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Submission + - GM CIO says HP hiring probe "not the best use our legal system" (

dcblogs writes: General Motors CIO Randy Mott Thursday said the automaker plans to have the "best jobs in the IT industry" at its four "IT Innovation Centers" in the U.S., as it announced its third one in Roswell, Ga., near Atlanta, which will employ 1,000 workers. As part of its effort to insource its IT work, GM recently hired 18 HP employees from its IT organization, who left “en masse,” prompting HP to go to court to seek depositions from two former IT managers who left for GM. Mott, the CIO at HP before moving to GM last year, said HP's move is "not the best use our legal system." Mott called HP's court filing a "fishing expedition” that “feels very retaliatory and harassing to the individuals. I think talent will go where talent sees opportunity." GM is building a tech staff of about 10,000. As part of it, HP is transferring over about 3,000 employees. HP is a longtime services provider for the automaker via its services unit, the former EDS.
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GM CIO says HP hiring probe "not the best use our legal system"

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