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Submission + - Is Foxconn deliberatley sabotaging Linux? ( 3

Anonymous Coward writes: "A user on the Ubuntu forums posted a thread questioning the practices of the hardware manufacturer, Foxconn. From the Thread:
"I disassembled my BIOS to have a look around, and while I won't post the results here,I'll tell you what I did find.
They have several different tables, a group for Windws XP and Vista, a group for 2000, a group for NT, Me, 95, 98, etc. that just errors out, and one for LINUX. The one for Linux points to a badly written table that does not correspond to the board's ACPI implementation."
The worst part is Foxconn's insistence that the product is ACPI compliant because their tables passed to Windows work, and that Microsoft gave the the magic WHQL certification."

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Is Foxconn deliberatley sabotaging Linux?

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  • From reading it, appears one person has their panties in a knot over what is most likely left over buggy code after developers were told to certify the bios on windows only.

    Might have something about the compliant claim but the company clearly states not certified under Linux and as such would be enough for me not to use it.

    AFAIK they have other boards that work fine.

  • I know that this motherboard may not be certified as 'Linux compatible', but that does not mean it will contain "a badly written table (for Linux) that does not correspond to the board's ACPI implementation". This we call a 'Sabotage' or 'Anticompetitive approach'. This board is built by Foxconn, so Foxconn is definitely responsible for it. But can there by any contribution of Microsoft too? I suspect this, because, yesterday Asus launched their Eee 1000 in India, and Indian tech site Techtree published
    • "This case is only for 'India'" Yeah, only the second largest population in the world. :P But you're right. They obviously have a table that would work much better on Linux, but it's only sent to Windows version now. Linux gets another table, full of bugs. So they are not stupid, they can write a (almost working) table. So why not send it to Linux as well? They are evil. Anyway, I checked my Asus P5K3 Deluxe/Wifi-AP with Intel P35 / ICH9R chipset. It has the same DSDT code. So what's interesting is how m

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