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Hoary Hedgehog Ubuntu 5.04 Released 474

Simon (S2) writes "Ubuntu Linux 5.04, code name 'Hoary Hedgehog', is now available. It offers the following new features: Simple and fast Installation, live CD's for Intel x86, AMD64 and PPC, GNOME 2.10.1, Firefox 1.0.2, first class productivity software, and 6.8.2. Read the announcement and the complete release notes. Quick download links for the i386 architecture: ubuntu-5.04-install-i386.iso.torrent (587MB) and ubuntu-5.04-live-i386.iso.torrent (625MB). Install CD and live CD images for AMD64 and PowerPC computers are also available." Kubuntu is out in a new release as well. Screenshots available of the Kubuntu release. Update: 04/08 14:21 GMT by Z : Made the direct ISO links torrents.
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Hoary Hedgehog Ubuntu 5.04 Released

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  • Torrents man (Score:5, Informative)

    by ShepyNCL ( 740977 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:32AM (#12175263) Homepage
    Put a link to the torrents as well.

    Its only through lawful and fair use of the technology that its not going to be attacked as a p2p mechanism. It was created for distribution of Linux isos, sue it for that.

    And it saves the Ubuntu team some bandwidth

    Installs: -5.04-install-amd64.iso.torrent [] -5.04-install-i386.iso.torrent [] -5.04-install-powerpc.iso.torrent []

    Live CD: -5.04-live-amd64.iso.torrent [] -5.04-live-i386.iso.torrent [] -5.04-live-powerpc.iso.torrent []

    • Re:Torrents man (Score:4, Insightful)

      by Slack3r78 ( 596506 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:36AM (#12175304) Homepage
      You beat me to it. Direct linking to *two* 600+ MB isos on the front page of Slashdot? That's asking for disaster.

      That said, I've got the torrent for both i386 and PPC going, can't wait to finally get this installed. I've run the dev builds of this on and off at different points, and it had definitely been shaping up to be a great, useful distribution.
      • Re:Torrents man (Score:3, Informative)

        Direct linking to *two* 600+ MB isos on the front page of Slashdot? That's asking for disaster.

        Actually, it's a good stress test for our ftp server (also and; we now know that it tops out at a sustained rate of 70MB/s given hundreds of users requesting several gigabyte of data (totally thrashing disk cache).
    • It was created for distribution of Linux isos, sue it for that.

      Only SCO would sue it for that :-)

    • Life could have been easier if they had supplied some Dijjer [] P2P links as well!

      Especially for those of us at work stuck with no control of the NAT firewall.
  • Ubuntu rocks (Score:5, Informative)

    by koody ( 575863 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:32AM (#12175264)

    Download the torrent []

    New stuff include

    • Gnome 2.10.1, which makes the desktop a lot faster than before
    • Simplified update- and package management
    • Much faster boot process
    • Better laptop support (ie suspending, hibernating, processor frequency scaling)
    • Kickstart support for automated largescale installations
    • Live CD and Install CD both use the new debian installer infrastructure
    • UTF-8 by default
    • A program for collecting information about what hardware works and what doesn't
    • Kubuntu [] - complete KDE 3.4 based version of Ubuntu

    Stuff people are going to bitch about

    • No graphical installer. The current installer is extremely simple and has been streamlined even further in this release. A graphical installer is planned for the next version (Breezy Badger).
    • No menu editor installed. One can always edit the files by hand, or install kmenu or something similar for gnome. The official gnome menu editor just didn't finish in time.
    • No DivX or MP3 support. These are simple to add though and anyone coming from debian will probably already know of the Marillat repositories. Just look at the instructions in the wiki [] or use Hoary After-Install helper [] or another script [] to do the dirty work for you.

    OSDir has published a lot of screenshots of Ubuntu [].

    Oh and if you are interested to know if your laptop or other piece of hardware is supported, some info can be found in the wiki on the Hardware support []-page

    Primary mirrors

    Other mirrors

    Australia [] Canada [] Croatia [] Czech Republic [] France [] Germany [] Germany [] Ireland [] Italy [] Lithuania [] Namibia [] Netherlands [] Norway [] Portugal [] Portugal [] South Africa [] Spain [] Switzerland [] United Kingdom [] United Kingdom [] United Kingdom [] United States [] United States [] United States []

  • Whacked names (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:34AM (#12175274)
    "Hoary Hedgehog Ubuntu"

    And people wonder why the corporate world is leery of linux.

    • Re:Whacked names (Score:5, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:41AM (#12175361)
      Hoary Hedgehogs are common in South Africa and businesspeople relate very well to them. As well as the elephants and lions on the street corners and the aardvarks and jakkalse. Of course, if it was called Sprinkbok, life would be much better....
      • "As well as the elephants and lions on the street corners and the aardvarks and jakkalse"

        How is that last one pronounced?

      • by radoni ( 267396 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @10:44AM (#12175950)
        "Apple Macintosh"

        "Microsoft Windows"

        now, please tell me if you think those names somehow indicate that the respective products are desktop computer operating systems.

        "Ubuntu hoary hedgehog" makes just as much sense as "Apple OSX Tiger" or even "Microsoft Windows Longhorn".

        Acutally, I take the names to mean:

        Tiger - endangered species in (some) parts of the world
        Longhorn - the bull(y) of the market
        Hedgehog - secure from predators and perhaps fond of cheese chili dogs and/or blue in colour
    • Re:Whacked names (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Reignking ( 832642 )
      I've got to agree. I've got no idea what it is, and with a name like that, I'm not inclined to investigate.

      OTOH, we were all making fun of Mandriva yesterday. It isn't easy to create a good, strong, sensible product or brand name.
      • Re:Whacked names (Score:5, Insightful)

        by snorklewacker ( 836663 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @10:38AM (#12175899)
        > I've got to agree. I've got no idea what it is, and with a name like that, I'm not inclined to investigate.

        Hey, I just grabbed a kernel off and copied some packages off a redhat box. Got a few from the suse box as well, and I think the same libc works with both, might get a segfault or two. I'm still working on some manpages. I'm calling it "Global Enterprise Management Linux", GEM for short. Pretty slick, eh? That just exudes stable and corporate, no?

        The name is whimsy. The distribution is solid. If you can't look past whimsy, you have no understanding of Linux, and should not be planning a Linux strategy.

    • Re:Whacked names (Score:5, Insightful)

      by makohill ( 683440 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @10:19AM (#12175700)
      If you'd prefer, there's a version number as well. It's 5.04. They are important so other people can take us seriously.

      Fun codes names are so that we don't take ourselves too seriously. Much more dangerous IMHO. ;)

  • Torrents (Score:3, Informative)

    by Simon (S2) ( 600188 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:34AM (#12175279) Homepage
    Here are the Torrents on the US mirror:

    Install CD:
    i386 torrent []
    amd64 torrent []
    powerpc torrent []

    Live CD:
    i386 torrent []
    amd64 torrent []
    powerpc torrent []
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:34AM (#12175280)
    to base all your company's infrastructure on. Doesn't that just give you the warm fuzzies?
  • by mathmatt ( 851301 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:34AM (#12175285) Homepage
    Here [] you can sign up for free CD's.
    • I ordered ten knoppix CD sets the first time around. Tried it on three machines that knoppix works fine on, and it failed on all three of them. In fact the openstep livecd boots on more machines I've tried it on than knoppix has. I had to throw out the CD sets because as the local computer nerd, if I give them to people, they will come and ask me why their computer isn't working, and I don't want to get stuck supporting some Linux I can't even run! It didn't even run in a vmware virtual machine, how hard is
    • by bcrowell ( 177657 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @01:21PM (#12177825) Homepage
      And here [] you can donate to help offset the cost of shipping you the free CD's.
  • Remember guys... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by _Hellfire_ ( 170113 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:35AM (#12175299)
    Leave your torrent clients open after you're finished.

    Let's not reduce Canonical's servers to smoldering piles of silicon over the next few days :)
  • With a few friends, I restarted Nattor, the little CD vendor. We're not ready ready yet, but I had to translate de Ubuntu announcement in french [], so there you go :)
  • Please install! (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Alibloke ( 838866 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:36AM (#12175303)
    Ubuntu Linux is the best distribution I have ever installed. The guy behind this (I forget his name) has invested a small fortune, and I am sure it will become one of the top distributions very soon.

    I emplore all Slashdotters to at least have a brief look at Hoary. It really is the "Mutts nuts"!
    • Distrowatch (Score:5, Informative)

      by grokster ( 557481 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:44AM (#12175393)
      I am sure it will become one of the top distributions very soon.

      Seen the Distrowatch [] ranking?

      • Re:Distrowatch (Score:5, Interesting)

        by Slack3r78 ( 596506 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:49AM (#12175440) Homepage
        Not only that, but try changing the dataset to the past 3 months or past month, and you'll see that Ubuntu has been averaging nearly 30% more hits per day than the next closest distribution.

        It'd make sense that the 6 month number would be a bit off as Ubuntu is on a twice-a-year release schedule, with the first release having been 6 months ago now. (The version numbering scheme is Ubuntu Year.Month, hence Ubuntu 5.04).

        So while Distrowatch may not be the best indicator of a distribution's popularity, it certainly seems to indicate that Canonical and crew are onto to something here.
  • Kubuntu 5.04 [] | Ubuntu 5.04 []
  • DVD Torrent Links (Score:5, Informative)

    by calc ( 1463 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:40AM (#12175343)
    There are also DVD torrent links that include all of Ubuntu main.

    amd64 - -amd64.iso.torrent []
    i386 - -i386.iso.torrent []
  • KDE and Gnome (Score:5, Interesting)

    by gr8_phk ( 621180 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:40AM (#12175345)
    I like that the distribution originally picked one desktop (gnome) rather than burden the install media with duplicate packages for both. It's nice that they also now support the other (KDE) with a different CD. Me? I'm a gnome fan and don't want all that extra stuff to download, but it's nice that they support the KDE folks the same way now.
    • The problem with this is that it prevents BitTorrent from sharing server load between hosting Ubuntu ISOs and Kubuntu ISOs. However, since the differences are all due to a few key packages, the core of (K)Ubuntu can be shared, which is a good thing.
      • Re:KDE and Gnome (Score:5, Informative)

        by digidave ( 259925 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @10:02AM (#12175550)
        Or just download Ubuntu and 'apt-get install kubuntu-desktop' and you now have a system running KDE identical to the Kubuntu CD. Or install the Kubuntu CD and 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop' and you get the same results.

        the ubuntu and kubuntu packages are meta-packages that install whichever desktop you want.
  • Gnome 2.10? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Futaba-chan ( 541818 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:40AM (#12175357)
    It's interesting that Ubuntu, a binary distro based on slow old Debian, has Gnome stable on 2.10.1, while we bleeding-edge Gentoo users are still on 2.8....
    • Re:Gnome 2.10? (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      No, stable Gentoo users are on 2.8. "Bleeding edge" Gentoo users can install the packages that are still considered "unstable" before they're moved in, if they want, but they risk encountering problems that have yet to be found in the testing process.

      Poor attempt at a troll, try a little harder next time.
    • Re:Gnome 2.10? (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Illissius ( 694708 )
      If you don't have it then you are not, in fact, bleeding edge. It's in portage, just not yet marked as stable. (Last I checked it was hardmasked, don't know whether it's moved to plain ~unstable yet -- don't use it myself.)
    • Re:Gnome 2.10? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by Drooling Iguana ( 61479 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:59AM (#12175531)
      It's harder to make sure that a package is stable when everyone's compiling it from source with different compiler settings.
    • Re:Gnome 2.10? (Score:2, Informative)

      by zborgerd ( 871324 )
      As far as I can tell, GNOME 2.10.1 isn't supposed to be released until next week... And that's just a proposed date: [] It is true though that there are several "2.10.1" tarballs out there, as bugfix releases for next week.
  • Real question (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Frogbert ( 589961 ) <{frogbert} {at} {}> on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:41AM (#12175359)
    How do I upgrade my current warty install?
    • Re:Real question (Score:2, Informative)

      by Bleeblah ( 602029 )
      1. Edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file and replace all instances of "warty" with "hoary". 2. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    • Re:Real question (Score:2, Informative)

      by pr0fess ( 778841 )
      add the hoary repositories to /etc/sources rtytohoary []
    • my two cents (Score:2, Informative)

      by outcast36 ( 696132 )
      The other posters are correct in changing the apt sources. There are a few post-install steps []

      My upgrade didn't include ubuntu-desktop, so I had to add it via apt manually (synaptic was acting weird). When I was done with that, I rebooted & nautilus wouldn't show me my homedir, and I lost all my icons (1 document) on the desktop. One more reboot and everything looks good.

      If anyone wants to tell me that best python IDE in GNOME I'd be grateful.
    • Re:Real question (Score:5, Informative)

      by _Hellfire_ ( 170113 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @10:05AM (#12175576)
      It's fairly straightforward:

      1) Grab a root console (Applications->System Tools->Root Console) and type the password for the first unprivilidged account on your system.

      2) vi /etc/apt/sources.list

      3) Replace the lines that are marked thusly:

      deb http://ubuntu.../ [ubuntu...] warty main

      and type this instead:

      deb [] hoary main restricted
      deb-src [] hoary main restricted

      deb [] hoary-updates main restricted
      deb-src [] hoary-updates main restricted

      (ignore Slashdot's anti-goatse domain display feature)

      Note: this may be as simple as replacing every instance of warty with hoary - but I'm not sure.

      3) Save the file (ie esc :wq [enter])

      4) type apt-get update

      5) type apt-get dist-upgrade

      6) Wait for everything to download, cross your fingers nothing breaks and enjoy.

      disclaimer: it's late at night. I may have missed something...
      • Re:Real question (Score:3, Informative)

        by rhennigan ( 833589 )
        Or if a CLI scares you a bit, it can be done with the synaptic package manager (you can find it in the menu). Look for repositories in the settings menu and change all instances of "warty" with "hoary". Reload the list, hit the mark all upgrades button, then apply and watch the latest Ubuntu roll in. It worked great for me with no problems. Imagine that! Doing something big with Linux and not even having to open xterm, though it's awesome to know that it's there if you want it. Ubuntu rocks!
  • Thanks alot whoever posted this article. Now the ubuntu website is being slashdotted. I'm now declaring you responsible for my apt-get update moving slow as molasses. Thanks alot buddy. I really appreciate it... NOT!
  • WTF? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by FreeLinux ( 555387 )
    OK, I'm not trying to troll here but, can someone please explain to me what the sudden infatuation with Ubuntu is? I tried Ubuntu. It was OK. Nothing stupendous but OK. It wasn't so good as to make me want to switch from any other distro.

    Why the hell is everyone so totally infatuated with Ubuntu. It seems to have eclipsed Gentoo, so far as fan boys and that just seems ridiculous.
    • Re:WTF? (Score:5, Informative)

      by speel3k ( 793160 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:50AM (#12175449) Homepage
      beacause it just works simple as that .. you plug in a thumb drive it mounts you put in a music cd it works yea i know this is probably easy to set up your self and also no more dependency hell lol and as i said again it just works
    • the big deal is (Score:5, Insightful)

      by jbellis ( 142590 ) <jonathan@carnage ... m ['nde' in gap]> on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:50AM (#12175452) Homepage
      it's an open (as opposed to several commercial debian derivatives) debian-based distro that isn't 3 years out of date.

      lots of people love debian but wish stable weren't so old and testing were more... stable. :)
      • it's an open (as opposed to several commercial debian derivatives) debian-based distro that isn't 3 years out of date.

        You mean like MEPIS, also very high on Distrowatch and overtaking e.g. SUSE, and now at 4th place?
        I also have to say it's a bit strange...
    • Fedora and (K)Ubuntu are two free community based desktop oriented distros that actually do a good job of being desktop operating systems. Everybody is all excited about (K)Ubuntu because it is based on Debian, yet includes very recent packages, which means that you get all of the Debian goodness along with cutting edge packages, an easy install, and a userfriendly desktop.

      I have been on Fedora for a few years now, but I am planning on switching to Kubuntu... mainly because Gnome has been driving me crazy
    • Re:WTF? (Score:5, Funny)

      by dont_think_twice ( 731805 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:53AM (#12175477) Homepage
      Actually, Ubuntu was actually a scheme by the Gentoo user community to get rid of the fanboys. We figured that if we could create a distro that had an even more obscure name than Gentoo, all of the fanboys would flock to it so that they could stay l33t. It seems to have worked perfectly.
    • Because it's taken the best base distribution (Debian unstable), stabalized the packages and made a stable release from it while putting its own polish on everything. Debian has the biggest package repository, which is my personal selling point. It's also completely free, in every sense of the word.

      People wanted something simple yet functional where they don't have to go RPM hunting all the time. Ubuntu delivered.
    • Re:WTF? (Score:5, Informative)

      by finkployd ( 12902 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:58AM (#12175522) Homepage
      I figured it was all total hype until I started installing it to see what it was like. When I found that it kicked the collective asses of every other distribution I have ever tried (Redhat, Slackware, Debian, Mandrake, SuSE, Turbo, Storm, Gentoo, and others) in terms of hardware detection and configuration, I figured out what the fuss was about. Otherwise it is ok, nothing particularly special, but damn can it detect and correctly configure some obscure hardware.

      For that reason alone, I recommend it to newbies.

      • Re:WTF? (Score:3, Informative)

        by natrius ( 642724 ) *
        I think another thing that helped Ubuntu out in terms of popularity is that it came out right when Linux on the desktop was getting it's shit together. Ubuntu was the first distro I used back in September that had HAL and the Project Utopia stack, so when I plugged in a digital camera and it asked me if I wanted to import the pictures, it was pretty amazing.

        Another good thing is Ubuntu's code of conduct, which basically ensures a friendly community. The Debian community was notoriously hostile, while peop
    • Re:WTF? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by MrP-(at work) ( 839979 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @10:12AM (#12175633)
      i'm a windows user (dont hurt me), and ive tried tons of linux distros over the past 10 years. ubuntu is the ONLY one that "just works".. everything of mine worked, it felt fast and clean. No spending hours trying to get it to work with my display, or trying to navigate the thousands of directories with multiple versions of applications that all do the same thing. Every distro ive tried just seemed so bloated and confusing, there was so much stuff i could never find what I wanted. But Ubuntu loaded right up, everything worked, it was super fast (i always wondered how people could use linux, it always seemed slower than a bloated windows install..but not ubuntu), i also like how theres only 1 gui to choose from. It's just fast/clean, and i may eventually switch to it
    • Re:WTF? (Score:3, Informative)

      by jonadab ( 583620 )
      > can someone please explain to me what the sudden infatuation with Ubuntu is?

      Yeah. It's like this, see: There are five major classes of distributions using the Linux kernel: Debian-based, rpm-based, tarball-based, source-based, and specialty distributions. Specialty distros, such as Coyote, are just aimed at a particular use, so they don't show up much on the desktop. The tarball-based distros and to some extent the rpm-based distros are what most people use, it seems, but they have some problems,
  • How's the performance of compared to XFree86?

    I don't care much about eyecandy or 3D, but if is faster on 2D, I might consider switching. (I use XFre86 with 1920x1200/24b res and on my P4 3.2Ghz with a 128MB card NVidia card, the windows still flicker when moved.)

    • by Jagasian ( 129329 )
      I have been using on Fedora for what seems like half a year now. I haven't noticed any difference in performance. The only thing that i have noticed is that it is less buggy, has a few more features, and the names of various configuration files and directories are different, though the formats of these files and directories are the same.

      Considering that it started out as a simple fork of XFree86, you shouldn't expect a big difference between the two.
  • A desktop candidate? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by bogaboga ( 793279 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:44AM (#12175390)
    I wonder whether we could finally finally have a Linux desktop candidate in Ubuntu/Kubuntu. The reviews so far and the fact that folks at Distrowatch ahref= []http://www.distro> have Ubuntu at #1 says a lot about that potential fact. I also understand that it is quite fast.

    I will be doing my eveluation too, but I will go with a somewhat biased mind I have to admit. If the Kubuntu folks have not trimmed down: for KDE - sane defaults and for GNOME - making it easier to do common desktop stuff, this will be just another distro.

    I wonder whether they will be considering autopackage ahref= []http://www.autopa>. Anyone know about this?

    • by pizpot ( 622748 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @10:23AM (#12175745)
      I installed Ubuntu (Hoary) on my main computer this weekend. It is my first attempt at linux in over a year. BTW, I was a HPUX sys admin for an engineering office for 5 years and so have lots of unix know how...

      My PC was dual booting win98 2nd edition, and winxp sp2. I have two hardrives: a 30 GB with C: (fat32) and D: (fat32), and a 120 GB with G: (fat32), H: (fat32), and I: (60GB). Win98 was installed to C:, and winxp to D:, but I had xp's apps installed also to C: and I:.

      I had installed xp, from within 98, and said not to upgrade, and allow me to specifiy where, so I had a boot menu saying 1) win98 or 2) winxp.

      First, I went into xp control panel, admin utilities, computer stuff, hardrives and deleted the H: partition so that it became Free Space. (very important step, if you want xp to be happy, as opposed to just letting linux delete the partition)

      Then I put the Ubuntu cd in, and rebooted to my bios and told it to boot from my cd drive. It did, and I went through the install routine. It saw my disks, and the free space, and I created my required linux partitions. (1GB logical swap space at end of the free space, and a primary linux ext2 filesystem with the rest of the free space). It then finished in about 15 mins and rebooted into Ubuntu.

      Everything worked perfect. I was on the net, my Pentax camera icon appeared when I hot-plugged it into USB. I had a Hercules GF3 nvidia vid card, so of course it did not do 3D yet, but it was running 2D nicely. I had to run two commands and it configured itself to do 3D. I tested it with id Software's free huge game Wolfenstien Enemy Territory 2.60, and it was better than in Winxp. The frame rate seems higher, and my ping is way better. Next I tried the Gaim messenger program, that Ubuntu installed. I typed in my ICQ number and password, and *ding* there were my buddies both on and offline. Next I tried Evolution, nice but to slow to load, so:>"ubunto thunderbird" and then downloaded a .deb file and installed it from the command line, and its really nice.

      For me, I am done. I was lucky to be in a state where my main game was available on linux, so I went for it, and boy am I happy. Sure my 5 year old will still boot to winxp for his 50 games, and my wife for her game, but if I happen to get wine running, then that will stop.

      Overall, here are my ending thoughts:

      - I love it - I used Symantic Package manager to auto upgrade everything and then wolf stopped working. - I gotta learn how to back it all up so I can experiment - I'm converted. - It rox - Gnome is nice. I'll try KDE too, but I did a year ago, and not see any reason to worry, its not like the debian packages aren't smart enough to install dependant stuff if required. ie) I installed a cd burn program, and it needed KDE resourses, and they were installed automatically. - I tried debian last week, and could not get it to gui no matter what install options I picked, but am glad that forced me into Ubuntu. - Mepis and Kubuntu sound cool too... - I think people who complain about GIMP are too used to Windows. It behaves like old Unix Motif/CDE programs.

      GRIN! This is so ready for the desktop. I'm doing grampa, and gushing about it to my engineering, and gaming friends and they are all like: "oh good, show me how, I can't stand trying to run pirated windows these days"


  • Hey, here are 2 Kubuntu torrents too... Kubuntu-i386 Install: .04-install-i386.iso.torrent [] Kubuntu-Amd64 Install: .04-install-amd64.iso.torrent []
  • I'm getting to old for all this. I can even grok the names anymore. What happened to the days of "Visi-Calc" (a visual calculator) or "Draw" or "Write" or... I'm sorry. I'm approaching 40. :(
    • by iGN97 ( 83927 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @10:01AM (#12175547) Homepage
      It's amazing that your post even ended up on and not
    • I'm getting to old for all this. I can even grok the names anymore. What happened to the days of "Visi-Calc" (a visual calculator) or "Draw" or "Write" or...

      They got trademarked, that's what happened. Obvious names that "give an idea of functionality" are remarkably hard to come by. Let's try renaming GIMP to something more obvious shall we ... just make sure to google the names first to make sure they're not already trademarked:

      Image - taken
      Paint - taken
      PhotoShop - taken (obviously)
      ImageShop - taken
  • by mehaiku ( 754091 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:48AM (#12175426) Homepage

    To create the best Linux brew
    We must join the very top two
    To prevent any illusion
    Of brand name confusion
    Call it MandrivaGNU/KUbuntu

  • by jhdevos ( 56359 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:48AM (#12175427) Homepage []

    If this goes as easily as most of my past debian upgrades, I will be running Hoary in about 30 minutes :-)

    • Here's to hoping.

      Last autumn, I wanted to give Ubuntu a try. So I bought myself an external USB hard drive on which to install it. (No sense in messing up a known working current install on my internal hard drive.)

      The install wasn't difficult... until the time came to write the grub record. It asked me if I wanted to write a grub record, and I said yes. Being one of those "easy installer", it didn't bother asking me any more questions after that. It simply over-wrote my existing grub record on my int
  • Is there a point in compiling desktop-aimed distros to 386? I mean, it's not like you can actually run KDE + OO on a 386? Wouldn't 586 or even 686 be a little more realistic?
  • Gratis Shipped CDs (Score:5, Informative)

    by makohill ( 683440 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @09:54AM (#12175483)
    Like last time, we're also sending out free pressed CDs in the mail (gratis CDs, gratis shipping). If you want them, you can sign up for them at []
  • Don't you just *love* Ubuntu's codenames?

    Last release: Warty Warthog
    This release: Hoary Hedgehog
    Next release: Breezy Badger

    hahaha, they're just so... different!
  • Looks like an interesting workstation distro, but how does it handle as a server?
    • Great and loads of people are using it that way.

      There is a server installation option. It will not install any services in any default install. But then again, when I build a server, I want to start with a blank slate and install what I want anyway. :)

    • by ceswiedler ( 165311 ) * <> on Friday April 08, 2005 @05:02PM (#12180511)
      I'm going to upgrade my Sarge server to Hoary this weekend. I love Debian but testing breaks too much and stable is too old. The basic idea of Ubuntu is that they support the most popular / important packages from Debian, but still let you install almost all of the other Debian packages (via universe). For me, the packages I needed from universe were stuff like Gallery and SpamAssassin which I don't consider critical for security updates.

      The advantage is that the software is recent but reasonably well-tested, will have security updates for the core (non-universe) packages, and can be upgraded in six months to the next version. It solves the Debian problem of choosing between old stable or broken testing / unstable. It's also completely free and has a good social contract along the lines of Debian. The development process seems reasonably open and the community is pretty strong, especially considering the young age of the distro.
  • I still prefer FreeBSD but unfortunately 5.x shows it is not the great distro it used to be.

    Gentoo is much better than it was back in 2002 when I tried it but its too easy to break and not quite as stable as I would want it.

    I may try these debian based distro's. How stable are they? Are they relatively bugfree?
  • If you didn't grab the Kubuntu installation media then this wiki page [] explains how to install KDE on Ubuntu.
  • DVD Install Images (Score:4, Informative)

    by EAVY ( 2121 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @10:43AM (#12175935) Homepage

    Ubuntu 5.04 now provides images for installation from DVD. The DVD install image includes all supported packages, including those Not installed by default.

    Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) Install/live DVD []

    The combined install/live DVD allows you either to install Ubuntu permanently on a computer, or (by entering 'live' at the boot prompt) to try Ubuntu without changing your computer at all. There are three images available, each for a different type of computer:

    Install/live DVD for AMD64 computers (BitTorrent download) []

    Install/live DVD for Intel x86 computers (BitTorrent download) []

    Install/live DVD for PowerPC computers (BitTorrent download) []

  • Questions (Score:4, Insightful)

    by danharan ( 714822 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @11:08AM (#12176214) Journal
    I tried Ubuntu's last release some 6 months ago on my aging Dell Inspiron 8200. It didn't install cleanly. Anyone know if it will now?

    Other issues I had as a linux noob (I've used it at work, just never installed it) included annoyances like lack of support for mp3's and java.

    Excuse me, but if you want a distro to become mainstream and you ship it with a music player, it shouldn't just vomit out "mp3 is not a recognized format" - it should tell you exactly how to make it work and where to find out the background on why it doesn't work out of the box.

    Making mp3s was simple compared to getting java and Eclipse installed, but I'd rather buy a Mac than have to go through that again.

    I still have that partition free though...
    • Re:Questions (Score:3, Interesting)

      by vhogemann ( 797994 )
      To get MP3, and other formats working simply open Synaptic and enable the "RESTRICTED" repository. Then install "gstreamer0.8-plugins", and "mplayer" packages.

      Java is a bit more tricky... You can download the official tarball (not the RPM!!) from Sun's site, and then install "java-package" and "fakeroot" packages to create a DEB package. Ubuntu will only accept up to JRE1.4.

      After downloading the packages invoke the command: "fakeroot make-jpkg .bin". It will create a DEB file that you can install with: "s
  • Problems with Ubuntu (Score:3, Informative)

    by katz ( 36161 ) <Email? What eOO ... inus threevowels> on Friday April 08, 2005 @11:40AM (#12176562)
    I've been using Ubuntu/x86_64 with the Kubuntu KDE distribution for the past four weeks. It's nice to have a decent installer and a system that works almost out of the box (past configuring the system for small personal preferences).
    As much as I like this, there are other things that make it difficult for me to use it:

    1. Wacom is not supported out of the box, and the Wacom driver module packages are incomplete (the build rules don't copy anything but wacom.ko). It'd be great to be able to install Ubuntu or Kubuntu and have the Wacom tablet work as advertised on the Linux-Wacom Driver Project [] page.

    2. I got errors booting Grub with / and /boot on a raid1 device. On every bootup. Perhaps Ubuntu could support grub+raid1+root+boot in the future; see here [] for details. I was unsuccessful at getting LILO to boot, too. Maybe it's a hardware thing [1].

    3. On Ubuntu/x86-64 win32 video codecs run only under a chroot'd 32-bit environment. Ubuntu could make this task easier/more seamless (for example, I want to see videos with Kaffeine or Xine, but AIUI they have to be run in a chroot environment.. that's not very seamless..)

    4. It'd be great to have the installer automatically install the commercial NVidia drivers. They're currently an optional package.

    5. Also great would be the inclusion of Jeff Garzik's SATA thermal sensor patches for libATA, available here [].
    With this patch, hddtemp works on SATA drives.

    6. Ubuntu doesn't seem to have installation-time setup of the "sensors" package (i.e., run sensors-detect and install the modules as needed automatically).

    7. Missing packages. Kubuntu was missing (last I checked a few days ago) the Python bindings for KDE. For that matter, there are packages that don't exist for x86_64 systems, like Psyco, Flash and the Adobe Reader.

    I've since switched to Alioth's Debian/x86_64, but would happily switch back when Kubuntu-x86_64 matures, as Alioth does not seem to have 64-bit KDE 3.4.0 packages (could be wrong though).


    1. My motherboard is a MSI NEO K8T FIS2R with an Athlon64/3200+.

    - Roey
  • MEPIS vs Ubuntu? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by metamatic ( 202216 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @11:55AM (#12176740) Homepage Journal
    As a MEPIS user, I'm wondering if anyone has any factual reasons why I should look at Ubuntu?

    It seems to me that MEPIS has all the same advantages as Ubuntu--bootable live CD, ten minute install, Debian based, stuff just works, up to date.

    The main reason I like MEPIS is that everything from vanilla debian-unstable just works, because MEPIS is really debian-unstable with a custom kernel and better hardware detection. I've read that Ubuntu isn't quite the same--it's further from Debian, hence you can't just add the Debian repositories and expect everything to work. True/False?
  • by aikon29 ( 563393 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @12:53PM (#12177499) Homepage
    I'm running Hoary RC2 right now, finally got it all installed and working properly last night. Unlike what some people have said, it doesn't properly configure and install everything first boot EVERY time. The audigy drivers were installed correctly, yet no sound was coming out of my speakers. It took some hunting, but I later found out that my Analog/Digital out jack was turned off in alsamixer. Turning that on fixed the problem. Secondly, while the nvidia drivers are available, at least with my GeForce 6800, they aren't loaded and configured properly on initial boot. You only find out when you try to log into Gnome only to find your system freezes up. Nothing an apt-get install nvidia-glx wouldn't fix, though. Ohter thank those two problems Ubuntu seems to be a fairly stable distro. I came over to it from Fedora and must say that I like it a lot more. Using synaptic to manage packages beats downloading rpms and solving dependency problems with Fedora. Though, yum wasn't too bad.
  • by wernst ( 536414 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @01:38PM (#12177996) Homepage
    The VERY FIRST THING you should do as an Ubuntu user is go to The Unofficial Ubuntu Starter Guide at []

    Ubuntu, in an attempt to be totally free, can't do things like play DVDs right "out of the box," or isn't configured to list or mount Windows partitions in Gnome. Even if you are a total beginner, spending half an hour at the Unofficial Ubuntu Startup Guiide will get you up and running and totally happy with your new distro.

    The Unoffical Startup Guide should be required reading for any Ubuntu user. Heck, EVERY Distro should have a site just like it -- the Linux world would be a better place for it. And no, I have nothing to do with it other than being a grateful reader...

    • you do realise that ms-windows is just as handicapped out of the box. It too, can't play DVDs or see Linux partitions... (to play DVDs in ms-windows, you have to have a licensed codec. That normally comes on the driver disk with your dvd drive if they've bundled a DVD player such as power dvd with it, or else has been pre-installed as part of the OEM bundle. Out of the box, as supplied by Microsoft, ms-windows cannot play DVDs)
  • by Sark666 ( 756464 ) on Friday April 08, 2005 @04:17PM (#12179822)
    I always thought it was one cd a la knoppix. What is the hurdle of not being able to have both on the same cd?

    And I checked the cd's they mail to you are the install cds. I thought the bonus of handing these out would be to be able to tell people 'don't worry, won't install anything, just try it out!' And then if they wanted to do so there would be an install option after checking it out.

    Any plans to unify the live and install cd?

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