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Submission + - Linux Reaches 1% Usage Share

je ne sais quoi writes: "The April data is out for the Net Applications "market share" survey of operating systems (more accurately referred to as a usage share). For the first time, Linux has reached 1%! This past month the Linux share increased by 0.12% which is well above the average monthly increase of 0.02%. Historically, the Net Applications estimate of market share has been lower than that of other organizations who measure this, but the abnormally large increase reported this month brings it closer to the median estimate of 1.11%.

For other operating systems, Windows XP continued its slow decline by 0.64% to 62.21%, whereas Vista use is still increasing to 23.90%, but its rate of adoption is slowing. That is, this month's increase of 0.48% is well below the 12 mo. average increase of 0.78% and down from the peak rate of increase of 1.00% per mo. on average in January-February 2008. Total windows share dropped to 87.90%. Mac OS use decreased slightly to 9.73% from 9.77%, but usage share of the iphone and ipod touch combined increased by 0.1%."
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Linux Reaches 1% Usage Share

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