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Red Hat Trying to Make Fedora More Open? 216

Chillybott writes "CNET reports that Red Hat is trying to bolster more support for the Fedora project by giving the users more control over and input into the development process. The article states that they have made their CVS repositories visible and hints that soon members of the Fedora community will be able to act as distribution maintainers. Seems like a good idea to me, although their choice of acronyms for their conference leaves something to be desired."
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Red Hat Trying to Make Fedora More Open?

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  • FUDCon (Score:4, Funny)

    by Verveonica ( 839966 ) on Thursday January 13, 2005 @02:04PM (#11350223)
    Ah...so they are sucking them in and grinding them up into FUD! Don't go to the conference man - Fedora is people!
  • by wiredog ( 43288 ) on Thursday January 13, 2005 @02:09PM (#11350277) Journal
    "Attention all personnel! Incoming Microsoft press release! Set FUD CON 1 throughout the facility!"
  • Re:FUDCon (Score:3, Funny)

    by Golias ( 176380 ) on Thursday January 13, 2005 @02:11PM (#11350308)
    Fedora is people!

    You are my new hero.

    You also owe me a keyboard, as I just sprayed my soda all over mine while reading that.

    Yet Another Former Red Hat Linux User
  • by Donny Smith ( 567043 ) on Thursday January 13, 2005 @03:17PM (#11351247)
    >>As my first recommendation, MP3 support should be installed by default.

    >That *EXACTLY* the reason I left Redhat.

    That *EXACTLY* the reason I have never left Windows.
  • by theendlessnow ( 516149 ) on Thursday January 13, 2005 @06:27PM (#11353228)
    Under the new revised GPL (soon to be released), if you just use a GPL program you must make 12 copies of the source and distribute them to your friends and family members.

    RedHat implemented this for a week. One engineer said, "Man.. I mean everyone I know has a copy now. And I've received so many copies that I can't see out the rear view window of my car." Another engineer found two CDs in his hamburger during lunch! "This is getting ridiculous....", he said.

    Suprisingly, there are areas of M$ that have been shut down because of the plethora of CDs that are now littering the campus. Bill Gates was heard saying, "See the problems that free software causes!" M$ has set up a charitable foundation for Victims of Free Software to help combat the problem. You can also download a "free" (DRM protected) video explaining the virtues of having just ONE supplier for all software and why Free software does not count.