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PS3 Enters DARPA Urban Challenge 39

Posted by Zonk
from the gogo-black-box-of-death dept.
billdar writes "Terrasoft Solutions posted an article on their development of a stereo vision object detection system built upon Sony's PS3 for Axion Racing's entry into the DARPA Urban Challenge. The PS3 running Yellow Dog Linux replaced one of the on-board Dell servers to process the realtime stereoscopic sensor data. The whole system was developed and integrated onto the vehicle in ten days. So far, Spirit has been making the competition's highlight reels."
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PS3 Enters DARPA Urban Challenge

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  • Could've been worse (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Dr. Eggman (932300) on Tuesday October 30, 2007 @12:31PM (#21172359)
    This Prius [] had a more spectacular escape attempt. Personally, though, I'm rooting for Team Oshkosh [], formerly Team Terramax. They completed the grand challenge course (one of only 4 to do so), but they took way too long to place so here's hoping they do better this year! Oh, and here's hoping they're quick on the kill switch if that monster of a truck glitches out...
  • by svnt (697929) on Tuesday October 30, 2007 @05:05PM (#21176557)
    How does he plan on syncing the frames? No mention is made of this, and all examples are taken from static environments. Disparity maps are all but useless if there is much change in position (e.g. on a moving vehicle) between frame acquisitions.

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