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35,000 Linux Benchmarks In a Week 65

G3ckoG33k writes " has received 37,027 benchmarks (mainly Linux, and some Macs) in the first week since its inauguration. 241,384 completed tests using 468,344 components from 438 hardware vendors. All results submitted by end users. I guess the hardware support for Linux must become even better thanks to this effort. Yes, the benchmarks are easy to install and run, and you can readily compare your own system anonymously with the results already submitted, using any or all of hundreds of free applications in 47 categories."
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35,000 Linux Benchmarks In a Week

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  • Great concept (Score:5, Interesting)

    by WiiVault ( 1039946 ) on Saturday March 05, 2011 @12:03AM (#35386662)
    My biggest issue with most benchmarks is the underhanded deals between sites/mags and tech companies who provide incentives and free hardware. While I take individual benchmarks with a grain of salt as well for a lot of reasons, I'm far more confident that thousands of people haven't been bought and sold in the way ad supported publications seem to be.
  • Windows users have nothing like this. Too bad for them. Although the Phoronix test suite is actually coming to Windows. The Windows version is very alpha right now. Be an interesting twist if Windows users can take advantage of this in the future.

    To quote Phoronix.
    "The Phoronix Test Suite support on Windows is very early in development and is not targeted for normal end-users with most areas not yet being implemented but will be later on in the Phoronix Test Suite 2.4 development cycle. At this time the

    • by Anonymous Coward

      And on the other hand, other operating systems don't have tools as good as xperf for really analyzing programs and drivers. Good luck figuring out which driver is causing all those interrupt latency spikes without it :P.

    • Windows users have nothing like this. Too bad for them.

      Windows users have hundreds of different benchmarking tools to choose from, so they are in kind of a better position. 3DMark Vantage + Aida64 is already plenty enough to benchmark more-or-less all components of your system and if you're still not satisfied then throw PCMark in the bunch. Phoronix Test Suite apparently allows you to craft custom tests too, but aside from that it doesn't offer that much functionality that isn't available for Windows users already. Linux users on the other hand have lack of go

  • Update me when this isn't written in PHP.

    • PHP has allowed Phoronix Test suite to support everything from embedded ARM systems to cloud compute infrastructure. The fact it uses PHP makes it extremely portable. Virtually anywhere that there is a compiler and PHP, Phoronix Test Suite can run. Note that the benchmarking itself is not in PHP, it's done in whatever native language the benchmark needs.

      • Right, because PHP is the most common and portable language in the world. Not.

        Here's an idea, why not use something like PERL that really IS portable? Better yet, when writing a benchmark, why not use a language that's efficient so you're benchmarking the system not the quality of the implementation of the interpreter on that system?

        Any interpreted language is to be avoided for benchmarking unless it happens to be the system in use on that platform anyway (such as Java on a portable device). All we're ot

        • Okay. It's clear you haven't looked into the Phoronix Test Suite. (PTS)

          The software product itself is a Test Execution Environment. The suite's value add is that it simplifies the download and execution of the actual tests and benchmarks that are executed. Those test or benchmarks are in whatever language the author of that test profile wanted to write it in.

          PHP is not involved in any actual _measuring_ of performance, but is involved in the orchestration, interpretation and aggregation of the results.


  • by psychonaut ( 65759 ) on Saturday March 05, 2011 @04:50AM (#35387604)
    The article summary here intrigued and excited me. I headed to the site, eagerly hoping to compare the performance of my system against the 35,000 submissions, and to submit my own results for the community to share. But when I got there, I was lost and confused. The site is almost completely incomprehensible to me. Navigation is a nightmare. I can't figure out how to see the results for a given system. When I do, by accident, stumble upon a page with some graphs, I can't figure out how to compare these with another system. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to the hyperlinks, and precious little in the way of explanations and guidance. It's a pity that a site which has the potential to be such a useful resource has been rendered completely unusable by poor organization and UI design.
    • by devent ( 1627873 ) on Saturday March 05, 2011 @06:45AM (#35387944) Homepage

      Are you kidding me?

      I can't figure out how to see the results for a given system.

      Maybe you overlooked in the middle of the homepage with big blue letters:

      Top Searches AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Debian 6.0 FreeBSD Intel Core i5-2500K Intel Core i7 970 Intel Core i7-2820QM Linux 2.6.38- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Radeon HD 4850 Ubuntu 10.04 Ubuntu 10.10 Ubuntu 11.04 Top Hardware AMD Phenom II X4 955 AMD Phenom II X6 1055T ATI Radeon HD 5700 1024MB InnoTek VirtualBox Intel Core 2 Duo Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Intel Core i5-2500K Intel Mobile 4 IGP 256MB MacBook Pro VMware SVGA II innotek VirtualBox v1.2 Top Software Arch Debian 6.0 Debian testing Fedora 14 Fedora release 14 (Laughlin) Linux Mac OS X 10.6.6 Microsoft Windows [ 6.1.7600] SUSE LINUX 11.3 Ubuntu 10.04 Ubuntu 10.10 Ubuntu 11.04

      Now, just click what you like and after that you will get a site with the benchmarks. Click a benchmark and you have the comparison. You can even group different benchmarks together and get a comparison.

      Also you have: 1. Most Popular Tests 2. Apache Benchmark 3. 7-Zip Compression 4. C-Ray 5. LAME MP3 Encoding 6. OpenArena 1. Most Popular Suites 2. Audio Encoding 3. Timed Code Compilation 4. Chess Test Suite 5. Timed File Compression 6. Disk Test Suite 1. Latest Test Profiles 2. Xonotic 3. X-Plane Image Quality 4. X-Plane 5. x264 6. x11perf

      I'm sorry but if there was 35,000 benchmarks in just one week then the site can't be that bad. That's 5000 benchmarks a day.

      • Yes, I see all the same pretty labels that you do. Clicking on them doesn't result in the information I expected, or in information presented in a way in which it is easy for me to understand and manipulate. If you were able to figure it out, then I bow to your superior intellectual prowess. But I couldn't make sense of the site, and please believe me when I say I spent a long time trying. From the other comments posted here I see I'm not the only one frustrated with the interface to this site.

        To take j

        • by devent ( 1627873 )

          I did the same as you and I had a nice graph with compared the Ubuntu 10.04 benchmarks with different settings and the benchmarks are all including the Nvidia Geforce Gtx 580.

          The site is complicated because the benchmarks are not just generic score, like X is 10 points better then Y, but a detailed benchmark, with different software. The first benchmark have it use if you are a consumer, searching a fast CPU, the latter have use for "power user" who want to know what hardware and system runs the Apache se

          • Ah, yes, "The user must be an idiot"—the last desperate defence of poor UI design. Is it not possible for you to accept criticism of something's usability without calling into question (quite mistakenly, in this case) the critic's technical credentials? If so, I hope I never have the misfortune of using any interface designed by you.
            • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday March 05, 2011 @10:17AM (#35388622)

              This is Michael Larabel, the one that wrote all of the code for, including the interface side... The user-interface does have some known areas for improvement and the site will continue to be refined over the coming days, weeks, and months. Your constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated.

              Any comments like "The user must be an idiot" or "I'm sorry that you are not the audience for the site" does not come from anyone affiliated with the work.

              -- Michael

      • This site is useless in it's current state. I wanted to compare the performance of different netbooks... Searching doesn't get me the results I want. Browsing by computer type is useless. I can find two different netbooks, but if I can't get them on the same page together, then I can't ask the site to compare their results.

        Needs major refinement. Major. Refinement.

    • Feel free to contact me (I'm not posting an email address here), but it shouldn't be difficult for you to find me (visit or I'm more than happy to explore your experience and look how it can be made.

  • So that I don't actually have to visit the site to find out it's useless.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Your old blog from 2007 at tells us right away that you are a shill, a self-admitted MICROSOFT shill at that.

      Go get a life.

  • I've had a quick look, this is still about "bigger numbers are better". It would be nice te have more focus on power usage of modern computers!

  • by l0b0 ( 803611 ) on Saturday March 05, 2011 @06:09AM (#35387864) Homepage

    Here's what it has to say about that:

    Lenovo ubuntu 10.10 is a motherboard. This product is available from Lenovo. The Lenovo ubuntu 10.10 has been tested via the Phoronix Test Suite in the configurations listed below.

    Let me know when they've sanitized their DB.

  • I see a lot of data, but no organisation -- all I really want is a simple table like this one []

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