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Submission + - Best file system for web hosting 3

An anonymous reader writes: I'm hoping for a discussion about the best file system for a web hosting server. The server would serve as mail, database, and web hosting. Running CPanel. Likely CentOS. I was thinking that most hosts use ext3 but with of the reading/writing to log files, a constant flow of email in and out, not to mention all of the DB reads/writes, I'm wondering if there is a more effective FS. What do you fine folks think?
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Best file system for web hosting

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  • as a long time Cent/RHEL user
    fro cent 6 or the older 5

    the system default

  • When planning a server its all about considering your bottlenecks. Ext3 will serve you just fine. Pay attention to the speed of the drives, the amount of cache the drives have, the raid level (To get a balance between redundancy and speed) etc... Consider load on the CPU, RAM usage, load on the NIC. If your Apache and DB servers are busy consider moving them to two different physical machines.
  • ext4 may show better performance, obviously depending on the many factors listed above, but an ill-timed crash in extreme cases can cause massive data loss due to data not hitting the disk until long after metadata has been written to the journal in ext4. You can use the nodelalloc mount option for ext4 to get around the data loss problem, but then you lose some of the potential performance gain by using ext4. I am not as familiar with ufs or zfs, so I can't help you there. If it were me, i'd go ext3.

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