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Ubuntu 9.04 Released 620

Mohamed Zaian writes "Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced today that Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition is free to download from Thursday 23 April. Also announced were the simultaneous releases of Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition and Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix (UNR). Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition delivers a range of feature enhancements to improve the user experience. Shorter boot speeds, some as short as 25 seconds, ensure faster access to a full computing environment on most desktop, laptop and netbook models. Enhanced suspend-and-resume features also give users more time between charges along with immediate access after hibernation. Intelligent switching between Wi-Fi and 3G environments has been broadened to support more wireless devices and 3G cards, resulting in a smoother experience for most users."
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Ubuntu 9.04 Released

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  • Just installed ... (Score:5, Informative)

    by sygin ( 659338 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:16AM (#27686915)
    Love the encrypted home folder option. Default disk burning application has improved. Faster boot, seems faster overall (newer GCC?). Well done to all involved.
  • by troll8901 ( 1397145 ) <troll8901@gmail.com> on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:20AM (#27686969) Journal

    I just came from IRC (irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-release-party). It's like the Times Square New Year Party in there.

    On the clock at about 1 pm GMT, the Ubuntu website was updated, and the servers at ubuntu.com were immediately IRCdotted.
    And now, we're going to Slashdot Ubuntu.com as well!

    Get your torrents at
    http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ [ubuntu.com]

  • Please.... (Score:5, Informative)

    by kazade84 ( 1078337 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:21AM (#27686993)

    Firstly, can we get an Ubuntu icon yet?

    This release is awesome, I've been running it on my laptop, desktop and work PC for some time and it's been rock solid.

    That said. There is one VERY VERY annoying thing that changed in this release. The update notification icon is no longer there unless you fiddle around with gconf. Instead you are treated to an automated "pop-under" launch of the full update manager window once a week unless it's a security update in which case it's 2 days. I dunno if this behavior has changed recently but that was the design a few weeks ago.

    So that means:
    a.) You probably wont know about feature/bug updates for a week.
    b.) You probably wont know about security fixes for 2 days (even if it's urgent)
    c.) You will get a window appear out of nowhere behind all your current windows launched seemingly by itself (yeh coz that's not gonna scare Windows migrants)

    What a great idea! NOT!

    P.S if you wanna revert to the old behavior, run gconf-editor. Go to apps->update-notifier and uncheck "auto-launch".

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:26AM (#27687063)

    They announced they're changing the color scheme in the Jaunty+1 release.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:28AM (#27687097)

    I realize it's mostly the fault of Intel, but it would be nice if the modern (2 years old) Intel chips worked well with Linux.

    I went with Intel instead of Nvidia in my laptop so I would have a more stable computer than using the binary blog nvidia provides. (and I don't game) Boy, had I known Intel would totally drop the ball I would have went with Nvidia. Ubuntu doesn't seem to be interested in pushing the issue at all, saying 'it's an upstream problem'. I got burned the same way with the g400 and it's so called open source drivers a decade ago. It took them almost 4 years to get them out the door, and they sucked when they were out.

    It's a real sad the best video support on linux is from closed source nvidia drivers and their competitors don't even care.

    Check out the list: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bugs [launchpad.net]

    So, back on topic, does anybody know how horrid Intel video is in this final release? I need to decide if I'm going to upgrade or not, last I heard it's even worse and locks up after a few minutes. I have an x3100/GM965.

  • Re:Torrents (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:28AM (#27687101)

    As in previous years, you can also retrieve the torrent files directly from:

    http://torrent.ubuntu.com/, or
    http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ ... which should remain available even if the primary mirrors stop being responsive under load, as has happened for previous releases.

  • by uncle slacky ( 1125953 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:32AM (#27687159)

    Use eeebuntu instead - no problems at all with wifi (unlike with the stock Xandros POS).

    Apparently they're working on a new version based on 9.04.

    http://www.eeebuntu.com/ [eeebuntu.com]

  • Re:Jaunty (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:35AM (#27687195)

    I highly recommend wicd [sourceforge.net]. It works, it doesn't auto-connect to wired networks (I sometimes wish that were a checkbox option though), it lets you use external programs (WPA drivers, DHCP Clients, Wired Link Detection, Route Table Flushing) and best of all, it allows you to set up scripts to run on connect, disconnect, and/or pre-connect (absolutely fantastic for laptops+cifs/pppoe/etcetera). The only downsides are that it's not in the default repos, it's got a very lazy security implementation (it runs the script manager as root when strictly speaking it doesn't need to), and it's basically just a glorified python script. But it's still miles ahead of NetworkManager/KNetworkManager.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:37AM (#27687219)

    You're probably referring to Dust [ubuntu.com], which isn't really a dark theme. There's also the Darkroom theme, but it's been around for a few versions now and it looks like ass.

  • by suso ( 153703 ) * on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:37AM (#27687223) Homepage Journal

    Do you make this comment everyday or something?

    http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1208265&cid=27678699 [slashdot.org]

  • Notifications (Score:5, Informative)

    by CrispBH ( 822439 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:41AM (#27687277)

    Seems generally more stable, I've been running the RC for a couple of days now. Not many immediately noticeable changes but lots of improved under the hood support. Beware if you have an older ATI card you might run into problems.

    Anyway, the thing I'm really not sure of is the notifications system. Just about the only option with them seems to be to change their positioning via gconf-editor (and even that seems to be broken). I understand the philosophy behind them (see http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/253 [markshuttleworth.com]) but they seem to be a little too unconfigurable, even for Gnome. Their black appearance would suit the KDE default theme, but it certainly doesn't fit in well with my much lighter Clearlooks theme in Gnome and there's no way to change that. One of the things I like about Gnome is the integrated look and feel of the entire system, whereas these stand out oddly. There is no way to dismiss them, so things get irritating when I want to use the search bar in Firefox and there's a notification covering it (these things could well be click transparent but it's still irritating). There is no way to configure what gets displayed as a notification either; I don't think I need each and every Pidgin message to be displayed as a notification for reasons of both privacy and distraction. To me, the notifications system seems a little too much like an answer looking for a problem. I may well disable them soon, after giving them a fair trial. The only sane way to do that seems to be to remove the notify-osd daemon. So much for ease of use!

    That all said, it's my only major gripe with the upgrade, and that system was always going to be controversial. Hopefully it grows and improves. If not, I'm not forced to run it. Overall, this seems to be a steady incremental release that smoothes over a few rough patches and should hopefully do me well for another 6 months. Ubuntu is still the only distribution that I have not had very regular problems with on the desktop.

  • by Umangme ( 1337019 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:42AM (#27687299)

    Major changes:

    • Improved boot performance. It may just breach 20s on newer systems.
    • GNOME 2.26. (I don't think there are many changes to look out for)
    • OpenOffice 3.0. Hopfully this has a better interface than 2.4.
    • New notification system. Looks good in Shuttleworth's video. This is possibly the biggest improvement in the average user's eyes. I'm looking forward to seeing it in practice, but I have a feeling that they'll actually work well only in Karmic.
    • Ext4 Support. It will be the default in Karmic. Filesystem support should affect the average user, so nothing new for the average user here. Many people are still on ext2, and may still be when Karmic comes.

    The Jaunty overview [ubuntu.com] should be put on the main page of Ubuntu.com. It really is pointless making that page otherwise. Instead an Ubuntu tour [ubuntu.com] for 9.04 is the main link from the website. That tour really doesn't make Ubuntu sound like a very advanced OS.

    Though I haven't upgraded to Jaunty as yet, I don't believe it is something the average user should get excited about. Karmic may.

  • by mtm_king ( 99722 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:47AM (#27687377)
    Did you mean http://www.eeebuntu.org/ [eeebuntu.org] ??

    Anyone else try this with an Eee PC 901?

  • by revjtanton ( 1179893 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:01AM (#27687581) Homepage Journal

    Jaunty Jackelope is certainly worth a download. I've been using it on my eeePC 900 with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) for a month and while its got its shortcomings, overall its the best OS I'v used with my netbook.

    The greatest plus is Ext4. I know that isn't an Ubuntu exclusive upgrade or anything (Fedora 11 is going to offer the option of installing to a Ext4 partition) but combine that w/ my SSD and I boot in like 23 seconds flat...I don't even bother "putting the pc to sleep" since I boot so quick, I just shut down.

    The downfall that I found with this release, and Intrepid Ibex, is w/ the eeePC hardware and graphics tiling. Basically the kernal being used in the release candidate has some issues threading the graphics processing and you get signifigant and annoying lag in the UNR interface...but only there. If you open any app it runs as normal, but the UNR interface lags like a son of a bitch. A patched kernal update did fix this however that fix was reverted due to other issues and as of yet a new kernal patch addressing all issues has not been released. You and review the details of the bug here [launchpad.net]. The .41 kernal is what is shipping and the .40 kernel is what works w/ the eeePC. If you want to install your own kernel you can get the .40 here [launchpad.net].

    The use of Ext4 makes this a true upgrade and a reason to install a new build. Enjoy!

  • by GungaDan ( 195739 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:02AM (#27687603) Homepage

    Masturbatory monkey is just plain wrong. Please try again. I vote malicious millipede. Maybe menopausal mongoose.

  • Re:Jaunty (Score:4, Informative)

    by ameyer17 ( 935373 ) <slashdot@ameyer17.com> on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:05AM (#27687653) Homepage

    Except XFCE is GTK+ based, so you get those libraries loaded whether you run GTK apps or not.

  • Re:Jaunty (Score:4, Informative)

    by mhall119 ( 1035984 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:07AM (#27687677) Homepage Journal

    I already tried it and was already sorry. I run a million billion GTK+ apps so the major reason to run XFCE, not loading all those libraries, doesn't apply to me.

    XFCE is GTK, so I don't quite understand what you're saying. If your apps just depend on the GTK libs, and not Gnome libs, then XFCE is a good choice for you.

  • Re:Jaunty (Score:2, Informative)

    by Clarious ( 1177725 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:11AM (#27687751)

    Xfce is using GTK+ too, just not GNOME library and service (bonobo or something like that)

  • by bcrowell ( 177657 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:14AM (#27687809) Homepage

    I tested the waters a couple of weeks ago by downloading the prerelease version of Jaunty as an iso and burning it to a live cd. My machine wouldn't boot from the live cd (started to boot, didn't complete the process). I don't have any trouble booting from a live cd of other versions of Ubuntu, and this machine currently has intrepid, which works fine. It's an x64 box.

    Is anyone else having problems like this? I'm definitely chicken to upgrade if there's a risk of making my system unbootable. I'm all in favor of shorter boot times, but it does have to boot.

    The impression I generally get is that it's a good idea to wait at least a few weeks before upgrading to a newly released version of ubuntu.

  • Re:Obligitory (Score:4, Informative)

    by ultrabot ( 200914 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:16AM (#27687831)

    Yeah, with Qt 4.5 (which is snappier than Qt 4.4, the "official" Qt for Kde 4.2).

  • Re:Notifications (Score:5, Informative)

    by hattig ( 47930 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:17AM (#27687845) Journal

    I think they need to look at Growl on Mac OS X to see how to implement a notifications system. At least Growl has an adjustable look and feel and configuration settings.

  • Re:Notifications (Score:5, Informative)

    by Gibbs-Duhem ( 1058152 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:19AM (#27687891)

    FWIW, I figured out how to fix this for pidgin specifically. I kind of like it popping up a message when someone says something and the window doesn't have focus, but I don't need a notification every time someone comes online -- you can change this behavior in Pidgin's Tools->Plugins->Libnotify Popups->Configure Plugin.

    Once it stopped doing that, I found that I mind much less, and having coherency between the volume control, email notification, etc, etc is sort of nice. I expect that the customizability will improve in the future, because otherwise the feature seems very sane; it's silly for every application to have their own way of displaying messages.

  • by MacColossus ( 932054 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:32AM (#27688087) Journal
    Time for someone to remove their face from Ballmer's loins and download a Ubuntu ISO. You can boot to it and become informed without removing or altering your precious Windows environment.
  • Re:Notifications (Score:5, Informative)

    by tolan-b ( 230077 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @11:39AM (#27688213)

    > Does it preload the "Gnome" menu yet, or do you
    > still get that annoying pause when you first
    > click on it?

    Not sure it's preloading but I've not been noticing the delay this time round. Certainly seems much faster

    > Does the lovely dark Dusk theme work with Gnome 2.26?

    Do you mean Dust? If so it seems ok, though I've not run it for very long.

    > Will it kill off hardware VIA graphics (HP 2133
    > netbook) like the last kernel upgrade, or does
    > it now handle these properly as a third party
    > binary blob?

    Don't know sorry.

    > Will it give me free beer and hookers?


    There's not a huge amount of shiny new toys but this release seems *much* more stable. Can't think of any regressions I've noticed this time round, which was very much not the case with Intrepid which was bloody awful (and Hardy which wasn't much better).

    Looks like someone finally listened on the stability front. I was close to dumping Ubuntu personally.

  • by AdamWill ( 604569 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @12:28PM (#27689115) Homepage

    "Other thing I love is how the 3G support is amazing. No more messing around with ppp or weird vodafone apps, just plug the dongle in, pick your network and go. Really smooth."

    Brought to you mostly by the fine Dan Williams of Red Hat: http://blogs.gnome.org/dcbw/ [gnome.org] , http://cgit.freedesktop.org/NetworkManager/NetworkManager/log/ [freedesktop.org] .

    (disclaimer: I work at RH too).

  • Re:Notifications (Score:3, Informative)

    by xenocide2 ( 231786 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @12:46PM (#27689499) Homepage

    Except if you test it, it doesn't appear to work, which is probably why it was hidden.

  • by Chabo ( 880571 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @01:05PM (#27689859) Homepage Journal

    Impossible, if you run Wubi. [wubi-installer.org]

  • Re:Jaunty (Score:3, Informative)

    by drinkypoo ( 153816 ) <martin.espinoza@gmail.com> on Thursday April 23, 2009 @01:11PM (#27689955) Homepage Journal

    Sorry, I meant to say GNOME apps, which would have made the whole thing much clearer. If you want the big high-profile applications they depend on more than just GTK+. Since I already have to use those libraries they might as well load at login time. I have removed gnome-panel which is one of the big drags on startup anyway; I replaced it with avant-window-navigator. You have to go fuck with the gconf in like three places in order to do this... GNOME sometimes makes me think it's an attempt to turn Linux into Windows. Hint: Stop abusing your registry-like functionality!

  • by Misch ( 158807 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @01:21PM (#27690185) Homepage

    It's called "copy pasta [urbandictionary.com]"

  • by Doc Ruby ( 173196 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @01:33PM (#27690417) Homepage Journal

    I've been using Ubuntu on my Inspiron i8000 notebook since v6.04. But starting v8.10, the minimum RAM requirements nearly exceeded the 512 max RAM the notebook can hold. With a small app or two running it's right at 512MB used. Running Evolution or especially Firefox puts it far over, grinding the whole machine to a halt as it constantly swaps. To make matters worse, the nVidia GeForce2Go GPU doesn't seem supported by compvis, so the GPU doesn't offload the CPU for lots of graphics.

    I'm hoping the 9.04 release now might possibly have some upgrade that relieves the RAM pressure. But I expect it will just get worse. Is there any simple way to trim the minimum RAM requirements of Ubuntu down below say 300MB (without losing GNOME)? Maybe if there's a simple way to convert the machine into just an X server to a separate faster box across the LAN, without saturating the LAN. Or maybe I finally have to kiss goodbye my 7 year old notebook and its fabulous 1600x1200 LCD.

  • Re:Notifications (Score:3, Informative)

    by levell ( 538346 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @01:34PM (#27690449) Homepage

    > >Beware if you have an older ATI card you might run into problems.
    > "Older," in this case, defined as anything prior to the HD3x00 series. My experience with 9.04 and a 2600XT is less than ideal.

    One of Fedora's recent test days [fedoraproject.org] (in preparation for Fedora 11 [fedoraproject.org] which is due out soon) found a number of problems with ATI cards. Hopefully by the time F11 ships (in about a month) a number of the issues will be sorted.

    Fixes made for Fedora will eventually benefit Ubuntu users using the OSS ATI drivers too

  • by Locklin ( 1074657 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @02:22PM (#27691461) Homepage

    Mount the cdrom on a running system, cd to that directory and run:

    $ md5sum -c md5sum.txt

    It will check the md5sum of each file on the cdrom and report if anything is corrupted.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 23, 2009 @02:28PM (#27691573)

    Try turning off all the indexing and tracking stuff.

    My 512mb computer was constantly swapping and crawling till I did. The tracker-update thing was using 400mb of ram!

  • Re:Jaunty (Score:2, Informative)

    by Jake Griffin ( 1153451 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @02:35PM (#27691737)
    Except that there is no "Switch User" option to go to the main screen unless you first select a user to switch to. It's an extra step. Correct me if this was changed in Jaunty, but that's how it works in Intrepid.
  • by sygin ( 659338 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @03:47PM (#27693013)

    It works a treat.

    Totally transparent to the user, no typing in 128bit pass phrases. The user's password unwraps the 128-bit pass phrase at login.

    The user's password can change, this just re-wraps the 128-bit pass phrase using the new user password.

    It is a good idea to make a note of the 128-bit pass phrase by using the command:

    ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase ~/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase

    I think the option for encrypted home folders is only available using the alternate installer.

    There is also support for adding other users with their own encrypted folders.

  • by snkmoorthy ( 665423 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @04:41PM (#27693847) Journal
    ext4 had a bug where large files will corrupt the FS. An updated kernel image is available through update. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/348836 [launchpad.net]
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 23, 2009 @05:07PM (#27694235)

    The official site has no torrent for the Netbook Remix - here is an unoffical torrent:


  • Re:Jaunty (Score:3, Informative)

    by The Warlock ( 701535 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @05:17PM (#27694359)

    There's a panel applet that adds a menu to select what user should be logged in. If you've been updating an existing install since before this applet existed, then it might not be there, but by default on new installs it's in the upper left corner. You just click it, pick a different user, and then they type in their password.

    (of course, I don't bother with separate user accounts on my systems, but the feature is there).

  • by shutdown -p now ( 807394 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @05:43PM (#27694697) Journal

    It is very unfortunate that the Eclipse package has been stuck at 3.2 [launchpad.net] in Ubuntu repos for several major releases already (the most recent version of Eclipse is currently 3.4.2). Given that Eclipse is one of the best FOSS IDEs out there (with only NetBeans being comparable - better in some things, worse in others), it is surprising that the effectively "#1 desktop Linux" can afford to alienate developers like that.

  • Re:Jaunty (Score:2, Informative)

    by williamgrant ( 1077817 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @05:48PM (#27694765) Homepage
    The "Switch User" option isn't necessary, as the menu acts as a user switcher itself - it lists the local users, and you can click on one of them to start or change to that user's session.
  • Re:Nuked my install (Score:3, Informative)

    by batkiwi ( 137781 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @08:08PM (#27696383)

    Are you saying you just changed "intrepid" to "Jaunty" in your sources.list and did a dist-upgrade?

    If so:
    You are an idiot.

    Ubuntu understands that there are fundamental system changes that can cause an unbootable computer when you swap out core system libraries, and thus give you their upgrade manager. It handholds the system while it's in an unstable state.

  • by Fatalis ( 892735 ) on Thursday April 23, 2009 @10:49PM (#27697439) Homepage Journal

    I'm not sure how they managed to achieve that, but package management doesn't work with VMware Workstation 6.5. I tried both Ubuntu and Kubuntu 9.04, and I could neither list nor do anything else with packages. It's so strange that I suspect VMware might have actively broken something in the installation. I can't imagine why else would something like packages not work in any virtual machine.

  • by node 3 ( 115640 ) on Friday April 24, 2009 @03:41AM (#27698969)

    Because "insightful" doesn't mean "literally true".

    Actually, insight - the result of apprehending the inner nature of things.

    Note how it doesn't say anything about being literally true.

    To clarify my point, calling a poster Ballmer doesn't necessarily have to be literally true to be insightful, it just needs for the idea of calling the poster Ballmer to provide some sort of insight. I'm not saying it did, but found your objection due to "lack of evidence" to completely miss the point of what insight is. A lot of nonsensical things are insightful. And a lot of very true things lack insight.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 24, 2009 @03:46AM (#27698993)

    This thread might be of some interest to you - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-April/007868.html

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