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Red Hat CEO Talked Patents with MS 126

c3ph45 writes "Before the Novel-Microsoft deal, Red Hat was in talks with Microsoft over patents. Thankfully, the deal fell apart before Novel made their infamous partnership with Microsoft. As has been reported before, Red Hat doesn't plan to enter into any patent agreements with Microsoft, but it leaves open the question: What if both Red Hat and Novell had entered into such deals? One large vendor doing so has caused enough disruption. How would the community have coped with two of the largest vendors doing so?"
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Red Hat CEO Talked Patents with MS

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  • by eclectro ( 227083 ) on Friday June 29, 2007 @07:51AM (#19687429)

    Slashdot has now become the place to post hypothetical questions just for discussion on the main page?
    It's Microsoft's fault, not slashdot's. They're the ones with the hypothetical patents.
  • by iAlta ( 1098077 ) on Friday June 29, 2007 @07:52AM (#19687441)
    Yes it is. Software patents are EVIL! I almost had a heart-attack just reading the headline!
  • by CheeseburgerBrown ( 553703 ) on Friday June 29, 2007 @08:15AM (#19687553) Homepage Journal
    "How would the community have coped with two of the largest vendors doing so?"

    This isn't a particularly well-angled question, in my opinion. The answers are too obvious. The community would cope by...

    * Printing up obscure if arguably quasi-witty T-shirts with phrases on them like "PATENTS == MURDER" or "LESSIG SIGNED MY TITS" or "THE BORG HAVE THE RED BOX!"

    * Posting foaming diatribes to hot-spots of cultural influence like the ass-end of a deeply nested thread on Slashdot or, worse, on a crappy, template-raped personal weblog and then spammed via Digg.

    * Ruining a potentially good date by trying to lecture the poor girl about the GPL.

    * Catharsis through extra masturbation.

    * News: Red Hat and Microsoft strike a deal. Not-news: Some geek writes a snarky headline about it on Fark. Take THAT, Redmond!

    * Lego re-enactments of famous scenes from movies re-written to reflect the patent deal situation, uploaded to YouTube. "Luke, I am your patent holder." "Noo-o-o-o-o-ooo-oo!"

    * LOL i haz ur intellec2al properdy portpholeo!!11!!11

    Oh yeah, baby -- it'd be like the Million Man March all over again.

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