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Submission + - Red Hat CEO: economic crisis is open sources gain ( 1

arashtamere writes: Red Hat president and CEO Jim Whitehurst predicts the enterprise open source software business will emerge from the economic crisis stronger than the proprietary market. "I've had a couple of conversations with CIOs who said 'we're a Microsoft shop and we don't use any open source whatsoever, but we're already getting pressure to reduce our operating costs and we need you to help put together a plan for us to help us use open source to reduce our costs'. And we've had other customers literally looking at ripping and replacing WebLogic or WebSphere for JBoss...I think we'll know in about six to nine months but there is no question that open source will come out of this in relatively better shape than our proprietary competitors," he told Computerworld.
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Red Hat CEO: economic crisis is open sources gain

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