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Submission + - Miguel de lcaza: OOXML is a superb standard, FUDed (kdedevelopers.org)

you-bet-it's-not-out-of-context writes: A blogger on KDE Developer's Journal has found an interesting post by Miguel de Icaza, the founder of GNOME and Mono, in a Google group dedicated to the discussion of his blog entries, in which Miguel stated that 'OOXML is a superb standard and yet, it has been FUDed so badly by its competitors that serious people believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with it.' In the same post, he also stated that to avoid patent problems over Silverlight when using or developing Mono's implementation known as Moonlight is 'not as long as you get/download Moonlight from Novell which will include patent coverage.'
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Miguel de lcaza: OOXML is a superb standard, FUDed

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