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SuSE 8.0 Now Shipping 298

MobyTurbo writes "Well, it's technically a day late, but SuSE Linux 8.0 is now shipping. The increase from 7.3 to 8.0 is due to the inclusion of KDE 3.0, a SuSE-modified kernel version 2.4.18 (with Andre's VM), an improved firewall, among other packages that have been upgraded or added. (Including a couple of new games. :-) )"
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SuSE 8.0 Now Shipping

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  • Eeezzzzy (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Lappie ( 214857 )
    I'm still very impressed with the automaticity of the installation of my 7.3. Almost everything worked out of the box, without one glitch. I'm certain I'll be the first to buy me the 8.0 box when it's in de shops here in Europe.
  • Suse has always been a great distro, if not a bit bloated at times {though anymore they all are}
    • Re:Suse is great (Score:2, Insightful)

      by hs81 ( 62329 )
      SuSe has always been a bit bloated but they have made huge efforts to allow the user to select what they want to install and later on to install/upgrade new packages. I have used RedHat and SuSe for several years and if anyone asks me what distro to go for I say try SuSe bacause I have so much respect for the install process.
  • depending on if I can find the ISO's, I'll give it a try when I fully convert my system over from win2k.

    I tried SuSe before, and it was really cool, but it's gonna have a hardtime beating debian as my desktop OS of choice.

    it's determinate on whether or not they have the ISO's available... if they don't, they're losing out on me as a user. probably alot of others as well.

    and yes, I do plan on buying the distro I decide on.
    • Re:in 2 weeks... (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      There are no officially available ISOs of SuSE distributions. You can wait for the setup files to show up on the SuSE ftp server and do an online installation or try the (also not-yet-released) evaluation version, which is a system configured to run directly from CD.
    • I would certainly check it out. Debian still is my favorite server distro, but I find it lacking in the automatic(!!) support of new(er) hardware. It all requires a little more knowledge and time than I'm, personally, willing to spend on (any) linux setup or linux box.

      IMveryHO distro's like SuSE, Mandrake and Redhat (although I've never used recent versions of the latter two) will be what will open the mainstream (home computing) market a little more. Just because they are little easier to install and, after that easy installation, look a lot flashier than something like Debian, which requires a lot more work to look fancy.

    • SuSE don't provide ISOs. But you can install by ftp direct from their ftp server or a mirror. See here [] (in English) for details. I'd recommend SuSE highly, I'm using SuSE 7.3 at the moment, but will upgrade once I get around to buying the set (downloaded the last couple of versions I used, feel obliged to contribute some money...).
    • depending on if I can find the ISO's, I'll give it a try when I fully convert my system over from win2k.

      In the past, SuSE hasn't provided distros - you have a folder with 7 CD-Roms and a DVD. All the packages are online, however, and a ftp or "download 'em and install" is possible, however, you then say...

      I tried SuSe before, and it was really cool, but it's gonna have a hardtime beating debian as my desktop OS of choice.

      You can apt-get it. No, really. Although I don't know how much of a stub of a SuSE install you need (and I *seriously* doubt you can go from debian to SuSE without much anguish). Technically, apt-get is for upgrades, and the repository base, or whatever you call it is on, and you need apt4rpm at 7.3 and 8.0 are unofficially supported, but are reputed to work find, and that's an offical SuSE mirror site as well.


    • Re:in 2 weeks... (Score:2, Informative)

      by StarTux ( 230379 )
      You'll be able to do an FTP install in about 3 weeks to 4 weeks.

      They do have an eval CD that is an ISO though.

  • how this compares to Lycoris? Because if there is one distribution that's suited for normal users, it's lycoris. Suse has been trying hard to reacdh the same goal, but version 7 was still far off....
    • Lycoris... (Score:2, Interesting)

      Any affiliation with MS? Just wondering, cause I saw this at the bottom:

      Lycoris and Desktop/LX are Trademarks of Redmond Linux Corp. © 2001, 2002 Lycoris All Rights Reserved
      • Re:Lycoris... (Score:4, Interesting)

        by MsGeek ( 162936 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @10:52AM (#3394626) Homepage Journal
        Lycoris is also designed to look and feel more like Windows XP than any other distro. The real purpose of Lycoris seems to be to provide a distro with "training wheels" for Microsoft refugees. As such, it occupies a very unique and very needed niche in Linux-land.

        I have an order in for Lycoris Desktop Developer edition, (Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!) and I will probably comment on my experiences with the distro in my column at Low End PC as soon as I get some time with it.

        I think it's hilarious that these guys are based in Redmond. I don't think that MS is quaking in their boots just yet, but if this is what the Lycoris site claims, they might have reason to in the future.

        Oh yeah, just so I correct a mistake I made about this distro in the is based on Caldera, not Corel/Debian.
  • This must be the first distro shipping KDE3, or am I mistaken?
  • The online update tool in 7.3 does not automagically update to this version yet, and the 8.0 files aren't present in Suse's ftp server. So at the moment it would appear that 8.0 is only available for purchase, not for download/online upgrade.
  • Wow!
    new games???
    great! well worth the download!

    and I spose including KDE 3.0 is a plus point too...
  • RedHat (Score:2, Insightful)

    by BlueTooth ( 102363 )
    So, unlike RedHat, they have a legitimate reason for a major version increment?
    • In my opinion they have. From the 7.1 to 7.3 installation has been improved greatly IMHO. I expect that this trend will continu. Besides this, they are the first distro to include KDE3 as their standard desktop.
    • Er, Red Hat historically have incremented major version numbers when they've shipped major new versions of the kernel, glibc, gcc or rpm. A major number tweak at Red Hat implies binary incompatibility, package incompatibility or a real important upgrade to glibc or the kernel.

    • Re:RedHat (Score:2, Informative)

      No, they simply had to follow the market leader in their version numbering.

      Small changes - and I don't see a KDE 3.0 as such a BiG change to justify a major version increment for the whole distro.

      Appearantly, they focused their efforts lately on 8.0 polishing, hence I feel it's better than 7.3. After all, the new kernel is worth the upgrade for my taste (that is if you don't go for Red Hat).

      KDE 3.0 is as stable as the old version (ahem). And the installation speed is said to have improved (according to SuSE's advertisments). The latter I don't know much about, because I had to go for a coffee, and a snack and make some telefon calls until the installer gave me the obligatory error messages about some packages which I had to reinstall later by hand etc. (I mean after having tried the whole game 3 times in vain, with deinstalling and reinstalling via the cludgy YAST installer.

      I should've stayed with Red Hat, but that could as well be my illusion, that the grass on the other side of my reality-fence is allways greener.

      After one month (and 4 servers) experience I'd say:

      You can use it, but you mustn't. If you allready have a SuSE, it's OK to upgrade. Especially if your servers are in Europe, the support for local ISDN and DSL services and hardware is probably (or should I say slightly) better than from US distros.

    • SuSE has typically adhered to a "quarterly" release format, which means 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and then 7.0. It's been pretty regular the past few releases, except for 8.0 which has been a bit long in coming.
  • Reviews... (Score:2, Informative)

    by Iberian ( 533067 ) If you are looking for a review before you just go out and buy software based on free code. Any readers actually have the product yet. Impressions....
    • Re:Reviews... (Score:2, Interesting)

      by d3xt3r ( 527989 )
      I have been running SuSE since 7.0 and have purchased 7.1-7.3 and each release has brought more features and better integration to an already great distro. I don't have 8.0 yet, but when it arrives, I can almost guarantee that I'll be happy with it. =)

      Like Red Hat, SuSE releases their own patched version of the Linux kernel which have always been extremely fast and reliable (in my experience) and their installation is easy. The other nice thing is the setup tool, Yast2, it's the best integrated setup/control center tool I've seen yet.

      The nice thing about SuSE is that everything just works. SuSE offers upgrades to KDE and GNOME that can be downloaded and installed automatically with Yast Online Update on the same day that KDE and GNOME annouce their new releases. They are definitely on top of things. Also, Yast can be used to configure just about every aspect of the system, no need whatsoever to edit config files.

      Another nice thing about SuSE is that it's Oracle certified. SuSE offers a nice rpm that sets the system up for installing and running Oracle, making installation as simple as on Windows (at least for 9i).

      I've tried Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE and debian and I am happiest by far with SuSE. It has easier config tools than Mandrake, the speed and reliability of Red Hat, and the advantage that it is commercially supported by many companies, meaning that if a product claims it will run on linux, it WILL run on SuSE Linux. :-)

      • I have been running SuSE since 7.0 and have purchased 7.1-7.3

        Do you upgrade your existing system (with the upgrade option) or back up your data and install fresh every time?

        I am curious, because the last time I tried someone's "update" feature to upgrade my system (1997, Redhat 4.0) it made a mess. Since then, I have been backing up and installing fresh every time.

        I currently run SuSE 7.2 and would like to move to 8.0 - so my question is, have you found SuSE's update to be clean, or should I continue to back up and install fresh?
  • by Xpilot ( 117961 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @09:46AM (#3394175) Homepage
    Sun's Grid Engine [] is included in SuSE 8.0... I think that's a significant addition, as grid computing becomes the "hot" topic amongst CS researchers nowadays. Good to see Linux on the cutting edge.

  • I believe I saw it already available at a local software store in the Netherlands yesterday...
  • I'm running SuSE 7.3 and have bought their distros since 6.1.

    I really like the way that SuSE comes with so many applications that you can install. With large disks, there's little reason to be without any of the many open source applications out there.

    Yes, once in a while you can see the European origins of this distribution, like in the A4 bias for default paper sizes, but generally they're pretty good about providing "en" language users a good interface.

    • Yes, once in a while you can see the European origins of this distribution, like in the A4 bias for default paper sizes, but generally they're pretty good about providing "en" language users a good interface.

      Metric paper is used in most of the world. There is also a simple mathematical relationship with A size paper, especially useful if you want to directly print booklets or to resize to a different paper size.
      There is an "en_US" locale, does that have something like "US_Letter" as the default paper size?
  • SuSE 8.0 (Score:2, Informative)

    by noodlez84 ( 416138 )
    Anyone interested should view the SuSE Linux 8.0 page [].

    • Reasons to Use SuSE Linux
    • Choose from among XFS, ext2, ext3, reiserfs, and others during install
    • choose to encrypt your filesystem
    • free security updates, unlike RedHat
    • improved YaST2, the ultamite in system configuration utilities, let's you configure everything from a DHCP server to CUPS
    • YaST Online Update, for automatic upgrading of your RPMs
    • conformance to the LSB [], the only compliant distro so far
    • the most secure distro, according to research []
    • Personal Firewall configuration through YaST
    • 90 days of tech support through email or telephone with the Professional version
    • Re:SuSE 8.0 (Score:3, Informative)

      by reaper20 ( 23396 )
      # free security updates, unlike RedHat

      gee, I better uninstall those Redhat security updates, apparently they're not aware that they were supposed to be charging me for them. Thanks for spreading misinformation.
    • Updates are available via FTP servers for free, and through their Red Hat Network channels it's free for the end user (1 free token per user account).

      So what you're paying for is to be able to manage all your computers through one interface. SuSE's YOU last time I tried it (7.3) works like Ximian's Red Carpet, or Microsoft's Windows Update, in that all the work is done on the client's side.

    • Re:SuSE 8.0 (Score:2, Informative)

      by agi ( 17926 )
      > free security updates, unlike RedHat

      AFAIK all Linux distros offer free security updates. And even not security related updates. Including RedHat.
    • Conectiva 8.0 (in beta now) is also LSB compliant, fwiw.

      I'm really looking forward to when Red Hat finally moves to LSB compliance. Maybe then we'll be able to take almost any RPM, be it Red Hat, SuSE or Conectiva, and install it on any linux distribution without worrying too much about wierd issues.
    • Re:SuSE 8.0 (Score:2, Informative)

      by prefect42 ( 141309 )
      Reasons for using it over any other major linux distro:

      # Choose from among XFS, ext2, ext3, reiserfs, and others during install

      Nope, Mandrake's the same.

      # choose to encrypt your filesystem

      Mmm, same.

      # free security updates, unlike RedHat


      # improved YaST2, the ultamite in system configuration utilities, let's you configure everything from a DHCP server to CUPS

      Just what we need, and also covered (badly) by webmin/linuxconf on other distros.

      # YaST Online Update, for automatic upgrading of your RPMs

      Same as mandrake.

      I've yet to see anything major to swing me. I'm far too used to the old tools (chkconfig, ifconfig) and the like that it doesn't make much difference which distro I use, linux or otherwise. That's one of the main reasons I'm against pushing things like YaST2 too hard, or people will simply turn linux into open source M$.

      • I've yet to see anything major to swing me. I'm far too used to the old tools (chkconfig, ifconfig) and the like that it doesn't make much difference which distro I use, linux or otherwise.

        One point with SuSE is that you get a very large amount of software supplied as standard in the box set. Where people do not have a high bandwidth Internet connection this can be desirable.
    • Re:SuSE 8.0 (Score:2, Interesting)

      by chess ( 40930 )
      The most interesting thing is that they broke up /etc/rc.config. AFAIR the comment in the file it should resemble the Red Hat way now...

    • Re:SuSE 8.0 (Score:2, Informative)

      by bcjanes ( 469676 )

      Red Hat updates are free. It's called up2date, and the registration through Red Hat Network costs nothing for a single user.

      And it's not just the updates, you can install new packages through up2date. Up2date will download and install the necessary dependancies automatically as well, again at no cost for a single user.

  • It just arrived by mail today. I can't wait to try it.

    I'm especially keen on seeing how they added Sun Gridware to the distro.

    The 8.0 has me a bit puzzled: they still compiled everything with gcc 2.95.3.
  • by lessthan0 ( 176618 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @09:54AM (#3394216)
    SuSE 8.0 also includes:

    Sun's grid engine software
    Star Office 5.2 and Open Office 641c
    Updated YaST2 and much improved YaST2 console mode
    X 4.2
    Alsa 0.9
    One of the best firewall scripts anywhere

    Fairly major changes in how admin settings are saved, with a lot of stuff moving out of /etc/rc.config and into a Red Hat-style /etc/sysconfig. It is still managed by YaST2, just stored in a different place.

    It is polished and solid, and as always, stuffed with so much software, you could not absorb it all in several years. The upside is that almost everything you might want is in there already. SuSE may not be perfect, but they contribute huge chunks of code to the kernel, KDE, Alsa, Xfree, and NIS projects and that's good for everyone.

    Some updates to KDE3 and other packages are already posted to their ftp site, so fire up the YaST Online Update right after the install to get the new goodies.
  • x86 only? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by gecko19scl ( 465953 )
    I run SuSE 7.3 SPARC at the moment and its really the new 8.0 release for i386 only? or do they have a sparc port on the way? i hope they dont kill it off like Red Hat did, they have done a really good job with 7.3 :-)


    .sig : bad command or file name
    • Re:x86 only? (Score:2, Informative)

      by Mongr ( 238 )
      The developers have already stated that they will skip the 8.0 release and release the next sparc at 8.1

      They also claim that dropping 32-bit sparc support is probable....though I certainly hope not.
    • If it's of any interest, Mandrake has just released 8.2 for PPC []

  • Pre - ordered a week ago. Now when it shows up in my office and my boss askes what for?? Uhh... I dunno what I'll tell him :-)
  • They announced it yesterday - it includes StarOffice 6.0 for ProSuite & PowerPack Editions. The announce is here [].

    Does SuSE 8.0 include StarOffice 6.0 as well?
    • No, still StarOffice 5.2.
      Source: The SuSE 8.0 Professional box on my desk.

    • SuSe 8.0 comes with StarrOffice 5.2 :(.

      Too bad that they were unable to strike a deal like Mandrake did with Sun. SO 6.0 would be a very good addition to KDE 3.0 and stuff.

      Odd thing is that SuSe usually has a very good connections to other companies (read: SuSe Linux Database Server = IBM DB2 UDB + distro, SuSe Groupware Server = Lotus Domino + distro, SuSe Certified Oracle 9i ...).

    • Why aren't any distros including OpenOffice? In my opinion it's a vast improvement over StarOffice 5.2, and the differences between it and StarOffice 6.0 are trivial.
      • Why aren't any distros including OpenOffice?

        The three CDs freely downloadable version of Mandrake 8.2 includes office suite. Default fonts look butt-ugly though. As the downmodded anonymous coward said, it's version 641. Suite contains:

        • Writer
        • Math
        • Draw
        • Calc
        • Impress

        Equivalent parts for KOffice are included too. A MS word document I tried opened fine in Writer but didn't look quite right with KWord.

    • Does SuSE 8.0 include StarOffice 6.0 as well?

      According to another poster on here [], it comes with StarOffice 5.2.

  • Version numbers (Score:2, Interesting)

    by prefect42 ( 141309 )
    It's amazing how fast the numbers go up in distributions compared to that of the packages within...

    Maybe companies should be forced to number their distros based on the average version number of the packages within; that'd cause an interesting non-linear numbering scheme. ;)

  • Linux math. (Score:5, Funny)

    by Black Parrot ( 19622 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @10:07AM (#3394281)

    > The increase from 7.3 to 8.0 is due to the inclusion of KDE 3.0, a SuSE-modified kernel version 2.4.18...among other packages that have been upgraded or added.

    7.3 + 3.0 + 2.4.18 = 8.0 ???

    Maybe some of those other packages had negative version numbers.

  • by 4im ( 181450 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @10:08AM (#3394287)

    See subject - SuSE 8.0 has been shipping for a while, I've been seeing comments about it in german and swiss newsgroups. These comments range from rather critical to absolutely enthusiastic.

    Unfortunately, it's been "in" for a while to bash the "Windows from Nürnberg". IMHO SuSE is very easy to setup for newbies and gurus alike (no time to waste on configuring stuff, leaving time for tinkering on the non-obvious things) and gives you all the power of linux in a nice package.

    Can't wait to get my hands on this new version, the features list is quite impressive. I'll get around to it this weekend, probably...

    (using SuSE, Debian, RedHat, IPCop, ... on x86, UltraSparc, Alpha)

    • SuSE is very easy to setup for newbies and gurus alike (no time to waste on configuring stuff, leaving time for tinkering on the non-obvious things) and gives you all the power of linux in a nice package.

      Amen - I want to develop the software I get paid for or I want to play with, and I want to have my servers working rock solid without devoting myself 24/7 to them. SuSE offers a very solid base, incredibly logically laid out system, very stable releases (I'm even trusting the x,0 release here), and not only fast security updates, but software version updates for quite a bit of software, even for releases several minor version old.

      It allows me to get my work done, and provides a nice CLI, GUI and "install and ignore" server experience. Plus, if you're doing enterprise work, check out their more powerful packages (the ones that start at $1000 and move on up). They provide the packages for IBM's enterprise applications, not to mention the Linux for IBM's big iron. Simply having a team that can provide the necessary QA and support to big customers makes me feel confidant as a minor customer of theirs.


    • No, as a matter of fact it hasn't been shipping for weeks.

      There have been 'beta' releases redily available, but the release is very recent.
      • No, as a matter of fact it hasn't been shipping for weeks.

        There have been 'beta' releases redily available, but the release is very recent.

        I am aware of the betas, and _yes_ the _official_ release _has_ been out for a while. True, not everywhere at the same time, but my first notice that it was out was from a _MediaMarkt_ in Switzerland, of all places... been out _at least_ for 1 1/2 weeks. And no, it hasn't arrived yet at the place where I usually pick it up, so the distribution definitely isn't uniform around Europe.

  • by NuMessiah ( 7486 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @10:10AM (#3394295) Journal
    Well, it's technically a *week* late. I had my copy of SuSe 8.0 Personal Package in the mailbox (Germany) already at Friday the 12th. (Preordered directly from web site).

    Just one comment: Installation went flawlessly on the Gericom Webgine 1630 Notebook. All of the hardware (expect AMR Modem) automatically recognized and initialized :).

  • RedHat to Suse (Score:3, Interesting)

    by joe_fish ( 6037 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @10:12AM (#3394311) Homepage Journal
    I'm using RedHat 7.2 right now, but it isn't very stable - Galeon occasionally locks everything up solid. So I need a way out.

    I was hoping to wait for RH7.3, but perhaps this is a better option.

    My real question is how hard will I have to work to move accross all my configs? There's samba/printers/sendmail/etc/etc. Anyone know of a good way of doing RH->Suse without any pain?

  • by tjansen ( 2845 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @10:25AM (#3394412) Homepage
    I am using it since 14 days now (live in Germany and subscribed it). It's ok, not many noticable improvements over 7.3 beside KDE 3.0. But what really annoys me is that the kernel is not very stable, at least for some activities. When trying to rip a CD my system freezes after a few minutes. I ripped several dozen CDs with 7.3 without a single problem. Another good way to crash the kernel is to listen to audio using an USB audio device. Sometimes it crashes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 60 minutes, but it will always crash. Since 7.3's had a bug that prevented USB audio from working it's still an improvement, but not a very good one. Playing Tribes 2 with the Nvidia drivers is better, it only crashes after several hours, and I had the same problems with Suse 7.3 as well, at least after the last driver update.
  • by fm6 ( 162816 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @10:41AM (#3394546) Homepage Journal
    When I tried SuSE a couple of years ago, the thing that seemed to set it apart was its ambitious attempt to rework system configuration. Instead of hacking the usual array of scripts and config files, the SuSE admin was supposed to set a large set of parameters contained in a single file.

    Thing is, I could never get these parameters set exactly right. It was always tempting to bypass this procedure and configure the system the old-fashioned way.

    So here's my question: does SuSE still do things this way? And if so, do people really use these parameters, or do they just blow it off and edit the scripts?

  • Recieved my copy yesterday, the 22nd. Precisely on time. Like Lord of the Rings, people in Europe have been getting theirs before the US.

  • The start variables in rc.config are no longer needed, as they now match run levels much more closely (basically they are deprecating rc.config). You will find individual scripts under /etc/sysconfig.

    Also noticed a SuSe hardware boot time hardware detection utility, similer to that of Redhat's.

    Gnome 1.4.1 is included too.

    Promise IDE Raid controllers are fully supported.
  • by ksschen ( 557218 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @11:06AM (#3394729)
    I've been updating my SuSE 7.3 to 8.0 10 days ago. The update changed some settings, for example it activated netsettings received by a DHCP-Server. I did not use a DHCP-Server before. But when I switched off the DHCP-Option, it showed all the previous Network-Settings - except the own local IP-Adress. Some Links in the kicker did not work anymore. Worst is that Ximian Evolution 1.0.3 does not work anymore. When trying to run it tells me, that it does not find the configuration database anymore. I had no time to fix that (to be more exact: I don't know anymore when I will have time to try to fix that, because Evolution is my PIM (-: ). During the Update I had a good feeling, because the update routine asked for every single file I expected it to ask for, because I did not install them via YAST2. The update is not reversible. Some other small things are broken, too. The KDE-Start-Menu was in german before the update and is now in English, for example. Mozilla 0.9.8 crashes very, very often and often crashes while booting, when it crashed before, till the X-Server is restarted. Before the update Mozilla 0.9.8 crashed maybe once a week. When installing the available Patches it did not find a patch (menu_fix-1) it recommended for update. But on the other side, there are no hardware problems, KDE 3 runs really fast and I feel some performance improvements. YAST2 is better than before, but I miss some features from YAST1 (which is not available anymore) or did not find them till now. I also installed SuSE 8.0 on a new machine and that worked absolutely great - all modern hardware was recognized and worked. Simply worked, without additional drivers as necesary in Windows XP in the same configuration. I was very impressed by that. Bye Kuesschen
  • by chrestomanci ( 558400 ) <[gro.icnamotserhc] [ta] [divad]> on Tuesday April 23, 2002 @11:36AM (#3394946)
    I am a SuSE user. I chose it over other distros, because I read a number of favourable reviews. One memorably refereed to it as "The Mercedes-Benz of Linux Distros".

    I would say this is correct, but not necessary in a good way.

    Like the car, It works very well when new, but anyone who tries to tweak of modify anything is liable to break it.

    I have concluded that this would probably make a good distro for my Dad, who just wants a reliable set-up, and won't try to install the latest hot thing of the net, but for myself, I intend to switch to a more hacker friendly distro, probably Debian.

    • I use it on all my servers, you're probably right, Debian is the better tweakable linux.

      SuSE is really good for those of us that are starting because it comes with a NICELY documented book(s) explaining a lot of the basics and the medium difficulty stuff.

      They also usually have a tech in their IRC room who will answer questions for you.

      In the end I really like SuSE. It's done everything I've required and more. I usually use it as a server without a graphical front end, but even on my two workstations with the graphics, it installed nicely and didn't require me to know more than I need to know to use the systems. And one of them was a laptop.

      Two thumbs up!
  • It's great that Suse's finished work on 8.0 and will sell me it for $40-80...but are they putting it on ftp sites yet for download in the spirit of Linux distros?

    I've always had a bit of a pain downloading 7.3 and it'd be great if they included some .iso files with 8.0 to make a truly easy install.
  • ISO availability (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    It's quite a shame that SuSE doesn't provide ISO images on their ftp. I understand they are merely trying to make some money off of their efforts, but they're turning away a significant portion of their potential customer base.

    SuSE was my first experience with linux (i actually purchased it), and I would like to give it another shot, but there is no way I am going out to drop cash on the whole package without trying it. I would be delighted if they even released a minimal base install ISO for download, and I'm sure many other people would agree. If I could try out a base install of the new system I would gladly go out and buy all of the additional CD's for a complete system. Unfortunately this isn't the case.
  • suse modified kernel version 2.4.18 (with Andre's VM)

    Ok, whats modified? Wheres the changelog? Is Andre's VM not included in 2.4.18?

    Currently I am using 2.4.19-pre7 with preempt-kernel-rml-2.4.19-pre7-1.patch. Im very happy, stable as hell, smooth desktop now. Really would like to know what Suse has modified.

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