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35,000 Linux Benchmarks In a Week 65

G3ckoG33k writes "Openbenchmarking.org has received 37,027 benchmarks (mainly Linux, and some Macs) in the first week since its inauguration. 241,384 completed tests using 468,344 components from 438 hardware vendors. All results submitted by end users. I guess the hardware support for Linux must become even better thanks to this effort. Yes, the benchmarks are easy to install and run, and you can readily compare your own system anonymously with the results already submitted, using any or all of hundreds of free applications in 47 categories."
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35,000 Linux Benchmarks In a Week

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  • Great concept (Score:5, Interesting)

    by WiiVault ( 1039946 ) on Saturday March 05, 2011 @12:03AM (#35386662)
    My biggest issue with most benchmarks is the underhanded deals between sites/mags and tech companies who provide incentives and free hardware. While I take individual benchmarks with a grain of salt as well for a lot of reasons, I'm far more confident that thousands of people haven't been bought and sold in the way ad supported publications seem to be.

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