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Linus Merges ALSA Into 2.5.4 302

davster writes "I was just checking out the Linux 2.5 changeset and noticed that Linus has just merged ALSA into his tree. Its about time." CD: Looks like Jaroslav Kysela did the merge work, but Linus obviously allowed it to happen. I'm a happy Alsa user so this looks like a good thing.
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Linus Merges ALSA Into 2.5.4

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  • Sweeet! (Score:2, Funny)

    by laptop006 ( 37721 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2002 @09:26PM (#3004469) Homepage Journal
    Thou I'm still waiting for Pro Tools support...
  • by Pedro Picasso ( 1727 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2002 @09:32PM (#3004507) Homepage Journal
    CYBERSPACE, USA - In a freak accident at Transmeta World Headquarters this afternoon, famed programmer Linus Torvalds -- creator of the Linux operating system kernel -- accidentally merged himself into the kernel's dev tree. When reached for comment, Torvalds seemed only able to respond with "Power overwhelming."

    Alan Cox, another prominent GNU/Linux programmer said he thought the merging -- though accidental -- was a good thing. "Now that [Linus]is actually in the kernel he can take advantage of Linux's multitasking and actually handle the work-load that he has. This is a really good thing for the community." Added Cox, "It's also pretty [freaking] weird."
  • by Sarcazmo ( 555312 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2002 @09:34PM (#3004517)
    The Illuminati got to him. Through their cooperation with the Grays, and the secret rich elite, they have pressured Linus into compliance. They hate MS as much as we do, after all MS is a threat to their power.
  • Re:Sweeet! (Score:3, Funny)

    by premchai21 ( 458138 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2002 @09:38PM (#3004542)

    Well, there's Ardour []... the CVS build is currently very broken because of a move to use jack [], but once that's complete...

  • 0.5? (Score:2, Funny)

    by spt ( 557979 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2002 @09:49PM (#3004598)

    Version 0.5?

    Whatever happened to the "always wait until version 3" rule of stable computing?
  • by Prop ( 4645 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2002 @10:24PM (#3004753) Homepage

    Linus hasn't had a real development (odd-minor-numbered) kernel for over a year. Now, he's accepting everything he wanted to before, but didn't because it could break too many things.

    You mean, like, a ....VM ????

    ..... grin .....

  • by konmaskisin ( 213498 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2002 @11:23PM (#3004989) Journal
    ... once he cleans house for a while and modularizes all the interfaces nicely and a cool python based gui/curses/none config system is ready (i.e. when linux will have reached 2.5.99 ... 2 years from now) he will begin to ascend the mountain leaving his creation behind. After all there will no longer be a big pile of source called the "linux kernel" maintained by Linus at that point. There will be a refined and perfected architecture into which pieces of code, drivers modules can be inserted in ways that require zero or no changes to other modules. It will be as easy to write drivers and kernel modules as it is to write apache modules and CGI scripts. Kernel modules in java and python will be all the rage ... written by grade school kids and retired grannies :-)

    The much ballyhooed and silly myth of Linux being unmaintainable by one person will be proven moot once and for all. At that point the kernel will be "maintained" by a vast decentralized and motly unorganized army of engineers, and hackers because Linus will have designed it so. One or two people per module
    who may never even talk to another mdoule driver owners ... that's the secret that's coming. Their will be an "official" Linux on sourceforge say. Any code or modules to be included will only compile and work in the official kernel if it plugs into the source control and build system nicely (which will require documentation strings and a clean code style) all enforced by machine. The core code will only change every 6 months to a year ... or maybe never. After all BSDi kernel hasn't changed too much nor QNX ... when something is good and done it stays the same for a while.

    Linux will have reached maturity and will reign the world during its coming golden era. ... 10 years will pass and then some hacker will come along and ....
  • by Mr Z ( 6791 ) on Thursday February 14, 2002 @12:12AM (#3005164) Homepage Journal

    With their feet at right angles to each other. They're really quite orthogonal to the issue, always being on the square you know.

  • by EvilAlien ( 133134 ) on Thursday February 14, 2002 @01:28AM (#3005401) Journal
    Linus is a myth. There is no Linus, never was. He is a fictional person created to explain the spontaneous evolution of Linux from code snippets by pure chance. Linus is a crutch used by those who require a neat and tidy explanation for this phenomenom.

    Furthermore, there is no meaning to Linux. It just is. Its complex, its dynamic, its really difficult to explain and predict in detail. The VM fiasco was in fact a stronger species of VM being introduced into the environment by accident. We believe that it may have been smuggled in by a BSD user, and having no strong natural enemies it was vulnerable to, simply pushed out the weaker indigenous VM species. Again, this is all chance.

    When will we wake up and stop attempting to explain things by invoking some higher power, creator, kernel maintainer, what-have-you? Wake up, darwin wasn't talking about odd monkey-creatures in Madagascar, he was talking about Linux.

  • Re:good (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 14, 2002 @04:46AM (#3005799)
    "Eric Raymond"? Who he? Ah, I think you must mean... ESR!

    (Chorus:) I am EEE ESS ORR, elite hack-ORR, hear me ROAR!
    I am of the hacker elite, can't you see?
    fetchmail, blindfolds in nethack, er... (hum-hum diddle dee)
    Bow down on your knees, don't you diss me!

    I am an author, I "wrote" New Hacker's Dictionary
    Well, in fact I done stole it from MIT
    I didn't get in there, so I figured they owed me!

    I am founder and leader of OSI
    Now my Open Source show is really on the road!
    Free Software? Hah! Show me dat code!

    I am ESR Skywalker, elite Jedi Knight
    I'm packing mah gun and I'm ready to fight
    You diss me and I'll send you to eternal night!

    I am wealthy board member, VA Something-or-other
    Got plenty dollar bills, at least on paper
    What's that? crash? Oh fuck! See you later!

    (chorus x 2)

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