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Submission + - Why buy a PC preloaded with Linux? 1

Shadow7789 writes: I have been in the market for a new computer for the past few weeks and I know that I want to run Linux on it. However, every time I look at Dell's (for example) computers that are preloaded with Linux, one question that always pops into my head is "Why should I buy a PC preloaded with Linux?". They are more expensive after all, and its not hard to just reformat the PC with Linux. I hate paying the Microsoft Tax as any other user, but if paying that "tax" allows companies to bundle products that I will never use with my PC to reduce my price why wouldn't I just buy a Windows loaded PC and reformat?
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Why buy a PC preloaded with Linux?

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    Its not about sending a message or paying the tax. Its about looking out for yourself. The only reason to buy a PC from Dell or HP, or any of these big vendors is because of the tech support services they offer. The question you need to ask the sales staff, if you are considering a linux preloaded desktop is, "Does Dell|HP| offer tech support using the
    linux distribution?" Can they guarantee that the level of support in linux is the same as in Windows XP?

    If the answer is yes, then go for it. If the a

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