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Kororaa 14 Released; Think of it as Linux Mint for Fedora 3

An anonymous reader writes "Kororaa is based on Fedora 14. Users have a choice between a KDE 4.6.3 or GNOME 2.32 Live DVD in 32-bit and 64-bit versions." The original Kororaa, back in 2006 and earlier, was based on Gentoo. Development stopped for several years, but has resumed -- but with Fedora, not Gentoo, as the base distribution.
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Kororaa 14 Released; Think of it as Linux Mint for Fedora

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  • gen-who? I vaguely recall using a distribution way back with a similar name, excited by the prospect of tinkering and thrilled by the text flying across my screen at crazy speeds. Now-a-days, these are just regression fixes and queues for grabbing some fresh coffee. Not to say I hate what I do, but love the deeper level it brought me to. People might take a lot of cracks at gentoo but I appreciate the opportunity it provided for someone without a formal education.
  • I hope this holds true. I've been very happy with what I've seen of Linux Mint. Fedora is a bit more advanced than Ubuntu and of course RedHat packages vs. Debian peeling back one more level. I think this is potentially quite good.

  • Please check out Fusion Linux. Could you please also post slashdot story about Fusion Linux because our goal is to be Fedora version of Linux Mint, and we even use mintMenu from Linux Mint distro -

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