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Submission + - Can GM Slam-Dunk Tesla With A 200-Mile Electric Car? (

cartechboy writes: GM may sell the Chevy Volt, but it's not a sexy electric car like Tesla Model S. It's a plug-in hybrid with muddled marketing (whose owners love it even though they burn gasoline sometimes). Product exec Doug Parks says GM is developing an electric car that does 200 miles on one charge, with a price around $30,000. But he wouldn't say when, falling back on the old excuse: "Electric car batteries are really, REALLY expensive!" Tesla's still the only maker to offer an electric car with more than 200 miles of range--but could GM really build a true Tesla rival? If so, the marketing has got to be better than the Volt's. Otherwise, it won't matter how good the car is.
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Can GM Slam-Dunk Tesla With A 200-Mile Electric Car?

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