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Munich Decides On Debian 59

RichiH writes "Notwithstanding the recent craze about Ubuntu and the negative effects this might have, the german city of Munich chose Debian as the base for its LiMux project. Gonicus and SoftCon are the companies who were chosen to achieve this feat. With 14,000 desktops, this is one of the largest Linux transistions ever, even prompting Microsoft's Steve Balmer to offer a rebate of 90%. Other /. coverage here here and here."
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Munich Decides On Debian

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  • by bcmm ( 768152 ) on Thursday April 14, 2005 @12:50PM (#12235124)
    Google normally produces similar results but with better handling of strange characters.
    from the Google Translation of TFA []:

    Munich sets on Debian

    The companies Softcon and Gonicus received the addition from the Bavarian state capital Munich, the IT Migrationsprojekt LiMux with the production to support configuration and care of a basis Clients which is based on open SOURCE often commodity for the 14,000 jobs of the city administration. That means, which will be based future basis Client of the city administration on the Linux distribution Debian. The city Munich had European-wide written this order out.

    LiMux project manager Peter Hofmann is pleased about a high participation in the advertisement and the quality of the offered achievements. That shows that a migration on Linux on the job is not "Exotenloesung at the market". The offerer with the best relationship received the addition from technical authority and price. Now a prototype is to be provided briskly, in order to be able to begin the actual migration at year end.

    The town councillor Muenchens decided in May 2003 to begin on the personal computers of the city open SOURCE often commodity since the support for the operating system used at present was stopped by Microsoft. Up to the summer 2004 a fine concept was provided to the technical conversion and the organizational conditions, which the town councillor absegnete on 16 June 2004 . In September previous yearly confirmed a legal opinion Munich Linux course ( anw /c't)

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