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MandrakeMove 2 And Mandrakesoft Profit Reports 102

Mad_Rain writes "Two new developments in the Mandrake Linux camp: For the beta-testers and live-cd crowd, MandrakeMove 2 (which is based on Mandrake 10) is undergoing beta testing. 2.6 Kernel anyone? Financially, Mandrake seems to be improving, as they cite a report from EuroLand Finance about how they compete with Red Hat or SUSE, at least in the marketplace (as opposed to on the desktop)."
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MandrakeMove 2 And Mandrakesoft Profit Reports

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  • EuroLand (Score:1, Funny)

    by beatleadam ( 102396 ) they cite a report from EuroLand

    Hey...Isn't that the place that Disney was trying to offload recently?

    And better yet...why would I trust them for Financial advice ? :-)
  • by goorath ( 766731 ) * on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @07:55PM (#9310184)
    I've been waiting for a new Mandrake Move to show off to those who haven't converted to Linux yet. I've found that a lot of people have been amazed by demonstrations of Mandrake Move. (particularly Tux racer - but thats another story!)
  • by riptide_dot ( 759229 ) * on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @08:11PM (#9310298)
    The link in the parent wasn't too clear on what MandrakeMove actually was, so here is a different link about it [] that describes what it is a little better (the original link is to the download page).
    • by MagicFab ( 7234 ) on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @08:37PM (#9310490) Homepage
      Use BitTorrent.
      1. Download a ButTorrent client. I'd recommend Azureus []
      2. Open this URL [] (as listed on the download link in the post)
      I frequently get 200kbps to 300kbps from a BitTorrent feed instead of ~100kbps for the best ISOs mirrors. And I contribute my miserable bandwidth for others to enjoy Mandrake :)
      • by Anonymous Coward
        Download a ButTorrent client

        Have you had any luck with ButTorrent? Rumor has it that it uses a backdoor.
      • by Anonymous Coward
        I was wondering, I've used Azureus on a HD with ReiserFS, and ANY files I download with it can only be read at 3-4megs/second max, other files on that same HD can be read at 30-40megs/sec... I stopped using Azureus for this reason, and I only use BitTornado. I thought Azureus was a nice app, but I just couldn't stand this issue. I didn't even know that ReiserFS could be fragmented. What could Azureus be doing, and also, does anyone else experience this?
  • by John Hurliman ( 152784 ) on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @08:31PM (#9310450) Homepage
    I like the flashy presentation, the "ooh look over here!" aspect, and how they seamlessly tied the financial forecasts in with the real data, but I'm not sure I would take that analysis as a reason to invest. Most of it consisted of "Mandrake is losing less money than Novell, that's gotta count for something". That and the strong growth forecasted, while their debt ratio continues to climb.
    • Some moderators thought the post was "overrated", so I took the financial analysis to a CPA. Some other interesting points are the Return On Equity calculations. When they have negative income but a positive shareholder's equity, they report the ROE as "ns", as in you supposedly can't divide a negative NI by a positive OE. But if you do for 2001, you realize that an investment of one Euro would have bought you an investment of over seven Euros in debt. Then, the great part, in 2003 both NI AND OE are negati
  • The best thing... (Score:5, Informative)

    by ErichTheWebGuy ( 745925 ) on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @08:44PM (#9310541) Homepage
    about MandrakeMove is the fact that it can automatically store your personal data on a USB keychain. Not that SuSE Live, Knoppix, etc. cannot, but MdkMove makes it so damned easy to make a *truly* portable personal desktop system.

    Kudos, Mandrake, for another great product.
  • by chrispatch ( 578882 ) on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @09:05PM (#9310677)
    I hope they are showing a profit!
    I joined their mandrake club to download the iso's and give them a little support. They charged my credit card $6600.00 for a standard membership. They did not answer their phones. I had to dispute the charges through my credit card company. In their defense they did reverse the charges a few days later. But boy was I worried for a few days!
    • by Azureflare ( 645778 ) on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @09:36PM (#9310844)
      Yeah, if you read the notice that was on a while ago, you would have known that it wasn't Mandrake's fault, but the company they were using to process credit cards; apparently they had a bug in their software multiplying all transactions by 100.

      Read more at the press release here [].

      • I like Mandrake. I will buy/suscribe to the next version as well. This was intended as light hearted, and I DO hope they continue to turn a profit. Flaimbait for posting facts?

        On a side note. You linked to an explanation / apology. Their site states they have / will contact all 260 some odd customers who where overcharged. I have not heard a peep from Mandrake after leaving several messages asking for an explanation right up until the charges were reversed, nor a return call yet nor an email weeks la
        • Hey, that's perfectly fine. If I were you, I'd be mightily pissed off too (and I've been using mandrake for 2+ years).

          I think it's sad they didn't contact you. I'm not aware of what the internals are at Mandrakesoft. In fact, I haven't heard from anyone else that was affected by this, so I'm not sure if anyone else wasn't contact by Mandrakesoft. But like any company, they likely weren't able to personally contact some of their customers... It's too bad, but, now that everything's ok, there's not much

  • by whitis ( 310873 ) on Tuesday June 01, 2004 @10:04PM (#9311013) Homepage
    Maybe if they improved their website they could actually make some money?

    I could not find answers to simple questions with a reasonable amount of effort.

    Q) What is Mandrake move vs. mandrake 10? I actually had to come back to slashdot to find a link with the answer to this one. It is a
    standalone live CD-ROM version of linux.

    Q) How much does it cost? I actually had to click on the order link, fill in my state and country,
    and sort through a bunch of irrelevent products and I still didn't get an answer. I know how much it costs with a keychain USB flash memory ($70-$330) but I don't know how much it is by itself. Price needs to be listed before you hit the shopping cart.

    Q) Free downloads? Well, if you click on downloads it looks like you could probably
    download it for free (if the ftp server wasn't /.ed) but you have to click the button that
    says something to the effect of "I am already a member of the mandrake club or I plan to join real soon now". So you either need to join the club (about $70/year) or promise to join the club before you can download. I don't have the slightest intention of joining their club unless I find the software useful and shouldn't be required to state otherwise. Plus it reminds me of those sleazy subscription cards for magazines: "Yes! I want to subscibe to the worlds greatest basketweaving magazine! Send me one year (12 exciting issues) of basketweaving today for just $17.97. I'll save 62% plus I'll receive the basketweaving 101 book FREE!"
    • A1) []
      Pretty simple and standard linkage really.

      A2) Its free if you dload it ! What else do you need to know ? Or just join the damn club !

      A3) Where do you have to _promise_ anything ?

      Before downloading our products, we ask for your support by joining the Mandrakelinux Users Club.(my bold)

      You came, you saw, you left, bereft ! Shame.
      • A3) Where do you have to _promise_ anything ?

        Before downloading our products, we ask for your support by joining the Mandrakelinux Users Club.(my bold)

        You're not looking at the right page. He is referring to here [] where they have two buttons on the bottom. The choices are:
        "I agree to support Mandrakelinux, please send me to the Mandrakelinux Users Club Registration page"
        "I'm already a member of the Club or plan on registering soon, please send me to the download page"

        Aside from the runon sentences used

  • What's negative equity? How do you end up with that? I thought equity was always positive??
    • In the UK in the 90's people's mortgages were often greater than the (falling) value of their house. That is an example of negative equity.

    • Negative equity refers to the state where the value of something which the lender borrowed money against falls until it isn't sufficient to cover the loan.
      It generally happens in the housing market with mortgages after a housing price crash.
    • As it applies to a corporation, balance sheet equity is assets minus liabilities. So negative equity means they have more liabilities than assets. While this is not a good thing, it doesn't necessarily mean that the company is going to go out of buisness. I know had negative equity for a while, and I believe still does.
    • "What's negative equity?"


  • Mandrake (Score:4, Interesting)

    by LibrePensador ( 668335 ) on Wednesday June 02, 2004 @12:25AM (#9311722) Journal
    I am very impressed with Mandrake 10 Official. I will not engage in the my distro is better than yours game. Use whatever you want. No distribution is perfect. Do realize that your judgment might be clouded by which distribution you learned linux on.

    All I have to say is that Mandrake makes a very secure server and a very easy to use desktop and they do so with a GNU smile on their face.

    I will make however a few historical comments:

    *Have you tried rpmdrake and used it to create Raid Arrays or LVM volumes? Look up how many years they have had such a tool and compare it to other distributions.

    *Research which distro first used CUPs and made it easy to use multi-function devices in Linux?

    *Research which distribution has a zeroconf/Rendevous in it for a while

    *Have you tried their server wizards, which they have had for years?

    *Research urpmi when you get a chance. It is a good as Debian's apt, which is the installer by which all other ought to be measured. And even though apt-for-rpm is now available, it isn't as good as either of the above, not to mention that these have yet to be formally embraced in an officially shipping product by either Novell or Red Hat.

    If you can afford to send Mandrake a few bucks, do so.We need more companies like Mandrake around. If anything, it will keep both Red Hat and Suse honest.

    Ps: Oh.oh.. That Stallmanite reference will drive all of the anti-RMS cloud out of the closet :)
    • Whilst i do agree with you that we need companies like Mandrake around and they do a great Desktop release. Your point about urpmi being as great as apt-get i have to take issue with. I used to be Mandrake all the way but since the product EOL issues with Red Hat - and their Microsoftish terms and conditions for their Enterprise offereing we were looking around to see what we would do when it came time to replace our Redhat and Mandrake boxes. We ended up choosing Debian, as it is community supported and
    • I was refering to diskdrake not rpmdrake when I spoke of Raid and LVM above.
  • by baywulf ( 214371 ) on Wednesday June 02, 2004 @12:58AM (#9311924)
    Should be changed to Persondrake to be politically correct.
  • by WoodstockJeff ( 568111 ) on Wednesday June 02, 2004 @02:22AM (#9312293) Homepage
    I've used both, and I've found that Knoppix finds more of the hardware on my systems, but Mandrake Move is MUCH faster on the same hardware.

    Granted, my test is disk-related... I use both Knoppix and MM to run badblocks on drives before I install their final OS. But, on the same hardware, Mandrake Move will run 'badblocks -svw /dev/hda' to completion (4 write/read passes with different patterns) in less time than the first pass in Knoppix 3.3 or 3.4. That's a significant time savings when you're checking 8 250GB drives for a RAID array!

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