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Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005 Released 29

joestar writes "Mandriva ('Man-dree-vah'! - formerly Mandrake) Linux Limited Edition 2005 has just been released with Linux, KDE 3.3 (which includes backports from KDE 3.4 including kpdf), GNOME 2.8.3, Firefox 1.0.2, 1.1.4 and many other features such as dkms integration, and support for the XBOX! This is a transitional release for "power-users" before the next Official version which is expected to appear on next fall. Download (HTTP+BT) is available for Club members and contributors. The new version will also be released publicly at a later date."
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Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005 Released

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  • many other features such as dkms integration, and support for the XBOX! Wonder when itl be out for PDP-11...
    • s/itl/it'll
      • FP! Well done!

        7th post 45 mins later. Not worth bragging about this time...

        I tried Mandrake, nearly put me off Linux. It took longer to boot up than XP, was as slow once booted, and was harder to configure than Gentoo. And the nvidia drivers sucked at that point on Mandrake, making text mode unusable once X had been started, though I take it that's been fixed.
        • Re:Platforms (Score:3, Interesting)

          by Jicksta ( 760596 )
          If you find the XFree/Xorg nVidia Linux drivers hard to set up or maintain, maybe you should reevaluate your opinion of Mandrake.

          Perhaps you missed the clickety-click sound your mouse makes as you click the "Next" button in NVidia's InstallShield Windows installer. Or was it the pretty progress bar? The Linux NVidia drivers couldn't be easier to install.

          If Mandrake took longer to boot up than XP, why didn't you do anything about it? You had the ability to edit the runlevels or uninstall packages. It's not
  • "A special feature that will certainly appeal to gamers and enthusiasts is that the new release from Mandriva has support for the Xbox console, empowering users to bridge the divide between gaming and other computer activities."

    Could they possibly be talking about kaid [] ? Anyone? Anyone??
  • XBox support? (Score:2, Interesting)

    Why can't you editors read the submission? You just got trolled about the XBox support-it's never mentioned.
    • Edit:'s never mentioned here [], the official feature list.
    • Re:XBox support? (Score:2, Interesting)

      by skull ( 42249 )
      If you read the press release from Mandriva themselves, it "Additionally, the support
      of the XBox console will certainly appeal to gamers and enthusiasts! ". So if its false, thats the fault of Mandriva.
      • Ok there's one reference, and after years of using Mandrake, and a lot of googling it's the only connection to the XBox other than one reference to a kernel which I've lost again now, but appears to be a simple option to compile in standard Linux support for the XBox boot process.
        So there's nothings confirming your cds will work as live/install cds straight away-not that they wont, or that this wouldnt be another great example of FOSS, but it just seems to have come from nowhere, when there's
  • Merlin: What is that root?
    Morgana: Mandrake, the essence of it can prolong the act of love.
    Merlin: And if to much is taken?
    Morgana: Pain and death...

    And yes, I plan to take it [the new Mandrake]for a test spin on my laptop.

  • limited (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 13, 2005 @09:14PM (#12229634)
    Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005 has just been released.

    Limited, no doubt, by that terrible name.

  • The release by BitTorrent is a royal pain in the 455. Nevertheless, so far I only got one CD:

    the "extra drivers CD", with drivers for Promise boards, ATI, nVidia... as well as plugins: J2RE, Flash-7.0, Real Player, Opera, Cross Over Office (my guess is both Opera and Cross Over Office are demos).

    There are also a couple of interesting CDs: mini-CD and mini-CD-Club. One is ~ 450MB, the other, ~700MB. No clue what's in them. They sound kwel, though.

    And all this is extra, separated from the main release of M
  • Is it just me, or are there a lot of companies out there trying to sell a "product" which actually consists of a lot of other people's hard work... which also, might I add, isn't innovative technology, that is... it's not even the most up to date... Go with Ubuntu. Gnome 2.10.1, KDE 3.4, and more. XBox support? give me and e-mail and I'll teach you how to get that working :P
    • Mandrake does put some of their own work into their distro. The *drake tools (printerdrake and so forth) really do speed up initial configuration -- especially for relative *nix newbies, but even for experienced users they are convenient.

      Not that Ubuntu is bad, but that's another thread.
      • but the truth is, KDE and gnome already have that kind of stuff built in... that is more then good enough - even for a ms user. :/
        • > KDE and gnome already have that kind of stuff built in

          Not last I checked. They have some configuration stuff, but the Gnome/KDE config stuff does not, for the most part, duplicate the *drake tools, unless I'm missing something. The X server may come with XF86Config or somesuch, but XFdrake is better. CUPS comes with what passes for a config tool, but, unless it has improved quite a lot recently, printerdrake makes it look outright bad. rpmdrake also compares very favorably to any other GUI RPM pac
    • i would love to know how to install it on the xbox mate.Ihave all the discs here but don't know what to do with them as there are no xbe files.Any help would be great.Thanks

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