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wiredmikey writes: A new malware targeting point-of-sale (POS) systems and ATMs has stolen payment card information from several US banks, researchers say. Called “Dump Memory Grabber”, the malware scans the memory of point-of-sale systems and ATMs looking for credit card data, researchers say. The researchers believe the malware has already been used to steal data from payment cards issued by major US banks, including Chase, Capital One, Citibank, and Union Bank of California.

Interestingly, a few POS systems running Windows XP or Windows Embedded with Remote Desktop or VNC software were infected remotely, and in some cases, attackers exploited vulnerabilities in ATM networks connecting to the bank's VPN or GSM/GPRS networks.

Dump Memory Grabber is not the first malware family to target POS and ATMs. A few months ago, malware named "Dexter" was discovered, which infected POS systems at well-known retail outlets, hotels, and food establishments. Just last week, McAfee identified vSkimmer, a Dexter successor.

Coincidentally, a Boston-based liquor store notified customers this week that it had found malware on its POS systems, though it's unclear if the malware is any of the above or something different.

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New Breed of Malware Hits POS Systems and ATMs

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