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Submission + - The case for the vertical monitor revolution ( 1

Molly McHugh writes: The vast majority of computer-related tasks see no benefit from a screen that is longer than it is tall. Sure, video playback and gaming are some key exceptions, but if you watch Netflix on your TV instead of your computer monitor and you’re not into PC gaming, that long, wide display is doing nothing but hampering your experience. Let’s flip it.
No, seriously. Let’s flip it sideways.

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The case for the vertical monitor revolution

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  • ... at least for gaming, is 3 x 30" LCDs pivoted to portrait mode, according to MaximumPC magazine in 2011:

    [ [] ]

    I don't have this setup myself. But I've tried pivoting smaller monitors before (for work apps, not gaming), and hit these issues:

    1. Standard work issue monitors (22") are too narrow for some websites or applications
    2. The 'colour inversion' effect with TN panels.
    To avoid you need the panel more or less perfectly vertical and look at it dead-on.
    3. Even with TFT IPS

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