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Submission + - Linux needs critics 1

An anonymous reader writes: Over on the Linux Line blog, author Keir Thomas berates the fact that the world of Linux almost entirely lacks critics. In fact, he says, Linux people tend to see genuine critical evaluation as a bad thing. FTA: "The problem with this anti-criticism approach is that it's damning Linux to an eternity of navel gazing. Nothing can ever get any better. The best hope we have are the instances where a few bright sparks, with their heads screwed on the right way, get together and make something cool (as happened with, say, Firefox back in the day). But that's rare and can't be relied upon."
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Linux needs critics

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  • I have to work on real software and get paid. Let those people who have too much free time, who work in academia, or who need to shout from a soapbox criticize Linux. Oh wait, those are all the people developing it. Now I see the dilemma...

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