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Conectiva Linux 7.0 is Out 116

rsd writes: "Conectiva Linux 7.0 is out. Here is the original announcement. And here is the babelfish translation. They are already shipping Portuguese box and will start the english soon. However the CDs (iso for what matter) are available in english already. Their main ftp server is overcrowded. Hoever, Rik VanRiel provided us with a really fast server. I will not describe every feature on it but the main change is the Synaptic tool, which in my opinion is the best APT frontend ever written."
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Conectiva Linux 7.0 is Out

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  • by hillct ( 230132 ) on Thursday August 09, 2001 @03:18AM (#2110225) Homepage Journal
    Well, it's always nice to see an alternative to over-used under-developed tools. Synaptic seems stable and reliable, although I've only used it for about 10 minutes, but it looks vary solid. Well done gentlemen! (developers)

    This distro is new to me. Does anyone have usage/popularity numbers for it?

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 09, 2001 @03:03AM (#2114088)
    A wealth of information to learn on the net. But our proverbial horses don't want to drink the waters. This is an emotional issue for the learned and unlearned both but I eventually came to the conclusion that this is just the way things are and perhaps this mass lethargy should just run it's course.

    The end result will be less than satisfactory for some of course but you can't force people to learn valuable skills. Their fates are already sealed.

  • Re:Spanish version? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Patola ( 106158 ) on Thursday August 09, 2001 @04:22AM (#2121513) Homepage
    Well, yes, it does. I use it for a while (been upgrading with apt) and it's great. In the installation process you choose which language to use (english, portuguese or spanish).
  • by pdcull ( 469825 ) on Thursday August 09, 2001 @08:48AM (#2124637) Homepage
    Wednesday, 25 July 2001 - 14:48 Conectiva launches version 7.0 in Portuguese.

    The product substitutes version 6.0 launched at the end of 2000, and will be presented in two editions: Conectiva Linux 7.0 and Conectiva Linux 7.0 Professional Server.

    São Paulo, July 2001 - The new version of the open source operation system that is most used in all of the world, will be available starting at the next Fernsaoft (São Paulo computer show), which will be from the 30th of July to the 4th of August. The product substitutes version 6.0, launched at the end of 2000, and will be presented in two editions: Conectiva Linux 7.0 and Conectiva Linux 7.0 Professional Server.

    The biggest new features of this version are the tools to facilitate the use of the RPM automatic upgrade utility, called APT. Thanks to resources which are exclusive to Conectiva, it is possible for each user to install only the packages which are suitable for them.

    Another modification which Conectiva prepared for CL 7.0 was the extinction of the boot (startup) disks, seeings that practically all modern machines are able to accomplish this process directly from the CD-ROM. But, if necessary, the user can create their own boot disk with the utilities and images on the five CDs which are part of the product. They also bring a program to help in the creation of the diskette and facilitate the installation in machines with the Windows operating system.

    According to the company's new strategy, which intends to show that Linux is now profession and has won a large part of the market, the design of the boxes has also changed. CL version 7.0 has a more simple appearance than the earlier versions, and maintains the predominance of the colour blue, whereas the Professional Server version also follows this 'clean' look, with an emphasis on the colour white.

    Among the advantages of the new version, it is worth also mentioning the support and documentation, which is even more complete, and directed towards the user. Conectiva Linux version 7.0 documentation is composed of the "User's Guide" and "Quick Installation Guide", whereas the Professional Server version has the "Quick Installation Guide", the "Conectiva Linux Server Guide" and the new book "Understanding Conectiva Linux", which presents information about the operating system through pratical examples. In addition to the manuals, the package is composed of five CDs, one for installation (operating system and applications), one of extra applications, two with the source code of the first two CDs and one containing StarOffice for Linux in various languages.

    To provide support, the user will have coupons in the packet which give the right to two hours of telephone support and three months via email. If the validity of the supports expires, Conectiva also offers extended support, in both versions, so that the user can adquire more time to resolve their questions.

    Technical Characteristics

    In this version, the automatic upgrade tool for RPM packages, the APT, has a system which is much more stable and better integrated with tools such as Synaptic. This, in turn, is a graphical interface created to simplify the remote installation and upgrading of programs through APT, without needing to resort to the command line. "To meet these objectives, various packages were rebuilt, being subdivided into smaller packages, for the purpose of economizing disk space and making them more flexible", explains Alfredo Kojima, creator of Synaptic and the WindowMaker graphical interface, and a member of the Conective development team.

    In Conectiva Linux 7.0 it is worth mentioning as well the inclusion of the Kernel 2.4, which signficiantly improves the performance of the version, principally on servers which run large applications and multiprocessing systems. This performance also helps a lot in the utilitization of Linux in the corporate environment. In addition to the Kernel 2.4, you can also choose the 2.2.19 Kernel.

    XFree86, a Linux graphical interface server, is now in edition 4.03, which has new drivers for SiS and S3 cards, both very popular in Brazil. This upgrade resolves stability and performance problems which previously existed. In addition, it has 3D image support and anti-aliasing, a resource which smooths-out fonts on the screen for easier reading.

    The standard graphical interface for Conectiva Linux 7.0 is KDE 2.12, which now has various upgrades and improvements in terms of security. KDE has integrated a series of applications, such as the e-mail reader KMail, the dialer KPPP, the browser and file manager Konqueror and the office suite KOffice, as well as other small tools.

    As always, another advantage of the Linux operating system, which is repeated in this new version, is the better utilization of the hardware, make available constant investments in upgrades. In Conectiva Linux 7.0 there are four installation profiles available: minimum, standard, complete and personalised, each with a package of pre-determined applications. The standard installation occupies an average of only 510 MB, which is little when compared to other Open Source distributions. Also it is worth saying that the whole installation process has interactive help available.

    Conectiva Linux 7.0 will be available for sale at the Fenasoft (computer show), at suggested prices of R$ 88,00 (around US $36) (Conectiva Linux 7.0) and R$ 225,00 (around US $105) (Conectiva Linux 7.0 - Professional Server).

  • Re:Yet another one (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 09, 2001 @02:56AM (#2128373)
    eh, have you never looked at Linux Mandrake []. It's probably easier to install than anything from M$, and has anything any Joe Average would want to use (Apache, MySQL...). No massive learning curve there ...
  • Re:Synaptic Uses? (Score:2, Informative)

    by Walles ( 99143 ) <johan,walles&gmail,com> on Thursday August 09, 2001 @06:38AM (#2140270)
    I'm certainly no expert on Connectiva (as I've never used it), and my experience with Debian is limited to using apt-get and dselect a lot, but I think the answers to your questions are as follows:

    is Synaptic generic enough that I could replace Mandrake Update with it?

    In case the Mandrake mirrors provide the correct directory structure for apt-get to work with, yes. Otherwise no. As Mandrake distribute apt-get in contrib [] (at least that's what I guess the apt RPM contains), I guess the answer is "yes".

    Could I install Connectiva, and then try to get packages from Debian?

    No. Connectiva uses RPMs. Debian uses DEBs. They have different dependency databases, so AFAICT that shouldn't be possible.

    Cheers //Johan

  • 10 Days Late (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 09, 2001 @03:25AM (#2151470)
    Conectiva 7.0 was released to ftp servers on 30 July 2001 - this is a bit of an old news, really. Anyway, check out the features at distrowatch [].
  • by Nailer ( 69468 ) on Thursday August 09, 2001 @02:51AM (#2153025)
    What makes this one different from other Linux distributions?

    It combines the Linux Standard Base packaging system, RPM 3.05, with the most well known automatic software installation frontend, APT, a tight set of packaging guidelines, and a nice GUI for APT called Synaptic.

    Also, most people don't live in North America or speak English, and internationalization for most general purpose distributions is quite poor.

  • troll ? (Score:-1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 09, 2001 @04:13AM (#2153636)
    This is total bull shit.

    Australia's number of PCs totals 6.58 million as of 1998. (35% population/PC).

    South Africa has 8.50 million PCs as of 1998. (23% population/PC). Yes, more people PER CAPITA in Australia have PCs (35% vs 23%), but South Africa has more in total, and is expanding faster. So, I would seriously suggest you check your facts about the "largest markets in the Southern Hemisphere"

Disraeli was pretty close: actually, there are Lies, Damn lies, Statistics, Benchmarks, and Delivery dates.