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Hardware Manufacturers that Actively Support Linux? 650

wirefarm asks: "I know there is are lot of well-supported pieces of hardware for Linux, but I was wondering, which vendors really go out of their way for the community? While tracking down drivers for a wireless PCMCIA card today, I found that the vendor boasted of having Linux support, but it was seemed that they were actually touting drivers that were community-developed, rather than written with any help of the company. So my question is this: Which companies really stand out when it comes to providing specs and developing drivers?"
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Hardware Manufacturers that Actively Support Linux?

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  • by OccSub ( 572282 ) on Wednesday April 24, 2002 @11:04AM (#3401296)
    My rule of thumb: If it's cheaper than all the others... it won't work under Linux
  • by swagr ( 244747 ) on Wednesday April 24, 2002 @11:15AM (#3401390) Homepage
    This happened to me during an ADSL support call. They switched their DNSs and I wanted to know the new ones.

    "..I'm running on Linux..."

    "O.K. Go to Start... Settings... Control Panel..."

    "No. I'm not running Windows, I use Linux".

    "On a Mac?"

    "I just need to know the DNS numbers."

    "O.K. What's the problem again?"

    "My connection has been working fine. I ping IP addresses but can't resolve domain names. I think you guys switched your DNSs IPs."


    "Do you have some numbers beside something that says 'DNS' or 'Domain Name Server'"

    "....... Oh yes."

    "Can I have them."

  • by Afrosheen ( 42464 ) on Wednesday April 24, 2002 @02:06PM (#3402645)
    Idiocy didn't create winmodems, bean-counters at major companies did.

    Marketing guy to Engineer: "So let me get this straight. If you guys make a huge, processor intensive driver that takes over the function of the dsp chip on current modems, then we can cut our costs by 4/5ths?"

    Engineer: "Yes, but it'll suck and the drivers will only work on windows because that's all our programmers know."

    Marketing guy: "Doesn't matter. Everyone uses windows anyway.We can market it as a win-modem for a lower cost!"

    Marketing guy to bean counter: "We can make new modems for 4/5th the price of current modems with these new drivers! We can either slash prices on the new stuff or increase our profit margin to ridiculous new heights!"

    Bean counter: "Excellent! Tell the CEO right away!"

    And thus it began...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 24, 2002 @04:09PM (#3403740)
    Some assembly required [bumperdumper.com]

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