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Mandrakesoft: 10.1 Official, Good Financial News 18

joestar writes "Lots of good news from the publishers of Mandrakelinux. Mandrakelinux 10.1 Official for x86-64 was released today. Yesterday's financial release announced their best year so far (turnover up 33%). ZDNet UK has an article. The company also recently announced that it had been granted a research grant for mobility R&D. All in all it looks like Mandrakesoft is back on track and doing great. Good luck guys!"
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Mandrakesoft: 10.1 Official, Good Financial News

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  • ducts_id=114&osCsid=c4be63d81209f5c1b11ae41163676d 43 [] those things are selling like hotcakes. On a more serious note I think its wonderful that I may finally be able to convince the IT dep at my place to ditch redhat enterprise.
    • I was having some discussion with some people on Suse-Oracle mailing list today and Novell/Oracle won't support anything but SuSE SLES 8 and 9, Redhat EL 2 and 3. You can imagine what will your IT dep will say. If there are using RHEL, there might be a valid reason (like Oracle being an asshole).
  • It would be nice to have Mandrake for Sparc32 at a version higher then 7.0. Especially since they are up to 10.1 :|
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I've used RedHat and Mandrake before in the past, a few years back now. What does Mandrake have to offer as a distro that others lack, or that they're doing better?

    I've heard many good things of SuSE as of late; Debian is known for being rock solid; Gentoo for up-and-coming zealots (read: documentation).

    The only thing that stuck out to me when I tried Mandrake in the past was that it used RPM. So, what's Mandrake have to offer?
    • by Ian_Bailey ( 469273 ) on Wednesday November 10, 2004 @03:30PM (#10779619) Homepage Journal

      MandrakelinuxTM is a friendly Linux Operating System which specializes in ease-of-use for both servers and the home/office. It is freely available in many languages throughout the world.

      There's more info on their concept page [], but they're basic pitch is Linux for Newbies and switchers from Windows/Macs. I'd say they're going after the end-user market like Linspire [], but they're also going after business/government businesses that don't want to spend a lot on "retraining" their users for Linux.
      • by Pooh22 ( 145970 ) on Wednesday November 10, 2004 @04:43PM (#10780384)
        I think mandrake is not "Linux for Newbies" persee, it's quite easy to install, but it does more than that. Their ideals are in some ways quite debian-like pro-GPL and openness, but rpm based. Their urpmi package installer is the only one that comes close to debian's apt system.

        But while easy to use and install, it's still very suitable for experts, more so than for example Suse, who expect you to use only graphical tools (Yast) to configure stuff.

        The main problem with mandrake is lack of focus and lack of manpower to achieve their ideals more quickly.
        • I agree. It's a mistake to think of Mandrake as just for newbies. I've used Unix since 1982, GNU/Linux since 1995, and I've been using Mandrake for several years. I've found it easy to install with good hardware detection and configuration and a good selection of software. In lots of little ways, I prefer it to Red Hat.

        • Their urpmi package installer is the only one that comes close to debian's apt system

          Never used apt, but is it really that much better than portage?
          • This was posted early in the day and still less than two dozen comments? I think that says a lot about the state of mandrake.

            I used mandrake a very long time. But I got sick of the difficulty in upgrading, the long time delays, the lack of decent support. Mandrake is very easy to install, but I have always found it a pain in the ass to upgrade or even install anything that's not included on the CDs. The urpmi installer is an improvement on rpm, but that ain't saying much since rpm sucks so bad.

            The main th
  • by megaversal ( 229407 ) on Wednesday November 10, 2004 @08:22PM (#10782736)
    Has anyone else been brainwashed by KDE to the point where I saw:
    Deferred revenues, which mainly consist of Club subscriptions and unfinished support contracts, amounted to 766
    KEuros at fiscal year end.
    ...and immediately assumed KDE had started their own currency system?

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