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Submission + - Microsoft Surface Pricing Goes Toe-to-Toe with Apple iPad ( 1

Nerval's Lobster writes: "Microsoft has finally revealed the pricing of its upcoming Surface tablet to a small group of journalists, including Time’s Harry McCracken, who wrote in an Oct. 16 posting that the device’s 32GB version will retail for $499 (or $599 with the flexible keyboard cover) and the 64GB one for $699 (cover included). Preorders will apparently begin by midday Oct. 16.

Microsoft unveiled Surface over the summer but kept the pricing a secret until now. That information vacuum led some to hope against hope that Microsoft would attempt something radical and price Surface extraordinarily low—$199, perhaps—in an attempt to undercut Apple’s iPad. While that didn’t happen, Surface at least matches its biggest rival’s low- and high-end price points. The WiFi-only, 16GB version of the iPad retails for $499, while the WiFi-only, 64GB version costs $699 (iPads with a cellular connection cost a bit more)."

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Microsoft Surface Pricing Goes Toe-to-Toe with Apple iPad

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  • They should have called this the Zune tablet. At this price-point it is going to fail miserably. I had high hopes that Microsoft might get aggressive to get a toe-hold in the market. I'll give 10 to 1 odds that this thing is a total bust, with the primary blame on pricing.

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