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SCO To Show Copied Code 646

A number of people have written this morning in regards to the latest update in the ongoing SCO dropping Linux, with word from LinuxJournal that SCO has broadened the implications of code copying. A number of analyst groups have come out, however, saying that it's fine to keep moving ahead with Linux adoption - and there's an interesting interview with SCO's General Manager of SCOSource.
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SCO To Show Copied Code

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  • by borgdows ( 599861 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:29AM (#5962613)
    and now, the revelation of the allegedly copied code!

    void main() {
    [...kernel related stuff...]
  • And now... (Score:3, Funny)

    by ATAMAH ( 578546 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:36AM (#5962638)
    Linux is under a microSCOpe.
  • by platypus ( 18156 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:38AM (#5962647) Homepage
    Seems fitting, even more so with a small addition:

    "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by [the combination of malice and] stupidity"

  • by cperciva ( 102828 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:39AM (#5962656) Homepage
    Now I finally understand why linux has so many filesystem-corrupting bugs -- it doesn't call any code to shutdown the system cleanly.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:40AM (#5962666)
    I can picture SCO, in a last desparate attempt at getting business, sending out Mormon boys on bikes hawking salvation and kernel purity.

    Mormon boys: "Sir, can you spare a mere 30 minutes? You salvation could depend on it."

    Me: (Wearing BSD shirt) "No thanks... I'm a daemon worshipper, lads, and along with me, my computer has been cleansed and its packets are pure."

    Mormon boys: (Have stupid look and walk away)
  • by Mohammed Al-Sahaf ( 665285 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:41AM (#5962668)
    The linux kernel is full of our stolen code. I triple guarantee you - it is all over the place! We're giving them a real lesson today. Heavy doesn't accurately describe the level of casualties we have inflicted. I will show you the stolen code - IN ONE HOUR!

    Mohammed al-Sahaf (now SCO press spokesman)
  • SCO (Score:2, Funny)

    by Luigi30 ( 656867 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:41AM (#5962669)
    SCO sounds a lot like the RIAA... maybe they'll merge into the SCAA?
  • by cibus ( 670787 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:42AM (#5962673)
    ..SCOs brilliant "quotes from linux leaders" page of proof []! Oh no! Linux is doomed!
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:44AM (#5962682)
    This letter [] on SCO's website contains a number of non-original words and phrases. For example:

    'commercial Linux user' [] is a phrase first commonly used by SGI;

    'Unix-like operating system' [] has obviously been pinched from multiple sources; and

    SCO's claim to 'Linux-related activies' [] is clearly not propietary.

    This messages constitutes a warning to SCO to change the content of the above mentioned letter or face possible legal proceedings.

  • No fear (Score:5, Funny)

    by mccalli ( 323026 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:45AM (#5962688) Homepage
    From the interview:
    Wouldn't you agree that your legal action is causing uncertainty in the Linux community and that this uncertainty is undermining the marketing efforts of UnitedLinux?
    There is definitely uncertainty and doubt...

    But no fear, it would seem. :-)


  • by iamatlas ( 597477 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:45AM (#5962694) Homepage
    SCO has been shown to be a Microsoft subsidiary.

    When reached for comment on this, Gates and Ballmer both stated:

    "All your linux boxes are belong to us"
  • by jaymzter ( 452402 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:49AM (#5962711) Homepage
    Excerpts from SCO's Information Minister Chris Sontag:

    It is only too obvious the code infringement occurring in Linux. Torvalds' dogs are cutting their own throats before the walls of our Intellectual Property. Tonight they will burn in hell. The stolen code is as clear as the nose on my face.

    Sir, could we see some of this code?

    I will only answer questions that deal in reality. The code is all over the place. Can't you see it yourself?

    But sir, since your code is hidden from the world, how do we know you didn't just take some Linux sources and just slap SCO source into it for the sake of the trial?

    Are you a fool? The open source pigs on slashdot would like you to believe that, but they are cying outside and waiting to receive bullets now. They will be killed shortly.

  • by jjgm ( 663044 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:56AM (#5962746)
    I've just been to the SCO FTP server, and obtained my SCO-distributed, GPL-licensed, SCO-approved Linux source code [].

    I'd like to thank SCO for making the GPL distribution of Linux a high-throughput broadband affair!


  • Poor dude (Score:2, Funny)

    by jsse ( 254124 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @07:59AM (#5962761) Homepage Journal
    What is the next step?
    SCO made its initial filing. IBM was supposed to respond within 30 days. They requested an extension of 30 days, which we granted them. So after 60 days, they responded with basically nothing -- a very vanilla law school 101-type level response, which was rather surprising.

    60 days is not enough for their lawyers to stop the laugher. Can you give them more time?
  • by ecc0 ( 548386 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @08:19AM (#5962884)
    Yeah, because the kernel needs to return a value to... what?
  • by MikeVx ( 627293 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @08:57AM (#5963146) Journal
    Nonono... the business plan is:
    1. Sue IBM.
    2. Irritate the dinosaur.
    3. Get bought by dinosaur.

    That last should read:
    3. Find yourself being scraped off the bottom of the dinosaurs foot.
  • by Ed Avis ( 5917 ) <> on Thursday May 15, 2003 @09:08AM (#5963238) Homepage
    Most often called Santa Cruz, Calderuman was one of the first of the UNIX vendors to arrive in Intel-earth, after the arrival of the System V. He was said to be the eldest of the order. For a dozen years, and maybe more, he journeyed in the barren East, and was little heard of at Berkeley.

    It was at about this time that Calderuman began to study the Rings of Power, their history and the means of their making.

    In year 31 of the Epoch, he was given the keys of OpenLinux, and took up his abode there. He continued his researches into Ring-Zero-lore, and the making of device drivers, and was accustomed to watch the stars from the pinnacle of the Tower. When the Council debated the Rings of Power, Calderuman claimed that his researches showed that the One Ring had been lost forever. It was later shown that he did not believe this, however, and was searching for it himself, having secretly rebelled against the Council.

    He built an army of Lawyers and Orcs of his own within the ring of Isengard to challenge both the Wise and the forces of Mondred. In May of the 24th year, when he was ready to reveal himself, Calderuman set a trap for Gandalf, luring him to Orthanc. When Gandalf came, Calderuman revealed that he had made a Ring of his own, and that he intended to gain control of Linux , or at least prevent Gandalf from using it freely himself.

    To be continued...

    (Plagiarized of course - Google to find the source.)
  • by o'reor ( 581921 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @10:01AM (#5963675) Journal
    cout << "Hello, World!"

    Yeah, thats right... You people are gonna pay!

    Not only that, but somebody's gonna get beaten to a pulp when Linus finds out *who the Hell* has used the ugly C++ish "cout" instruction in the kernel ! :-)
  • by kris ( 824 ) <> on Thursday May 15, 2003 @10:09AM (#5963742) Homepage
    SCO Openforum [] is a conference and trade show held by SCO in Las Vegas from August 17 - 19, 2003. The Agenda [] includes a lot of uninteresting stuff, and lots of opportunities to talk to the C?Os and managers of SCO and tell them what you think of them. Are you a SCO partner and want to be associated with SCO? Come to the partner pavillion [] or even become a sponsor and showcase you association with one of the boldest defenders of IP rights in the US. :-)
  • by bilbobuggins ( 535860 ) <bilbobuggins&juntjunt,com> on Thursday May 15, 2003 @10:25AM (#5963874)
    Yeah, because the kernel needs to return a value to... what?

    according to this suit i think the ideal is that the kernel would return some value to SCO ;)

  • by chroma ( 33185 ) <chroma&mindspring,com> on Thursday May 15, 2003 @12:42PM (#5965267) Homepage
    You didn't find this item for Wednesday, August 20th interesting?

    "Building a Back Office Alternative"
    Technical Installation and Architecture Training Using SCO Office Server to Create a Linux-based Alternative to Microsoft® BackOffice®.
  • by geomon ( 78680 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @01:17PM (#5965629) Homepage Journal
    So lets assume that SCO is right and that, for whatever reason, their code ended up in the kernel.

    So what? They plan on going after users for infringement? They are soooo fucking high...

    Here's how that will play out:

    1) SCO reveals which code bits are in the kernel.
    2) Hours after their disclosure and possible judgement from the courts, hackers strip the offending code out and fork the kernel.
    3) Minutes after the kernel is forked, the SCOBlows distro is available via ftp.
    4) Users around the world rebuild their Linux boxes with non-offending OS running modified kernel.
    5) SCO is fucked in the marketplace forever.

    Of course they will have whatever money they can drain from IBM, SuSE, and Red Hat, but they will get squat from the users.

    Fuck SCO.

  • by One Louder ( 595430 ) on Thursday May 15, 2003 @01:26PM (#5965719)
    Why does everyone who makes claims of cloning seem to have trouble producing the proof?

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