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Submission + - How close is Iran, really, to nuclear weapons (reuters.com) 1

Lasrick writes: Reuters blog post by Yousaf Butt explains the science, or lack thereof, behind recent claims that Iran is closer to building the bomb. Butt has been writing in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, most recently blasting the unsourced AP "Iranian graph" that claimed to show nuclear testing activity as well as the Washington Post story about Iran's alleged order of 100,000 magnets for their centrifuges. Important read.
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How close is Iran, really, to nuclear weapons

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  • iran is not even a conventional threat to the united states let alone nuclear, and any feud with israel is tit for tat (israel is the most powerful military power in the middle east because of united states assistance, and has abused that power to bully its neighbors).

    the warmongering united states government is the most significant nuclear threat in the world at the moment. when the united states disarms (not likely), the rest of the world will feel much safer and other countries will be more inclined to d

MESSAGE ACKNOWLEDGED -- The Pershing II missiles have been launched.