes more profitable than what we make as a hosting company,' he said. 'Now you have software companies embracing cloud computing and taking the same enterprise-software playbook they've had for years and trying to run it in the cloud.' Ultimately, he added, cloud computing needs to adopt the Linux model. 'Linux opened it up and gave you vendor choice, with numerous vendors bringing their own strengths to the table.'"
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Cloud Computing Needs To Embrace the Linux Model, Says Rackspace CTO

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  • by Hylandr ( 813770 ) on Tuesday November 06, 2012 @10:48PM (#41902727)

    Because it's a waste of time.

    Rackspace is trying to keep everyone focused on the hype of the cloud, to keep racking in your dough.

    One "Cloud Server" with 16Gig of Ram and 4 Procs with rackspace would cost me $700+ .

    I can get a third of a cabinet from CoreNap for less than $400 Month. I can fill that space with vastly more powerful hardware for about 5k. ( Shopping Smart )

    Now lets do the math assuming a hardware life cycle of 5 years.
    400 x 12 == 4,800 ( one year )
    4,800 * 5 == 24,000 ( Five years )

    hardware: $5,000
    52 weeks in a year times 5 years == 260 weeks.

    Spread the cost of the hardware over 5 years. ( Cash outright or lease )
    $5,000 / 260 weeks. == .01923 per week for the hardware.

    Not worth adding to the 24,000 you will spend over the next 5 years, compared to the 42,000 you will spend for a single inferior server instance at Rackspace.

    And you're not eliminating engineers by going to the cloud. You still need admins.

    - Dan.

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