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Submission + - Jolla mobile set to launch it's Sailfish OS today (jollatides.com) 1

zzats writes: The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Jolla, started by ex-Nokia Meego engineers, is showing it's Linux-based Sailfish OS for the public for the first time today. The first (supposedly generic) keynote speech is scheduled to air 9:15 GMT, with an UI-focused presentation starting later, 15:00 GMT. In addition to using the OS on their own devices, Jolla is planning to license it to third party manufacturers. The company has previously stated their initial focus for creating an ecosystem is in the Chinese market.
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Jolla mobile set to launch it's Sailfish OS today

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  • ...is awesome looking. Having only part bought into Microsoft marketing of a third smartphone OS [no its not an ecosystem]. This is the the first time. I have been sold on an OS on first impressions. I'm not overwhelmed with the swipe-down menu...or self customising...but the lock-screen; Multitasking widgets? both great looking and functional features.

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