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Linux 3.14 Kernel Released 132

Posted by samzenpus
from the get-it-while-it's-hot dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Linux 3.14 "Shuffling Zombie Juror" kernel has been released. Significant improvements to Linux 3.14 include the mainlining of SCHED_DEADLINE, stable support for Intel Broadwell CPU graphics, Xen PVH support, stable support for ZRAM, and many other additions. There's also a tentative feature list on"
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Linux 3.14 Kernel Released

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  • by Grindalf (1089511) on Monday March 31, 2014 @09:28AM (#46620427) Journal
    The Intel Broadwell CPU has got a machine code pseudo random number generator in it's extended instruction set! Immense! Gimme Gimme Gimme ...
  • Re:WOW! (Score:5, Interesting)

    by deviated_prevert (1146403) on Monday March 31, 2014 @12:23PM (#46622377) Journal

    And here we have the crux of the Mac v. Linux argument.

    Well not really. I'm not the kind of person who believes that CPU speed is the only spec that matters,

    A 7 year old machine is getting quite long in the tooth. At 7 years old, compared to a new machine, it will be slow, limited RAM, heavy, have a completely usless spinning optical drive, a slow, spinning hard disk near the end of its servicable life on the end of a slow SATA link almost certainly an ageing battery and by modern standards a rather anemic sceen resolution and the backlight will be faded out considerably. And it will be heavy too.

    At 7 years on it won't be a good machine in any regards, unless the author has spent a good deal on upgrades in which case it's hardly a 7 year old machine and substantially more expensive too.

    Also, I frankly don't believe the author that it "looks like new" unless he's never used it as a laptop (i.e. carried it around). Cases (even metal ones) get scratched. Keys get dirty because even clean fingers have grease on. Things get worn if they're exposed to the environment. And if it hasn't been, well, my that's a pointless statement since anything untouched will look like new in 7 years except food.

    Further to your points about the stylish mac users comments right now I am running Mint 16 DEBIAN on an IBM T42 from 2005. It has 1.5 meg of ram a long in the tooth 48 meg onboard radion 7500 vid. The processor is not even pae for crying out loud and I can still run GOOGLE EARTH 6 .386 AND SPIN THE GLOBE ON LINUX WHILE I POST THIS DITTY RUNNING SPINNING GLOBE ON A SECOND DISPLAY FROM THE VGA PORT.

    The nine cell aftermarket battery still gets me 4-6 hours depending on air time with the agb wireless. MIND you I only do this at a maximum 1024x768 as I write music notation or whatever on this little gem of a computer with Open Source Software or do whatever kind of correspondence in any file format you want. PDFs, XLS, .DOCX it does not matter I can create it all effectively with several different pieces of software, heck I can even transcode short .MOV vids in 720p on this little gem without taxing the proc too much

    EAT YOUR HART out Windows and MAC users. I am not kidding... LINUX IS GETTING THAT FAR AHEAD OF YOU. And with the addition of stable 3.14 RT kernel out of the box it will only get better.

    And that is the beauty of Linux in general the more you keep up with the Jones' Apple and Windows users sell off your old 'puters dirt cheap the better Linux gets! OUT OF THE BOX with Linux this little laptop (tm)Linux Just Works with a well done nonpae capable distro. Of course if you do not understand what I just posted take off your glasses and read it carefully for it is the truth. Linux users can do stuff with older hardware that you can without paying a frigging fortune to do it!! And that is why helping out the people who build OSS like Linux is a great thing. PERIOD EOF

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