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Linux Kernel 3.0 Released 181

Suchetha writes "In a posting on his Google+ page Linus Torvalds announced the launch of Linux kernel 3.0. This follows the kernel missing the planned release date of the 19th because of 'a subtle bug.'"
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Linux Kernel 3.0 Released

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  • So what's new? (Score:5, Informative)

    by XanC ( 644172 ) on Friday July 22, 2011 @01:31AM (#36842874)
  • And here comes the 30th centuary!
    • by mjwx ( 966435 )

      And here comes the 30th centuary!


      I'll just download the source on my 9 G phone running Android 50.0.

      I suppose it goes without saying that this post goes to 11.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    So how much (if) Google is paying Mr. Torvalds to tweet (erm, microblog) about the release? (Maybe we could call G+ tweeting "G-t"-ing).

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Linux 3.0 feels a lot like Linux 3.0-rc7-git10. It really does! I installed the new Nvidia driver (also out today) and so am running both as I type this. Why do I get the feeling that I had an easier time building a new kernel and installing new video drivers than most Mac users have had installing MacOS Lion?

    • That's games like Carmageddon, right?
      Most Mac users don't use video drivers.
      Or at least none that they are aware of.

    • by fadir ( 522518 )

      Maybe because there is a huge difference between a kernel and an operating system?
      Additionally the step from the latest release candidate to the release is so minor that it can barely count as a kernel update on its own.

      Compare an update from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6 with the update of Snow Leopard to Lion, or Windows Vista to Windows 7 if you like.

      • Can't speak for CentOS, but an Ubuntu update is certainly easier than those.

        • by fadir ( 522518 )

          Maybe you didn't have any problems - neither did I when upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion.

          There are certainly reports of people having problems on Ubuntu upgrades as well. Considering that more than 1 mio. people grabbed Lion just yesterday I'd say the reports of problems that show up account for only a very small percentage and lots of them are just minor issues, not real problems in the meaning "upgrade failed". In fact the worst I have seen are a few reports that people couldn't upgrade (usually becaus

          • by kikito ( 971480 )

            "In fact" I know at least one person whose mac book pro doesn't boot after the update to Lion (well it does, but on an endless "updating" loop)

            • by ArcherB ( 796902 )

              "In fact" I know at least one person whose mac book pro doesn't boot after the update to Lion (well it does, but on an endless "updating" loop)

              That's an easy fix. It is so easy in fact, it shows the power of Apple computers.

              Here are the steps you take:
              1) Power the system off
              2) Press and hold to power button to turn the machine on. Keep holding this down. If you release this button, the system will boot normally, so keep holding it down.
              3) As soon as the Apple logo appears, press the command-control-shift-alt-C, F1, F12, and ESC keys at the same time and hold them down.
              4) Right before you hear the Apple opening chord sound, place your Lion C

          • I wasn't saying it was troublesome, just that I didn't think it would be easier than just clicking on an "Update" button and waiting.

    • I had a easier time than you. I just installed some .deb packages. Yeah a lot easier than Lion, haven't managed that yet.
    • Linux 3.0 feels a lot like Linux 3.0-rc7-git10.

      That would be the definition of a Release Candidate, yeah.

  • I hope that is not an ill omen.... .

  • Linux Radio is now broadcasting the Linux 3.0 kernel live! [] Pay attention to the kernel, listen to its wisdom : it speaks the truth!
  • For a while its going to be like when the year changes and you keep writing checks with the previous year by mistake. Probably 99% of Linux users have only used a 2.0 series kernel. Heck, Slashdot didn't even exist before the 2.0 kernel.

    • by X3J11 ( 791922 )

      I feel like such an old fart. My first recollections of messing with the Linux kernel are of answering endless lines of Y/N questions (no menuconfig), modules were still more or less experimental, and ELF hadn't quite replaced COFF. Early Slackware (which has consistently remained my distribution of choice for about 15 years) on a 486 DX2/66 with 16MB of RAM.

      Now get off my lawn you young whippersnappers!

  • by tverbeek ( 457094 ) on Friday July 22, 2011 @09:37AM (#36844918) Homepage

    If this follows the pattern of Microsoft Windows, this means that Linux has finally reached the point of offering what Linux kernel 1.0 promised, and has become usable as a day-to-day operating system. When Linux kernel 3.1 comes out, it'll finally have the features it needs to become widely used, and application developers will start treating it as their primary business-critical platform, instead of just a necessary kludge for certain kinds of apps!

    Which may mean that version numbers don't really mean as much as some people think.

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