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Submission + - Linux on brazilian voting machines: the video (

Augusto writes: "Just 10 days ago, 130 million brazilian voters were turned into users of one of the largest Linux deployment worldwide: the 400,000 electoral sections in all of the 5,563 brazilian municipalities were running electronic voting machines, and the Linux kernel was running in all of them. These voting machines are used in Brazil since 1996, and are rugged, self-sufficient low-spec PCs. Technical details about this Linux deployment and implementation are available elsewhere (and more will come, for sure), but I thought it would be interesting to show some pictures (and a movie) of Linux booting on these voting machines, so I asked for official permission and thus was helped by a technician while I took some quick pictures and made a small movie showing the boot process, where you can actually read the kernel messages ;-)"
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Linux on brazilian voting machines: the video

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