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Submission + - E17 and your Cell Phone Come Together. (

twitter writes: "Want to run Enlightenment on your cell phone? The Rasterman's recent efforts bring E17 to Open Moko FreeRunner and Treo 650.

According to the Rasterman, when used with his updated illume stack and new Elementary widget set, E17 can now run in just 32MB of RAM, on an ARM9 processor clocked at 317MHz. To prove it, he is distributing a Linux kernel and E17/Illume/Elementary stack for Palm's Treo650. The stack can be launched from PalmOS without touching the device's flash storage, he says.

While M$ fumbles with limited "instant on", GNU/Linux rules the embedded world and that's the only thing going in the IT market right now. This is the future of software."

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E17 and your Cell Phone Come Together.

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