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Ask Moshe Bar about [your choice here] 473

Moshe Bar is (pick one) 1. A Linux kernel developer; 2. A motorcycle enthusiast; 3. The primary openMosix maintainer; 4. A respected Linux device driver writer; 5. Author of several books and many articles about Linux; 6. Newly married. 7. A Talmudic scholar; 8. All of the above. The correct answer is 8, and since in addition to (or perhaps because of) all this Moshe is a popular guy, this interview is here by reader request. (Yes, we take interview requests; send them to Ask Moshe whatever you wish, one question per post. We'll send him 10 of the highest moderated questions and post his answers as soon as he gets them back to us.
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Ask Moshe Bar about [your choice here]

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  • by Marx_Mrvelous ( 532372 ) on Monday June 03, 2002 @12:07PM (#3631496) Homepage
    It seems like such a chore to write drivers that work on all distros since they all use different kernels. It seems to me that businesses only develop for windows because they are guaranteed that their drivers will work on all windows machines for X (4,5,6) years without any mroe work. Having experience writing Linux device drivers, do you think that a cross-distribution effort to standardize on kernel versions and guarantee major hardware manufacturers this compatibility would promote driver development in Linux?
  • by TweeKinDaBahx ( 583007 ) <tweek@nm t . edu> on Monday June 03, 2002 @12:11PM (#3631535) Homepage Journal
    You hit the nail on the head with this one. I think that a standardized driver system would help to persuade many people to use Linux. I know that my main concern about implementing Linux in business setting is it's incompatibility, and standardized drivers would be a giant leap towards solving this problem.
  • by Dimwit ( 36756 ) on Monday June 03, 2002 @12:41PM (#3631785)
    ...but the article said pick anything. Since there are quite a few philosophers on Slashdot (and since I'm Jewish and this question gets a lot of thought from me, and when will I ever be able to ask again?) here's my question:

    Do you see any reconciliation between science and the G-d of the Torah? What about between Science and any sort of Creationism at all? Do you see the possibility that science, as it approaches the moment of Creation itself, becomes more in tune with religion? I guess a big part of what I'm asking - do you see a place for (or proof of) G-d in science?

    Thanks...sorry this isn't the usual Slashdot fare, but I can't help but ask.
  • Re:Bikes (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Altus ( 1034 ) on Monday June 03, 2002 @01:30PM (#3632169) Homepage
    you cannot compare a harley with a japaneese bike that costs 5 grand. They arent the same animal, and the engine size (and power) is a big deal. And, if you are talking about a sport bike, the comparison is even more flawed, they are entirely different animals, made for different uses.

    I am a cruiser rider, so I will limit my reply to thoes types of bikes.

    the Heavier jappaneese cruisers are quite nice. I am fond of the Yammaha road-star Silverado, they come with a decent amount of chrome and good accessories. They also cost around 11-12 grand. The low-rider, which is a beautiful harley, comes with far more chrome although less accessories and costs a bit more at 14-15 grand, this is not even the cheepest harley, the cheepest electra-glide is even less expensive and comes with hard luggage. It is an excelent deal if you are looking for a bike that can do reasonably long trips in comfort.

    'Thats realy the purpose of the harley... long rides in relative comfort. I know thats why I choose mine. Style is another consideration, as is ease of maintenence. I do a little work on my bike, and I am learning to take on larger and larger jobs. When I owned a japanees bike (my starter bikes, which all needed work at some point) I found that it was very difficult to work on the engines, they were cramped and not very serviceable, the harley, by comparison, has been much easier.

    the choice between harley and BMW is a more difficult one, I guess for me it did come down to styling, and ride position. I like BMWs but the harley was the way I wanted to go.

  • by bero-rh ( 98815 ) <bero@re d h> on Monday June 03, 2002 @02:11PM (#3632535) Homepage
    I think that they always are in agreement when science is done correctly.

    Make that, when both science and religion are done correctly.

    Correctly done science is certain to run into trouble with a religion asserting earth is flat, or sun circles around earth.
  • by why-is-it ( 318134 ) on Monday June 03, 2002 @03:12PM (#3633059) Homepage Journal
    What do you think about ongoing conflict in middle east?

    No offense, but what sort of question is that? I don't imagine that any reasonable person would be in favour of the on-going conflict. Nor do I see how any decent sort of person would claim that the death count (on all sides) is not yet high enough. The violence is so self-defeating. As we brutalize others, so do we brutalize ourselves.

    What do you think about massacre that Isreali soldiers commited in refugee camp in Jenin?

    Why not ask him how he feels about the suicide bombers who deliberately choose to attack non-combatants?

    Could we leave the partisanship aside and discuss things relevant to the /. crowd?