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Submission + - How to stop a spambot attack? 3

rahlquist writes: "Recently one of my sites has been under a slow and steady spambot attack. They were slowly inserting trackback spam so as not to arouse suspicion. When you insert 119,000 trackbacks over a week though, sooner or later, it will be noticed. The situation is under control now, and each IP that tries to submit a trackback now gets blocked through iptables (40 blocked ip's in the last 30 mins), short of contacting each server owner, how can I get this stopped?"
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How to stop a spambot attack?

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  • Dshield and mynetwatchman? Wont reporting through them help?
  • Subject says it...

    Also, have you confirmed that the SPAM is actually coming from legit servers, or from bots? In other words, are you using greylisting? We use it comprehensively at our company; the difference in SPAM load is so dramatic we were just stunned when greylisting went down (due to a socket error) for a day or so. Where I normally see about 8 legit messages for every SPAM, I was seeing about 1 legit message for every 40 or so SPAM! Ouch!

    Yeah, it delays first delivery from a new host for an hour o
    • I'm talking about whats effectively comment spam on a blog, not email? Email I have covered well.

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